Recipes I've Shared:

Green Chile Vegetable Enchiladas

Make the sauce ahead of time (can be frozen) and this becomes a very fast and very delicious meal! 1 enchilada = 1 serving (2 would be a very filling meal)

Green Chile - New Mexican Style (Vegetarian Version)

Delicious on enchiladas, eggs, rice and beans, burritos, etc.

Pasta with tomato-clam sauce

A healthy twist on a classic dish - this version adds healthy fiber and vitamins with the addition of kale. The 2 servings are big and filling even though each one only has 2 oz. cooked pasta.

Pasta Puttenesca sans olives

This pasta sauce was supposed to have a 1/2 cup of olives in it, but I didn't have any olives so instead its filled with other veggies like mushrooms, spinach, and artichoke hearts. If you decide to put in olives, add them at the end at the same time as the capers.

Panang Curry w/ Veggies & Fake (or Real) Chicken

Panang style Thai curry with broccoli, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and fake (or real) chicken (Quorn). Feel free to add different vegetables or replace the "chicken" with real chicken, fish, tofu, seitan, etc.

Linguine with white wine tuna sauce

Quick and easy linguine with a white wine tuna sauce. Tuna can be replaced with canned clams.

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