Recipes I've Shared:

Turkey Meatloaf

Delicious staple, awesome leftovers!

Squash winter soup!

Takes a few minutes, with the cutting and such... but definitely worth it! Perfect for re-heating a warm, hearty fall/winter meal !

Cranberry French Dressing Chicken Casserole

Quick, sweet and delicious weeknight meal!

Extra Lean Turkey Chilli

Very easy to make, very delicious... high protein and great for pre-planning weekly meals!

Josh's beef

Easy, quick and protein packed!

Ammy's protein shake

Delicious quick snack and post work-out protein + carb drink! I love to add about 5 large ice cubes and just a tiny bit of water to make it thick and frothy like a real milkshake! I even eat it with a spoon!

Salmon and asparagus

5 mins fiber and protein supper!

Tuna salad

Yummy quick and protein packed

Recipes I've Rated:

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