Recipes I've Shared:

fruit juice smoothie

fruit is put through a juicier no sugar added just ice if you want

Pumpkin Ring Cake

moist cake made with pumpkin

shrimp and fusilli

A savory dish of shrimp and veggies over fusilli

Turkey and spinach fettuccine

easy dish and time saver...good marrage of flavors...

shrimp, spinach and rice

shrimp dish that is quick and easy with a lot of flavor

eggplant lasgana

a dish that you can make using eggplant instead of lasgana noodles.

ground turkey and cabbage bake

A savory dish with seasoned ground turkey and vegetables

Vegetable Pita Pizzas

pizza made with pita bread

Chicken with asparagus and roasted peppers

savory flavors of chicken, asparagus and roasted peppers