Recipes I've Shared:

cinnamon sugar

topping for toast, ice cream, fruit,etc

Polish wedding noodles

Polish Kluski Noodles with chicken in sauce

Texas Pete Chicken Wings

Grilled or broiled buffalo wings

Chili with Potatoes and beans

We like to cook this and leave it simmering on back of stove for those busy evenings when the family is in and out, and can't sit down for a nice quiet dinner.

Cheese Hammy Eggs

Scrambled eggs with cheese and ham

Chili with potatoes

Hot chili with potatoes. My family doesn't like beans, but potatoes add the consistency of beans.

Texas Style Chili

I Found this recipe online years ago and my family loves it. Hot hearty Chili without beans or tomatoes. We add Potatoes or Beans to it occassionally for that texture, but it really doesn't need it!