Recipes I've Shared:

Lemony Dal

A good very lemony vegetarian meal.

Baked Potato with Beans & Cheese

The classic British lunch or supper - a baked potato with baked beans and shredded cheese on top.

DESSERT: Easy to Make Meringue

3 ingredients and a mixer

Lemon Cranberry Wholewheat Oat Muffins

Tangy healthy muffin for a snack

Wholewheat, oat & honey muffins

3g of fibre in each muffin - the yogurt makes it soft and the raisins/honey/cinnamon makes it yummy.

Muesli Squares

Rice Krispies with a twist

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Date Squares

The best date squares I've tasted - not too sweet.

Chelsea Buns

A delicious (but high calorie) Five Roses Recipe