Recipes I've Shared:

Turkey Burger Salad

Low carb way to enjoy a tasty turkey burger, very filling!

Lentil Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry

A recipe I tinkered with and edited to my own tastes. It's full of vitamins and protien, good for any vegetiarian. You can serve it with rice, sour cream, or plain yogurt.

Sweet Rolled Omelet

A variation on the sushi tamago, which is a sweet, tangy egg

Meatless Meatballs

vegetarian but craving some pasta and meatballs? Good source of protein!

Spicy Black Bean Omelette

Kick start your morning with this spicy, high-protein omelet!

Tropical Fruit Grill

An easy recipe that definitely gives you a full serving of fruit!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spicy Portabello Wrap

Easy vegetarian meal with little kick!