Recipes I've Shared:

Toll HouseŽ White Chip Chocolate Cookies

By: NestleŽ Toll HouseŽ
"A stylish cookie - make sure you eat one right out of the oven!"

Texas Stir-Fry, Texmati Rice

Recipe from back of Texmati Long Grain American Basmati Rice

No-Squish Butternut Squash

Taking the "baby food-like" quality out of a delicious veggie

Grilled Veggie Skewers

I figured since my family and I make grilled veggie skewers on a regular basis, I'd add it to my recipes for easy tracking & perhaps to inspire others to try 'em out!

Emeril Lagasse's Portuguese Rice

Recipe adapted from Emeril Lagasse's show on the Food Network. As Emeril's recipe's go, this rice really packs a punch and is very flavorful. I LOVE that it uses extra virgin olive oil instead of butter--If you're gonna do fats, may as well do the good ones!
*Note: I changed the original recipe slightly by using brown rice instead of white