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Tomato-Sauce Poached Eggs Over Creamy Polenta With Wilted Spinach


Spicy Raw Vegan Carrot Soup

Orange Margarita

This drink uses fresh pressed orange juice, no pulp no added sugar. If you use bottled I am sure its not bad but it won't be the same.

Broccoli and Celery Slaw

Cinnamon Scones

Spinach shakshuka brunch

Lima Bean Pasta

Adapted from:

Irish Cream Pudding Parfaits

This boozy Bailey's parfait is a unique take on a classic dessert (or even breakfast). If you prefer, substitute dried cherries, raisins or cranberries for the currants.

agave margarita

Pear Dessert Pizza with Praline Pecans


Tofu Broccoli Quinoa Mushroom Bake

A variation of a recipe found here:

Thank you to ELMNOP for the posting.

Quinoa instead of rice and no cheese.

Fat Free Vegan Iraqi-Inspired Seitan and Eggplant Stew (



The recipe called for one cup of wheat gluten, but I used 1/2 instead. To flavor the gluten the recipe called for 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast which I didn't have.

I also found this recipe to need quite a bit more salt than called for, but maybe thats just me :)
Cooking the gluten in the stew results in a tender seitan. If you'd like a firmer, more chewy seitan, flatten your gluten and bake it at 400F for 20 minutes before cutting into cubes; add it to the stew with the eggplant. Pre-baked seitan will be spongier and look less like m*e*a*t.

The seasoning in this dish is inspired by Baharat, a spice blend used in the Middle East. You may be able to buy jars of Baharat in Middle Eastern grocery stores; to substitute it for the seasonings in this recipe, start with 2 teaspoons and add it to taste, but be aware that packaged Baharat may be spicier than my seasoning mix

Very Good (2 ratings)
Carrot Top Soup

Looking for a way to use those extra carrot tops from the garden or farmers market? This simple soup is a tasty way to use them.

Cottage Cheese Enchiladas

This is a very quick and easy enchilada recipe that uses el pato sauce instead of enchilada sauce. I usually pack them as full of vegies as I can but feel free to mix it up and try diffrent spices and veggies in mix. Beans are also a great addition and make them very filling.

Dijon Cauliflower

To beef up this recipe I often add pasta to it. Pasta is not included in the calculation, but it takes it from a side dish to a main dish. I often swich the cauliflower out for brussle sprouts when they are in season yum!

Indian Style Cauliflower Pasta

This is an indian style take on pasta and cauliflower.

Leek and Black Olive Salad

This is a fresh leek salad that can be used as a side dish or served on bread.

Very Good (1 rating)
Radish Top Soup

This soup is a great way to use leftover radish tops from the farmers market or your garden.

Whole Wheat Waffles, from recipe

Delicious crispy home made whole wheat waffles.

Dry Martini

5-1 Dry Gin Martini

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Vegan Lunch Box
Eggplant Madness
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