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Recipes I've Shared:

Skillet Lasagna

Oh my, is this good. The Original is from a t.v. program. Hubby added and substituted, and tweaked until he got this.

Mac & Cheese w/Bach Beer

****This recipe is not my own. It is a copy from Cooking Club Magazine Fall 2012 issue. From further info; please check the cooking club web sight.They have excellent recipes! *****

Mac & cheese w/hotdogs

summer time favorite

Pizza - The Man-Made Deep Dish

You can add your own toppings but remember to add the calories to this recipe. There are corners you can cut to cut down on the calories - Like fat free marg instead of butter. (My Husband swears by this recipe, but then again- he's not on a diet!)
Makes two 9-inch pizzas, serving 6-12

Turkey Pot Pie from Leftovers(hefty version)

you can leave out sweet potatoes, rutabaga, American Cheese and stuffing for less calories. Will list without...

Chicken, Cheese Tortellini and rotini alfredo

6- 1c servings
Great recipe to use left over chicken breast for.

Way to Simple Creamy Italian Dressing

20- 2 tbsp servings at 58.9 calories

Campbells Beef and Mushroom Lasagna

straight from Campbells kitchen to yours...

Oriental Chicken Skillet

Light Soy Sauce can be used.
Cream of Chicken soup-Light can also be used.

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