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Tomato Soup with pasta

A hearty soup for a cold evening.. Remember fresh tomatoes can be swapped for tin tomatoes.. A great cheap meal in hard times..

Turkey in Leek Sauce

A hearty meal serve with rice and 10 oz of stir fried veggies..

DDV salad

10 oz salad to one person

Mango Jelly

You can change the mango out for 300 grams of strawberries or mix and match with raspberries, grapes or whatever fruit mixture.. 2 fruits are used for this recipe..

Baked Broccoli with shrimps

Great way to use broccoli with there is a huge amount of it in the garden..

Danish Brunsviger Cake

Danish Cake- not weight loss friendly..

Sausage Pot dish

Great to left overs of rice, sausage

Danish Click Bread

Crisp Click bread filled with fiber..

Rena Meal Pancake

A single pancake to lunch


Taste beef dish with eggplant and tomatoes...

Rena's Guacamole

First time I have made and eaten Guacamole.. I put extra tomato in to get my quota of vegetables.. My weight loss concept has put avacado in the bread section along with pasta, rice, quinao and potato..

Loubia b'Zeit

Tasty vegetable dish

Very Good (1 rating)
Amish Friendship Bread

Takes 10 days for the dough to raise...

Chicken soup to a dinner and lunch

filling soup to a cold winter night and next day

Very Good (7 ratings)

Basic crepe

Stewed Cabbage

hearty danish cabbage dish that warms on a cold winter evening..

Very Good (1 rating)
Beef million

Hearty meal in winter..


A old fashion danish dish from Fyn.. Great for new vegetables straight out of the garden in summer.. Frozen vegetables can also be used

Hearty Winter Soup

Quick and never used salt or pepper out over boullion cube

Mashed Root fruit

instead of using too much carbs from potatoes I use this yummy alternative..

Spiced Butter to Fish

Nice option to put on grilled fish to give pift things up..


great to oven baked fries

Red dip dressing

Another varation

Yogurt dressing

Good to have a low calorie dressing to a salad..

Cucumber Salad

Side dish used alot in denmark around christmas time. Has a long life hold time if kept in the refridgerator.. Tastes better if left
a day or so..

Brown Cabbage

Vegetable dish

tortilla with hokaido pumpkin

we can make tortilla with just about any root vegetable and it can be eaten cool in summer and straight from the oven in winter..
Serve a slice of bread to it and a small mixed salad..

Very Good (1 rating)
Spaghetti with meat sauce

Children and teenage friendly recipe

Carrot and Potato Coleslaw

Good to go in your lunch box

Chili Con Carne

Lunch to two days

Chocolate/coffee yoghurt

A sweet alternative to sweets

Lowfat yoghurt dressing

Use your favourite seasoning to make this dressing, my favourite is Americian BBQ seasoning

Very Good (2 ratings)
Apple Lunch Cake

Make a egg sandwich to go with this

Egg Sandwich

Eat this with the Apple Cake

Very Good (1 rating)
Strawberry Icecream

Evening dessert

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The danish weight consultants cookbook
My bible of tried and true recipes.
Dressing Cookbook
Fast food requires fast dressings lol..