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acorn squash and asparagus indian curry

decided to indian-fy american ingredients:)

Incredible! (1 rating)
sweet and sour vegetable stew

This is a yummy sweet and sour stew that I love to eat with stew. My mom would make it on rainy days..and its been raining here so here goes:)

Mango Tamarind rice

Its a traditional Tamarind rice with freshly grated green mango.. This is made during the new year festival of Andhra pradesh ( a southern state in India)

Lentils green beans pepper stew ( Kootu)

This is my maternal grandma's recipe. I love the strong pepper taste. and it makes a great dish for cold winter days. I usually eat it with rice or just like a soup. U can reduce the water and make it curry like too.

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Baked Eggplant curry

This is my mom's recipe. but it requires a lot of oil and frying, so tried to tweak it by baking...

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Blueberry Trail mix veggie muffin

This a eggless, protein rich blueberry trail mix muffin

Stuffed eggplant (Bagara Baingan)

This an Andhra dish in southern India. Its made with the small purple eggplant also called thai or indian eggplant.

Spinach Rice

This is a simple Indian dish that goes well with a spicy curry.

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Eggplant Poppy seed curry (vankayi gasagasala Kura)

This is my fav eggplant curry mom makes at home:) you substitute sesame seeds in the place of poppy seeds or even peanuts grounded:) I used poppy seeds.

Vegan FALAFEL-ish

Its a baked variation of falafel with pinto beans


Ragi known as Finger millet in English is very filling and gluten free. To be a binding agent I use 1:1 ratio Ragi and regular wheat flour.

Daikon stuffed bread (mooli parantha)

This is an Indian dish. Its basically Roti stuffed with grated daikon. Goes well with yoghurt and chutney or can be eaten plain.

Indian Crepe Batter fritters (pongadalu)

This is my favorite evening snack that my mom used to make all the time. It requires a lot of oil but I use "i cant believe its not butter" spray which has 0 calories.

Steamed Rice powder Coated Chicken

this is a dish I learnt from my co worker. Its healthy but has a nice tangy taste and can be eaten as a snack or goes with vegetables and rice.

Oatmeal Crepes (DOSA)

its a quick oatmeal dosa that i like to make which is lower in calories but still delicious. the rice makes it crispy

Oatmeal Dosa

Healthy and low calorie dosa

cake in a mug

this is a fun recipe i noticed on a website..made a few changes and tried it out..its not bad...

calabash prawn curry (lauki )

this a dish i love making. get my protein and a low calorie curry. goes well with rice or roti.

turkey cabbage casserole (south beach)

this is a south beach diet version of turkey cabbage casserole

Strawberry Jam (Bread Machine)

this is so simple in your bread machine which has a jam setting

Rasmalai ( with ricotta cheese)

This a yummy easy dish to eat on hot days...

Vegetarian omlette

This is a good substitute for an omelette and makes a filling breakfast or dinner.

Masala Puri

A quick snack!