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Spinach, walnut & spaghetti squash stuffing (for baked stuffed portabella mushroom caps) Oct 7 2020

This is the stuffing mix for baked stuffed mushroom caps. You can add it to small mushrooms for an appetizer-- I made it in smaller sized portabella mushrooms as a main course. For a 3" inch round mushroom, I add about 1/4 cup of this filling, and then top it with a pinch of shredded

Crockpot Vegan 3-bean soup, Scott's recipe Oct 7 2020

Scott threw all this into a crockpot and left it on high for aa

vegetarian "low-carb" summer squash lasagna, Sept 1 2020

Scott and I created this recipe to use up an abundance of yellow summer squash from our garden. It was intended to provide a meal we can share, despite our differing dietary needs-- he is vegetarian, and I need a low-car, high protein diet as I recover from surgery. This fit the bill perfectly and really satisfies the taste for real lasagna-- while also using up a lot of yellow squash.

This recipe made 3 trays of lasagna -- two of which we cooked in parchment paper so we could put them into ziplock bags to freeze for later.
The pans we used were 8x8 and 2.5 inches deep, 9x7 and 3 inches deep (we recommend these sizes, as the layers have a little room at the top so it doesn't bubble over in the oven) and then a 7x11 pan that was 2 inches deep (too shallow-- was very full and had to baked on a cookie tray to catch the overflow)

You could also do this in a lasagna pan that is larger and deeper, but it might need to cook a bit longer at a lower temperature. Or feel free to cut this recipe in half-- and cook in a 9x13 casserole.

Jasmine herbed pilaf

healthful rice pilaf with fresh turmeric root and parsley for nutritional boost.

Asparagus Potato chowder

Created this to rescue a big batch of asparagus I purchased at public market, only to find the next day it had been frozen from being outside, and was a soggy mess in it's container when it thawed-- I dumped it with water in a pot and cooked it down. Didn't have meat stock to use, and had a small bag of potatoes I"d gotten at the market in the same condition-- so sauteed them with a large onion and garlic in butter and EVOO-- then added 4 cups water, and boiled till soft. Had about an ounce of classic grueyere fondue with white wine left over from New Years, so added that at the end, hoping to get some depth of flavor-- would be better if I'd had more, this little bit only gave a very slight hint of taste to the soup.

Low-sugar Pumpkin bread pudding with ricotta filling and chestnuts

This is a less sweet stuffed pumpking bread pudding (by accident, I forgot to add the sugar to the custard and only realized after I had assembled the dish). Made for Xmas 2017. Actually very yummy-- as I don't like a lot of sugar-- and for those who do, a drizzle of real maple syrup or honey does the trick. This was a blending of several recipes I found online-- for baked french toast casserole-- and various pumpkin bread puddings. Wanted one that could serve as a rich breakfast or as a dessert.

Zucchini Italian casserole with smelt

November 8 2017-- using up leftover zucchini and pasta sauce, with a bit of frozen smelt and garbanzo beans added for protein.

Equinox Beef & succotash stew (sept 22 2017 equinox)

this was a mixture of freezer items on a night I forgot to defrost anything, and came home very late not having had dinner. I took the beef I"d frozen in 1 lb. blocks inside ziplock bags, put it with some water to simmer on the stove and defrost. After 20 minutes, I added a can of stewed tomatoes, 1 cup each of corn and lima beans frozen, and 2 cups each frozen cauliflower and diced, fresh eggplant that needed to be used up. I added a bit of seasonings, and some

"meatless" baked meatballs, with a North African taste

I got a huge bag of eggplant at the farmers market, so I decided to experiment with roasted eggplant. I combined this with chickpeas, and added a hint of very dark roasted sesame oil (I had no tahini at the time), then played around with spices until it tasted good.

Red lentil soup (9/13/16)

Very filling and high in fiber. May need more seasoning especially if you go low on salt. Serve with chopped fresh cilantro and a spoonful of whole milk yogurt.

Gluten Free Chicken and cheddar garlic dumplings

this is more a vegetable stew with a chicken base than it is chicken and dumplings- made on Jan 24 2014 (since Brian is also GF, working with cooking that way again).

Crustless vegetable cheddar 'quiche' 12/12/11

Had a dozen eggs that got cracked on way home from store and needed to find a way to use them all up for meals for the weak-- this crustless quiche came out so much better than I expected, and it's even yummy cold. cutting into 8 little pieces makes for a great, quick snack when needed, and something to easily pack on my bike for food to keep me going. The broccoli can also be steamed seperately, in the microwave and added with the egg mixture.

Refried beans & salsa 'stew' 6/28/11

one of my favorite comfort foods-- refried beansm salsa and corn, poured over rice, yum. makes about 4 cups total--

Broccoli, snow pea & shrimp stir fry (no oil) 3/11/11

This was just going to be broccoli, then broccoli with mushrooms, somehow turned into stir fry-- I just wanted more veggies. :)

Thai coconut seafood & vegetable confetti soup (2/5/11)

Adapted a coconut shrimp soup recipe off all I had was the thai culinary stock and a can of coconut milk, so I used what I had and added a lot more veggies (theirs only wanted spinach)- to make this a full meal in a pot, since the coconut milk does make it a bit higher in calories and fat than most soups I make.

I call it confetti soup because all the vibrant colors of the vegetables (that don't overcook and blanch the color) the red, orange, green and the white of the tofu makes for an attractive bowl-serve with slices of fresh green onion and wedges of lemon to squeeze on top.

Lighter curry chicken liver spread (1/29/11)

Adapted from a recipe that was given to me which called for almost a cup of butter and only 8 oz of livers- I decided to try making this lighter version to enjoy the iron rich food without all the fat. It's not as rich and velvety, but I like it as a protein rich spread for breakfast toast instead of butter.

Sweet Greek Yogurt Corn bread

I wanted something lighter and slightly sweet to go with a spicy meal, this actually was delicate, more like a cake it was so fluffy, the hint of cheese and sugar on top make for a nice blend of sweet and salt.

Asparagus & sweet potato crustless tarte (12/5/10)

Wanting to use up some fresh asparagus, a baked sweet potato and some leftover no fat sour cream and low fat cream cheese from the holiday, but make several meals I looked at how to lower the fat of a quiche or a tarte, by removing the crust and adding a bit of richness to the egg mixture instead. The result was very light and puffy and really nice over a bed or romaine lettuce.

Banana split & peanut butter cake

This is NOT a diet recipe, this is something I made for a Halloween party and everyone went so nuts over it, I wanted to record the recipe for future reference.
Honestly, it's almost too sweet for me, I thought I'd overindulge but at two small pieces (after 3 years of spark healthy eating) my body rejected the thought of any more that day. it's VERY rich. :) I do believe in the 80/20 rule and I will indulge in rich desserts from time to time, so this can fit into your life if you don't eat the whole thing. :)

Double Chocolate Zucchini Banana bread ( Sept 4 2010)

This makes 2 loaves-- each about 2 lbs-- of bread in 9x5x3 bread pans. You will have about 6-7cups of the batter, depending on how generous you are adding the cups of shredded zucchini (I was very generous).

Due to the reduction of sugar, the replacing of most of the fat with banana and also, the losing some of the rise and cake quality by substituting egg whites for the whole eggs (plus I didn't have baking powder so added a bit more baking soda,) this is going to be denser and more moist than a normal zucchini loaf-- there's almost a pudding like quality to the center, so make sure it is thoroughly baked-- the top will be firm to the touch and spring back and the sides will have just begun to pull away from the edges of the pan.
The traditional recipes call for at least 1 cup of oil and

Cinnamon-vanilla spiced popcorn

This just popped into my brain tonight when trying to think of a fun but mostly healthy snack to bring to my new neighbor in the process of moving in.
Now I'm not saying this is a low fat snack-- this is definitely a TREAT, but if like me, you often have days when you're short on fats and carbs, this is a good, filling snack that is almost a dessert.
It's very important to have a quality, heavy popcorn pan and to hold it just above the very high flame, shaking vigorously the whole time to get this to carmelize but not burn.

Chicken Rice & veg casserole (Aug 15, 2010)

I adapt the classic rice casserole with the creamed soups to be slightly healthier but using a couple envelopes of the lipton cup of soup mix and a can of low fat chicken gravy and adding some stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce to the mix for flavor.
This recipe tastes even better the next day and even freezes pretty well.

Brownies low-fat - Dark chocolate banana (July 2010)

I use a very, very ripe (we're talking dark brown and mushy) banana in place of the oil, which gives a fudgy texture without adding fat, plus if you have a sensitive palate, you can get a hint of the banana with the dark chocolate and it's heaven. Using the overly ripe banana brings the sugars out in the fruit so you end up with a richer dessert--it's a great way to use up that banana you forgot, and btw, if you peel them and freeze them like this, you have them ready to use whenever you want to substitute them for oil in a baking recipe.
I also use a 7x7 ceramic casserole pan for these, in the middle rack of the oven for 30 minutes, and they come out very thick, just slightly fudgy and yet still with a bit of cake-like texture that is irresistible. :)

Tex Mex Chicken, veg & multigrain pot-casserole (June 2010)

Trying to use what was in the house to make a southwest inspired casserole, but not wanting to turn on the oven-- I played around with this in two pots on the stove top and made it in just under an hour. With the addition of the barley- which you'll never notice is there, a little bit of this goes a long way to filling you up. Add a side salad and you've got a great summer meal.

wholesome savory crunch topping

Trying to find a healthier, more nutritious alternative for the crumble topping to put on casseroles or to cover a baked chicken breast, for flavor and that satisfying 'crunch'.

Poor Man's Fra Diavolo with whole grain pasta

The most labor intensive thing you'll have to do in this recipe is dice the onion. Bascially, if you can boil water and use a can opener, you're good to go.
This is not for the faint of heart or weak of tongue...this is intensely flavored food that will make your mouth stand up and take notice. It is also sauce heavy cause growing up with the Sicilian-American side of my family, we liked a lot of Italian gravy to sop up with bread at the bottom of the bowl. Please feel free to adjust any of the seasonings or amount of ingredients to your taste.
Using what is in the cupboard to stave off pizza craving. Whole grain pasta and INTENSE seasonings to make this sing on my tongue and not even think about pizza. I top it with reduced fat swiss and parmesean cheese and extra black and red pepper. Not only does the flavor help offset the pizza craving, but if you're like me, you crave fat rich foods when your body needs omega-3s; the mackerel is a very rich source of that and will soothe the fat-hungry monster.

Tapioca Spice-lite pudding from scratch

Created Feb 17, 2010. I wanted to make a lower fat version of home made tapioca pudding for comfort treats, so I added some spices and used an Omega 3 egg and 1/4 cup eggbeaters to get the richness and good fats. If you choose to use 1% milk or 2% milk, then omit the unsalted butter, which is only there to give a bit of that rich mouth feel to skim milk. I couldn't find it in the database, but I also added 1/2 tsp of an orange liquer, such as is used in sangria, when I added the vanilla at the end.

Chicken Livers & Garlic Italiano with bed of veggies & barley

Created on Feb 17, 2010 following my body's 'requests', seeking to highlight fiber, Vitamin C and Heme and Non-heme iron I fell into this sensually mouth and eye pleasing creation that satisfied my body to it's very core. ahh.

The contrast of the savory and the almost tart in the broccoli and mushrooms against the sweet of the carrots, along with the barley's texture which compliments the velvet of the livers and the slight crispy-greeness of the spinach is just delightful.
This dish may not seem filling at first, but trust me, wait a few minutes after you've eaten it and this expands to fill you for many hours, one of the perks of barley.

Chicken citrus stirfry Jan2010

trying to find something I can eat with a very sensitive stomach, following what smelled acceptable, this is not something like anything I'd usually make.

BBQ Turkey legs & onions

Dec 30, 2009. I parboil the turkey legs about half done, in beans, to add flavor to the beans and remove the fat from the turkey Once they were parboiled, I removed the skin that remained and seasoned, then baked a long time, sealed with water to make fall apart turkey bbq for sandwiches, this is yummy, but next time A LOT more onion.

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Sugar Snap Peas "quick fry" with crimini mushrooms

One of my Christmas day special treats for dinner. I allowed myself to indulge in expensive, fresh produce for all my favorites. This is a version of sauteed sugar snap peas, using minimal fats and replacing the normal butter with olive oil and butter flavored non-stick spray.

Pumpkin pudding Mousse w/ praline topping,

According to the box, each box of pudding makes 4 servings, which I'd guess are not quite 1/2 cup each (pudding plus 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup whipped topping). I did the nutrition info for 8 servings, but as this is going to a buffet, I think the average serving will be about half that, as people take a spoonful from the large bowl.

veggie scramble

quick dinner when my body was starving from a workout but my stomach just couldn't fathom any food, this was light enough but nutritious.

Eggplant teriyaki medallions, roasted

September 30, 2009 I had a couple leftover eggplant needed to be used, but no desire to cook. sliced into about 2" thick rounds, dipped in Kikkoman garlic teriyaki sauce, added black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and a hint of cayenne.

Fiber One pancakes with blueberries & banana

Using the Fiber One buttermilk pancake mix, I add one over-ripe banana mashed into the water and 1 cup of frozen blueberries, along with a generous teaspoon of cinnamon.

Turkey Kielbasa, cabbage & potatoes

A one pot dinner I was craving, found a lower fat & calorie turkey smoked kielbasa, so trying that for the first time.

BBQ Beef short ribs with cabbage & onions in crockpot

Created Sat Aug 1st with using up what's in house, No bbq sauce, so made my own from Black strap molassas, ketchup, hot sauce, a bit of garlic teriyaki for depth, and copious spices.
The 1.5 pounds of short ribs with bones cooked down to about 6 ounces (2 servings) of lean meat. I entered the nutrition info from for RAW, lean but don't know if there's in boneless or bone in.
while this is about 5-6 cups of vegetables with juice, there's only 2 servings of meat. I will probably count a vegetable only serving as 1/2 a serving to make up for it, though there's probably fat and some protein cooked into the veggies

Multi-grain Creamy Chicken casserole

This is my healthier adaptation of the creamy chicken casserole on the back of the Campbells soup can. I substitute half the rice for quick cooking whole grains like amaranth and quinoa. Also, since I like the sticky rice feeling for comfort food, I added a pound of frozen okra (thawed) and used Japanese sushi sticky rice for a real stick-to-my-ribs chewy-rich, mouth AND belly satisfying casserole. Add a tossed salad and you've got dinner in under and hour.

Clams Alfredo Florentine Rotini, Quick & Light

This is great for using the stems of the broccoli, if you slice them thin they will cook quickly as you saute them, but they'll still have a bit of 'bite' to them in the dish, which adds a nice contrast of texture.
Use whole wheat rotini or penne because they will hold the sauce well and make it seem like more alfredo sauce with each bite.
This dish is very high in iron and vitamin C, which makes the iron more bioavailable.
If you want the sauce to extend even further, and add soy protein try blending some very soft tofu into it and add a bit more milk, as needed to get the desired consistency.

Falfel pattys (from Far East Mix)

I cut down the oil from 1/3 cup to only 3 Tablespoons and by reducing the size of the patties, to use as appetizers, I made 18 tiny falfels, cooking in 2 batches using half the oil per batch. They turned out just fine, crispy and yet not quite as fatty as the box calls to make.

Tomato-okra stew with chicken

This is an adaptation of southern stewed tomatoes and okra to make it a one-dish meal.

GORP for Mega-energy

Using raw seeds and nuts, and preferably dark chocolate chunks. I keep this in premeasured baggies in the fridge to grab quick when there's not time to eat, but I need something healthy.

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Broccoli rappi- sweet and smoky with garlic

Followed my tastebuds and my body's cravings on this one, trying to limit salt and fat but keep flavor. Also, the cider vinegar and molasses give it a sweet-tangy flavor while the lemon brightens the bitterness of the greens. Created June 1,2009

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Crockpot 8 layer Garlicy Beef 'roast' stew

created 5/28/09
It's important to layer vegetables under meat in a crockpot as they take longer to cook. The root vegetables needing the most time. Along with that, layering them like this allows all the ingredients on top to exude their juices and cook-down to flavor everything below.
I prefer to leave the roast whole as this allows me to remove the fat and cut the meat to my own preference after, which is of course, falling apart and fork tender. It also allows me to separate the roast and freeze some for the future or having the vegetables, which are yummy in their own right, without the beef, for meals I don't want red meat.
I make this as a batch meal, portion it out and keep it in the fridge for a week as something quick and filling.

Chicken liver and mushroom sautee

Chicken livers are one of my go-to foods when I'm feeling run down or need iron and B vitamins. A small serving of this goes a long way to feeling better and the quick cooking keeps the livers melt-in-your-mouth tender. The brown mushrooms add a lot of minerals and the red wine is of course good for your heart and it's additional allows you to significantly cut down on the salt to flavor the dish.
Serve on a bed of brown rice with broccoli for a nutrient-dense meal that stick to your ribs and keep hunger at bay for hours.
(created May 28, 2009)

Tangy yogurt smashed potato croquettes

Using up some plain, lowfat kefir and some baby potatoes, with skins.

I make these into 'croquettes' so that I can easily grab a serving from leftovers without having to remeasure.

Down the road I'd like to roll these in a whole grain cracker and herb coating to finish.

Tex-Mex turkey tortilla wrap

Trying to come up with quick, healthy lunches with some spice with things I had on hand.

Wye River's Cream of Clam Chowder lite version

Found a very lite style New England clam chowder condensed in a can, and made it with 1% milk. This brand only has 50 calories per serving of the soup base and 1 gram of fat, so with a lowfat milk it's significantly liter than most. However, it's more like Maine style, being not a bit less thick and more in between a thick chowder base and a creamy soup broth. Quite tasty though.

Rugelach cinnamon walnut cookie

Want to try to lighten up this recipe but here's the base recipe to start with. LOVE THESE.
Jewish cookie popular at the holidays. Also can be drizzled with chocolate and chocolate powder in the filling, or made with a lemon poppy seed filling.

Savory salmon spread

Trying to find a healthier version of comfort tuna melts. I've just discovered farmers cheese and LOVING's like cheesecake when mixed with pineapple and makes great, low fat, but rich savory spreads like this!!!

Collards and Pesto Ravioli with pot liquor

I found that when I season the 'pot liquor' of my greens, it's too good to not eat, so I'm developing it more into a greens soup that can easily be adapted to be a one pot meal with some whole grain bread on the side.

The 100g Snack-attack Fruit Salad

I call this the 100 Snack attack because it's 100 grams of each ingredient, and the canteloupe and navel oranges make it really sweet and juicy, so when it's well chilled, it satisfies when the sweet-snack cravings hit hard.

This is also great when my stomach is not in a happy place and all I can manage is light foods, but nothing sounds or tastes good. A fresh, juicy fruit salad can usually be forced down and kept down, and will often help get my appetite back. I make a bowl of this and put it in the very FRONT of the fridge, to tempt me every time I need it.

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NoFuss Overnight baked Ham with tangy mustard glaze

This is an easy, melt-in-your-mouth recipe to feed a crowd that cooks overnight so it's ready the next day. Great for holidays when you need the oven to make the rest of the meal, and want the main course out of the way. Or cooked on the weekend for a whole weeks worth of meals.

I started with an 11.3 pound, bone-in shank ham which I didn't realize when I bought it needed to be cooked. After cooking and deboning and removing a little fat, I had 7.5 lbs of meat.

This was a Cook's trimmed ham, meaning most of the fat was removed, and the rest cooked off in the oven.

Defat the broth and use 1 cup of it to make the glaze. Use the rest with the bones to make beans or soup.

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English Muffin seafood pizzas

To scratch the pizza itch, using anchovies to replace saltiness of peppernoi with healthier fats.
Because of the fiber in the english muffin, this is a surprisingly satisfying lunch and really helps curb the jonesing for a real pizza.
You can use a lean ground meat and veggies to substitute for the seafood.

Blueberry soy smoothie

Great quick breakfast or snack. I keep the blender in the fridge, then add extra ice or frozen fruit and blend it when I have more.

I initially added 6 large ice cubes, but can't add those to the ingredients. Add enough to make it frosty, and end up with 3 cups.

Zuchinni Mediterranean vegetable stew

Needed to use up 3 small-med. zuchinni with some other odds and ends in fridge, including garbanzos and some chopped, red bell pepper.
Serve over whole wheat pasta or gnocchi, or use as a filling in an omelette

Open-face veggie omelette

Following my veggie cravings at breakfast. This is what I came up with. Cook in a large skillet, at least 9-10" and then cut the "pie" into quarters for 4 servings.
created 2/26/09

Hot Flav'a Sauce for chicken

I used this on a breaded chicken patty, when I'm craving wings but don't want that much fat. It's a bit of splurge, yes, but still much better than wings in sauce with blue cheese the way I used to eat them:)

Double Chocolate banana-walnut brownies

Wanting my brownie but a bit lighter, by replacing whole egg with egg beaters, and cutting 1/3 cup of oil called for down to 1 Tablespoon and mashed banana. Also added chunks of banana and walnut, to make them rich but with healthier ingredients.

Garlic & Spice Hummus

I learned how to make hummus from the middle eastern immigrant mother of one of my first boyfriends. She didn't use measuring, just kept adding and tasting till it was spicy and smooth, more like a light, creamy but slightly runny sauce than the paste that you can buy. At that consistency, it's a great, quick sauce for whole grain pasta with chopped calamata olive or capers, chopped fresh parsley and chopped fresh tomato. Toss a few whole garbanzos over it, and a final squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Italian Ricotta Cream with fruit, lite version

The Italian dessert is full fat ricotta cheese blended with a touch of cream, powdered sugar and vanilla, and whipped to a pudding like consistency. This is served with fresh, sweet cherries in their juice, on top.
I like this for a snack or breakfast or dessert.

I don't tend to like this really sweet, however, if you want it sweeter, either add a bit more splenda to the mix, or better yet for flavor, drizzle a bit of honey in with the fruit juice.

colcannon with peas (no toppings)

This is the same recipe as my colcannon with peas and bacon crumbles, but added up for a serving without any of the toppings including cheese, bacon, bacon bits or horseradish. For when you want them plain.

Quick Steak with broccoli Teriyaki

Needed a quick, high protein dish with lots of veggies all from stuff I had on hand. Had one 6 oz steak, so I figure this is about 2 servings.

Chicken & Greens Soup

Trying to get over a bad cold, going for nutrients. Created Jan 9, 2009.

Seafood Stew

Using my Chicken & Greens Soup as a base, I added a can of Whole baby clams and a package of fake crab and shrimp meat. I usually also add a bit of fresh seafood just as it finishes warming, plus a touch of Romano cheese grated over the top with fresh black pepper for a warming, winter meal.

Bob's Red Mill 5 Whole Grain Hot Cereal

This is per the directions on the back of the package for stove top. Since there was no nutritional info as to how much a serving of cooked cereal is, I weighed it out into 3 seperate servings after cooking. I cooked it about 11 minutes, if you cook longer, the serving might be a bit smaller since you'll cook out more water.

Blueberry banana & walnut pancakes

One of my power breakfasts, when I'm eating big at beginning of day to power me through a busy or demanding day.

Yukon Gold Roasted Potato Wedges

When you're jonesing for french fries, these can be done to a golden crusty brown and satisfy the itch without all the fat and salt.
Sprinkle with malted or cider vinegar when just out of the oven.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sauteed brown mushrooms with garlic

The trick of doing these with very little oil is to use a nonstick pan and a heat proof basting brush to 'paint' the 1 tsp of oil over the whole surface. Then, sear the mushrooms on the highest flame for a brief time.

Holiday Fruit Compote for French Toast

Using up the leftover fruits and baking goods from the holidays, I decided to make a fruit compote topping for my French Toast instead of syrup. It's healthier and nutritious. If you don't have any leftover cranberry sauce, substitute 2 Tbs of apple butter.
I use sunflower oil for sweet dishes, where I don't want a hint of the olive oil taste, but want the monosaturated and good fats.

Garlic Egg Drop soup with green onion

Ultimate comfort food when I have a cold, or when it is cold.

'On the go' power sandwich for mini-meals

I cut this in quaters and carry it with me on days I need a handy, long energy, filling and healthy quick food for meals on the go. This is packed with vitamins, whole grains and good fats to keep you moving and long

Guacamole Salad with tomato

Had an envelope 'spice' mix for guacamole, but one of the avacados was bad, and package called for 2. So, replaced the lost avacado with tomato, onion and added fresh lime juice for zest.

Baby Bellas and Broccoli Raab

Quick veggie combo dish I whipped up on 11/21/08 with what I had on hand, to compliment sauteed trout.

Quick & Savory Italian tomato soup

I made this on the fly because I got tired of the same old campbells tomato soup. Plus, my dried nonfat milk tasted funny to me, didn't like it, so decided to 'cover it up' with extra canned tomatoes and spices.
I added the turmeric because of all the anticarcinogenic properties I've read about it, and the paprika for an extra potassium boost.

Dosai, Indian lentil pancake

I made this from a Gits Mix, which you can get at an Indian market or in the International section of a large supermarket. Normally, these are made on a special pan, called a Tava, but I do them in a smaller size on a hot, non-stick pan. You do need to spray the pan with oil between each pancake, about 1/4 tsp, or they will stick irregardless of the nonstick pan.
These are lentil and rice flour, so no wheat and ideal for those who don't eat it.

Pumpkin Custard with exotic spices

Adapting a recipe posted by Sunworshiper because I prefer a spicer, but not too sweet pumpkin dessert.
I serve this with gingerbread snaps or baked apples and a dollop of real whip cream. If you're not going to serve it with a sweet accompianmnet, then add at least double the splenda.
I also like to serve it with hot breakfast cereal.
Don't worry, you won't really taste the cocoa or the chipotle, but they will blend with the cloves to give this a depth and every so slight warmth that beguiles and intrigues. Yet I dare even your spice savvy friends to identify 'that wonderful, exotic flavor' if you don't tell them.

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Pomegrante& Pear Salad with Stilton blue, walnuts & baby greens

I've been reading about the health benefits in the probiotics of blue cheese, along with benefits of cider vinegar to boost the immune system. I've been fighing off a cold and my body has been craving fat, so I whipped up this super healthy mix with the antioxidants of pomegrante and the super rich vitamin content of the baby greens and romaine, with the fats from avacado and walnut to make it a full, satisfying dinner.

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Melt in your mouth Shredded Pork with Onion Au Jus

This is my Mom's recipe. I got a 9.6lb Pork Shoulder Roast for .69 a pound and I made it for the first time today...FABULOUS! By the time you remove the fat and bone, you'll end up with about half as much meat, but still worth it.

After the initial roasting, this roast will literally fall apart into the most delicious shreds as you slice it. If you trim it of fat before cooking, then clean off the rest of the fat while shredding, and cool the liquid to congeal it on top and remove it, you'll end up with a pretty low fat meat for Cuban or Southern BBQ sandwiches, to die for!
I entered the nutrition info off the package for a 4 oz serving, which is 170 Calories and 9 grams fat, I assume that's with most of the fat trimmed, if anyone has more info please email me!
This is a great DO AHEAD meal, as you can roast it to step number 7 a day or two ahead, then finish it on the day you need to feed a crowd. The finished meat also freezes well in individual serving sized baggies for quick sandwiches or to mix with rice and veggies.

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Elegant and Easy Poached Egg in a Birdsnest

When I need a super healthy breakfast or lunch that will get me through a big day, this is my go to meal. If you have it, use Omega-3 eggs and be certain to get the whole grain bagels, they have the fiber that will make this expand in your stomach and give you that satisfied feeling for hours.

This is an elegant presentation, and is beautiful enough to present to and impress guests. However, I can whip this up in under 20 minutes in the kitchen, so it's easy enough to do anytime.

Serve with a side of Pummelo, or if you can't find that, ruby red grapefruit will work. You want a lightly sweet and peppery citrus fruit to accompany it, to exentuate all flavors and textures. Fresh, sliced strawberries would probably also work.

Purple Brainfood Breakfast

I use old fashion, steel cut oats that take 30 minutes to cook, such as McCain's Irish Oatmeal. Most people list a 1/2 cup prepared as a serving, but the nutrition info on the can lists a 1/4 dry as a serving. Made per directions with 1 cup water, you will end up with just short of 1 cup of hot cereal. If you would like fewer calories in your breakfast, up the blueberries to 2 cups and then eat half a half cup of the finished cereal as a serving.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Easy Crockpot Beef & Veggie Roast for a crowd

To cut some fat from the nutritional information, prepare a day ahead, strain out the vegetables and meat from the broth and chill overnight. Skim the layer of fat after it solidifies, then reheat and add back the ingredients.

This is always a hit at parties or for tailgating. Take it right in the crockpot and leave it on the warm setting at the buffet. Don't expect to take home leftovers, no matter how much you make:)

This is a stocking up recipe that freezes well. To make it more like a soup and stretch it even further, you can add, in the last hour of cooking, frozen corn, peas, lima beans, spinach, --this is a really good way to hide spinach from picky eaters--okra, canned tomatoes or other favorite vegetable.

Multi-grain Medley

1 cup of wild rice blend = 3 cups cooked
1/2 cup quinoa and 1/2 cup amaranth = 3 cups cooked.

I purposely left out the butter or oil and seasonings from this very basic recipe because that is the beauty of it's versatility.
If you enjoy barley, I highly suggest cooking 1/2 to 1 cup separately and adding it to the final medley; it will give a huge burst to the fiber and make this a dish that will stave off hunger for hours.

This makes a great side dish, the nuttiness of the Black japonica and amaranth give it a satisfying, earthy depth. The brown rice gives it a substantial feeling in the mouth and stomach and the quinoa makes this a complete protein all on it's own.

Add spices such as turmeric, a little chopped onion, garlic, and your favorites if you're going to make this into a stuffing for vegetables.

Chicken broth, Chipotle powder, cumin, onion and some Goya Spanish tomato paste seasoning (forget name??) make this an amazing base for Rice and Beans.

Add chopped nuts and dried cranberries with a little cut up chicken for a satisfying lunch salad.

Or add cinnamon, vanilla and molasses and this becomes a wonderful base for a warm breakfast cereal or even baked into a type of rice pudding.

Fresh tomato basil soup

Had 5 large tomatoes that needed to be used up quick

stewed tomatos, cauliflower & mushrooms

Quick dish from fresh veggies, hearty and great served over rice as a vegetarian main course. Would also be great with curry added for curried vegetables, with diced potatoes added in place of the rice.

Crockpot Cinnamon Sweet Potato & Apple 'pudding'

An alternate dessert for the holidays, rich and sweet and yummy but only slightly decadent. If you crumble cinnamon graham crackers over the top, it's almost an inverted pie:)

If you're daring, try an optional pinch of cayenne. It will give a nice warming quality to the dish, but don't add enough to give it real "heat".

black-eyed peas w/ collards, veggies and basmati rice

According to USDA, 1 lb. of dried cowpeas = 7, 1 cup servings when cooked.
Also, these don't need to be soaked, and will cook in about 1-2 hrs. w/o soaking, but faster if soaked.
Just for my own use, not to share.

16 bean tomato soup

Whipped up from stuff in fridge, to use up ham bone and leftover chicken broth.

Very Good (1 rating)
Aztec Whole-grain Omlette

I was trying to use up a bunch of little 'scraps' of leftovers from making soup, and decided to splurge on my Sunday brunch and create a heart healthy, whole grain, tummy satisfying omelet. The omega-3 eggs each have 400 mg of omega-3s, and I get mine at Walmart. The quinoa, if you're not familar with it, is an amazing whole grain from the Aztec's. It's the only grain to be a complete protein and it has a wonderfully, slightly nutty flavor which lends itself well to this dish. I get mine bulk at a local co-op for less than half the price, per pound of what you pay in the specialty section of the grocery store for a 6 oz. box. Store in an airtight container in your fridge, because like all whole grains, it has a germ which is prone to going rancid if left out for longer than a few weeks in a warm place.

I served it with a cup of tropical fruit salad to soothe the heat from the salsa and a steaming cup of cafe con leche...wonderful and very filling. Felt like I was eating out at a fancy hotel brunch, in the comfort of my own home. I hope you enjoy, too. :)

Bird's Custard w/ Tapioca

2 1/4 cup 1% milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup splenda
4 tsp sugar
1 egg, well beaten
3 Tbs minute tapioca
4 tsp Bird's custard powder
pinch of salt

chicken vegetable soup

10 cups chicken broth, no salt
5 cups chopped cabbage
4 cups chopped carrots
2 cups chopped potatoes
2.5 cups chopped mushrooms
1 cup chopped red bell pepper
1 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped frozen collard greens
1/4 cup tomato paste
1 Tbs turmeric
1 Tbs Italian seasoning

Pasta Bake with roasted vegetables and sausage

Trying to come up with a healthier version.
Whole grain pasta and quinoa, roasted eggplant, peppers, mushrooms and onion, with canned tomatos vs. tomato sauce, and use half ground turkey (6 oz) drained of fat, and half hot sausage (6 oz) drained of fat, crumbled and pressed between towels to remove more fat.

This is a bit time consuming, but the vegetables retain some of their 'meatier' texture and full flavor and the extra steps in defatting the meat helps reduce the overall fat (which isn't shown in the nutrition info since I don't know how to show this in adding the ingredients). The little bit of cheese doesn't seem like much, but if it's very finely grated and stirred in, it will add to the richness of the overall dish.

Chicken broth, from scratch, no salt

This is my basic, very low sodium chicken broth. I make this in huge batches and freeze some for later use.

Basic beans

This is a basic recipe, how I make my dry beans to be added to other foods. 1 pound of dry beans usually gives about 14 half cups of beans if you remove the ham after cooking, 16 servings if you shred the ham into the beans.
I often use any excess broth for soup, and though I will removed the veggies and ham cooked into the beans for flavor, because they're pretty much used up, sometimes you can puree them with a cup of beans and broth to make a good, flavorful "gravy" like thickener for soups or stews. It freezes well.

Super Power Cinnamon Oatmeal

This version of oatmeal is loaded with fiber, chromium --shows to regulate insulin, blood metabolism, muscle growth and weight loss--, calcium and iron and B vitamins. The cinnamon also is shown to help with insulin and regulating hunger and blood sugar. A supercharge to your morning. The slow release of glucose balanced by the fiber is ideal for brain function, memory and perfect fuel for a day of learning, tests or high mental 'stressors'. Add a half ounce walnuts for Omega 3's and heart health, plus protein.

Serve with half a cup of milk with Vitamin D or pro biotic yogurt to make the Calcium more bioavailable.

**note, since breakfast isn't a Main Category option, I choose desserts because I often use leftover oatmeal with fruit to appease a late night sweet craving.

Broccoli Rabbe with roasted garlic

This is my adaptation of a dish they sell prepared in the Wegman's Deli. I don't use cheese as they do and I prefer this with fresh broccoli rabbe.

Zucchini, mushroom & broccoli Zesty Sautee

I like to top this with 1/3 cup of Dulse--a sea vegetable high in trace minerals.

Very Good (1 rating)
Smoky roasted eggplant Hoummus

This is easiest done in a food processor, you'll need one with at least a 6 cup capacity. Adjust the garlic and jalepeno to suit your taste. Also, a bit of extra virgin olive oil may be added (about 1-2 Tb) if needed, for a creamier mouth feel.
Serving suggestion:
Serve on a bed of spring greens salad mix with whole grain pita bread or crackers, quartered hard boiled eggs, chopped green onions, olives, tomato wedges, cucumber rounds with a bit of extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it and finish with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Tangy Tuna Wasabi Roll-ups

Great way to get your Omega 3s and other nutrients in a fun, finger food. Add or subtract horseradish and jalepenos to find the heat level you enjoy.

Summer Squash Puree Soup/Stew Base

This is a great way to use the abundance of zucchini and summer squash in your garden and makes a lightly sweet, exotic base for fresh vegetable soups or stews.

This also freezes nicely, so it's a good way to enjoy your garden all winter.

If you can't find an Indian store for the Ginger-garlic puree, then buy fresh ginger root and grate about 1 tsp, mix it with 1/2 tsp garlic and make it into a paste with a little salt.
If you're going to use this to supplement a rich, heavy chowder recipe, then you may omit the butter or milk, since you'll get the richness in the dish you add it to.

Spicy chicken salad on cucumber rounds

Whipped this up with leftover steamed chicken breast. Could use capers in water in place of olives, or skip both and use freshly diced apple or raisins and add curry powder to the mayo.

cucumber salad with balsamic mustard dressing

This is one of my favorite summer salads, sometimes I just use balsamic vinegar with garlic, salt and pepper, for lower fat. Sometimes I mix in a Tbs of fresh, unsweetened yogurt to the dressing.

Chop the vegetables finer to add to a pita sandwich with hummus, larger for a side salad with your meal. Additional ideas to make it a complete, healthy meal salad: a few added diced, green olives and chickpeas, or a grilled, marinated chicken breast.

Very Good (2 ratings)
White zucchini and pinto bean stew

I was fortunate to have a farmer's wife talk me into buying one of her heirloom white zucchini squash at the farmer's market this morning.
She extolled the virtues of it being sweeter and more flavorful than zucchini, and drier so that it retains it's shape and texture when sauteed and added to tomato sauce over pasta.
I've included a photo of the Italian zucchini, with an ear of corn for size comparison, so you know what to look for. Trust me, it's well worth the search. It's official name is Lungo Bianco di Sicilia.

I was in the mood for a spicier dish without pasta, and whipped up this Mexican inspired veggie and bean stew for dinner. I served it on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce tossed in 1/2 a Tbs of balsamic vinegar and loved it. I hope you do, too.

Simple Garlic Dumplings for soup

I add these to my Garden Abundance Tomato soup.
These should be a little sticky. Remember, they'll double their size, or more, when they cook.

Very Good (1 rating)
Garden Abundance Tomato Soup

This is an old family recipe we'd make every year when the garden overflows with tomatoes. We add garlic dumplings to this soup to make it a very hearty, healthy meal.

Hoppin' John

This is my version of Hoppin' John, a wonderful side dish alone or over a grain. I use boiled, pearled barley to make this a quick, very satisfying lunch that will stay with you for hours.