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Incredible! (2 ratings)
Reduced Fat Fruit Pizza

classic recipe tweaked a little to make it lower calorie and lower fat

Very Good (4 ratings)
Basic Family Crepe Recipe

These crepes are a delicious sweet version.

I prefer to top with berries, roll up like a burrito, dust with powdered sugar and serve for breakfasts or a quick snack, but the possibilities are endless. Great recipe to make for kids and allow them to personalize with their own toppings.

The recipe is easy to follow but crepes can be a bit tricky to cook at first; it is not an exact science and it can take some trial and error

Broccoli Slaw Salad

easy and delicious

Pumpkin Scotch Cookies

These cookies are an alteration of ones I found online. Every time I make them they are gone that night! I have never met a person who hasn't loved these cookies. They are fluffy like a muffin almost and are spicey yet sweet. As an added bonus: the kitchen smells great!