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Recipes I've Shared:

Fruit smoothie

I am using for a breakfast drink and also a snack drink.

Peach strawberry smothie

Made for a quick breakfast

Apple Salad

Just wanted a different way to eat a apple

Smoothie Fruit Cocktail Mix

Fruit and milk smoothie

Rice with Pinto and Veggies and Shrimp

I wanted something different and healthy for lunch so I through this together.
You can make this with anything you want you just need to figure calories when modified.

Chicken cacciatore

My dad use to make this all the time before he died. Lots of good veggies.

Creamy Potato Soup

You can make with real potatoes or use mix.

Tuna cassarole

I had leftover homemade potato soup and cooked pasta. Put it all together for a casserole.

Potato salad HM

The potatoes I used are ones I grew in my garden. I try to grow things that I know that I will use when they are ready. The green onions are from my garden also.

Broiled Tomatoes with cheese

Did not want my tomatoes to go bad as they were starting to get soft. Good way to get your Fruit or Veggie in depending on which you want to call it.

Chicken in white sauce

I like making this so the chicken is soft and brakes off the bone. It is something I can start in the morning and have ready for dinner being I am home all day.

Granola Bars with Nuts and Banana Chips

I like trying to make different bars that are healthy and I know what is in them. I add what ever I want and have on hand in my home.

5 Bean Salad using Dried Beans

This is good for when you are somewhat hungry but just want a quick snack. Very filling. Good calories, low fat, good fiber and protein.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Saw a video on line for this and tried it.

Veggie soup

I have used up a lot of my veggies I had left in my ref. Didn't want them to go bad. The sodium I don't think is that high. I make my own chicken broth.

Ida's Turkey Dinner

This is what you can do with left overs.

Spare Rib Dinner

I make my own TV Dinners. I use what ever is left over from different meals. It sure helps on the food budget.
I will also make everything from scratch.

Ida New Salad

I needed to replenish my veggies. I took what ever I had left and made this salad

Lettuce, Carrots, Pepers, Onion, Eggs, & Chicken Salad

Needed to replenish my veggies from last week. Took all this past weeks veggies & made a salad.

Grape,Apple, Banaba Salad

Being I wanted to get my fruit in I had all of the ingredients on hand. Didn't want to add sugar but did. This makes a good Breakfast fruit or just a snack. It also will help when you are craving something to eat.

Cabbage Red & Green With Bacon

One of my team members had this as a blog. It had peas, salt and butter. I omitted then as I wanted a lower calorie amount.

Ziti Pasta Salad

This salad I decided to make as I had left over pasta. I needed to also add to my fiber & protein to my diet. This way I get everything in it that I like & is healthy.

Ida Veggie soup

This is just another veggie soup that I made. You can make it in a crock pot also.
I separate the veggies and broth so I can make it into 2 cup
servings. I put 2 cups pg broth in each container. Then go back and add 2 cups of the veggies. This way it is consistent.
Then I freeze each container. Then when frozen transfer to my seal a meal bags for later on.

Soup is so easy to make with just what you have in your ref.

Veggie & Bean Salad

This is something I just through together, being I was craving Veggies. It is a nice healthy snack or just something for lunch.

On the beans. I cook then well in advance and freeze them in containers for later dated. It works out so you don't have to do them the same day.

Ida Hardy veggie soup *

Couldn't find calories for my home made Turkey or Beef stock. I cook up all my different beans and freeze each one. Then put them into bags in the freezer for later use. It works out so much easier for later use. I do the same for all my stocks.

I like to just throw together soups in the spare of the moment. I donít like wasting any veggie I have in the ref, as their so expensive now a day. The oat bran will thicken the soup so make sure you watch it and stir it . You may have to add more water if it is to thick.
Season to taste. I do not use salt in any of my cooking.
I really hope you enjoy.

Ida Cabbage Chicken Soup

I like to make soups just by adding different things. No rime or reason to what I put in. I feel it is much more healthy then can soup.

I also freeze it in 2-cup containers for later dates. After it is frozen I transfer to seal a meal bage for longer storage.

I hope that you enjoy any of my soups. I try to keep them as low in sodium as I can for people along with myself that have heart trouble.

Shrimp & Chicken Stir Fri

I like to just throw things together and see what it comes out like. I had this with some brown rice.

Turkey Chili Ida's

Being my Husband DR has him on a different diet I decided to make Turkey Chili as we can both eat it. It is a very hardy dinner.
This makes 16 1- cup servings

Turkey soup Ida's

I enjoy making soup at a drop of a moment.

For my soup stock I had boiled out my chicken bones. This is why I said Bottle water on my list.


This is my Stuffing recipe and not that many calories.
I make a lot and freeze for later enjoyment. This was my Dad's recipe. We also have stuffing in the turkey also. This makes 48 1/2 cup servings

Turkey Hodge podge soup

I just used what ever I had around as I was in the mood to make a healthy soup.

Shrimp & Scallops Stir Fry

This makes a nice Vegetarian meal or a fish meal. Wasn't sure how to list it as it could go all different ways.

Ida New veggie soup

This is just a soup made from left over veggies in the fridg that I didn't want to go bad. This way i can get all my veggies in for the day with the soup. This also comes out a little like a veggie stew.

I tryed this at lunch today cold and it is very good This can be eaten Hot or Cold.

This time it will make 8 1cup servings.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Chinese Shrimp/Scallops Chow mein

I know that Tai Pei foods are not sold every where. There is only one store here that sells it. You can leave it out or try something in place of it.

Ida Cabbage, veggies, Ham & Prim Rib soup

I like to make different soups out of things I have left in the ref & freezer. Things are to expensive to waste now a days.
Soups are so easy to make that anyone can do it.
This is the highest Calorie soup I have ever made

Ida Cabbage Soup new batch

I enjoy making different soups. I add just about what ever I have on hand. I added turkey stock that I had made and put in the freezer this time and added water also, or just water if you don't want to use stock, which ever you want. Last time I just used water.

This Cabbage soup is Low in Fat & Cholesterol. Has 6.7 of Fiber, 349.5 Potassium, 21.1 Carbs, 6Protein and is 110.9 Calories per 1 cup serving. It has tons of veggies which I like.

I do not add any salt as the ingredients have enough where it is not needed. You can make as much or as little. I make a lot as I put it in 1 & two cup containers and freeze it for latter use.

Ida Cabbage soup New Ida's

This is a low Calorie, Low Fat, and good Potassium soup.
It has good Vitamin A & Vitamin c.

I make soups like this when I am not feeling good.
This can be frozen also. I freeze it in 1 - cup containers.

Ida Home Made Soup

This is my Favorite soup to make as it is so simple. I make it in less then 25 min.

Filling for soft Taco/ Tortillas Shells

You can make this without meat if you want or add whatever veg 's you want.