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Hubbys NutriBlast

Heart healthy, immune boosting, weight loss NutriBlast. Add Superfood mix by warmfeather for more nutrition

Incredible! (1 rating)
Hubbys NutriBlast(smoothie) Superfood Mix

Add to 2 Tbsp to each NutriBlast.

Very Good (1 rating)
Overnight steel cut oats

Easy on the go breakfast

Peach Almond Muffins

Perfect for breakfast on the go! Start with 1 cup of almond milk and add more as needed for a muffin consistency. I live at really high altitudes and my whole wheat flour never seems to absorb the same, I'm always having to change up the amount of liquids I use in the same recipe.

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Filling and nutritious breakfast with 10g of protein if you throw in 1 tbsp of raw hemp seeds(which I do but didn't add to this recipe today when I made it).

For less cleanup, add all ingredients to a non wide mouth mason jar, add your blender attachment and screw on, put on blender base and blend. Enjoy immediately out of the jar, or screw on a lid and make it a breakfast on the go.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Homemade Energy Granola Bars

Packed full of good for you stuff, including chia, flax and hemp seed. Great for breakfast on the go, hikes, or a mid-day snack! Full of complex carbs to keep you sustained through the day.

Extremely versatile....Mix it up! Try different nuts, raisins, trail mix...whatever sounds good! This is just a base recipe.

homemade street tacos

Quick and easy street food at home! Low cal so you can eat to your hearts content! 97 calories per taco!

Grapeseed Mayo

Serving size is 1 tablespoon. Nice thick homemade mayo from a healthy oil.

Cottage Cheese and Tuna Salad

Definitely and different combination, but tasty, easy to throw together, and not heavy on a hot summer day!

whole wheat chocolate tomato muffins

I came up with this to utilize the TONS of tomatoes I have going bad in my garden. It sounds strange but you can't even taste them and its a good way to get your veggies in...

Bademjan (My version)

I found this recipe on but since I forgot half of the stuff needed for it I made my own version of it with what I had. Bademjan means “eggplant” in Farsi (otherwise known as Persian, the language spoken Iran). This stew works fantastically with Persian rice (Polo) and is a dish which can be modified for vegetarians very easily. Such comfort food–everyone will enjoy this dish.

Very Good (1 rating)
Freedoms healthier fried chicken

My husband keeps hounding me to make fried chicken. Since my traditional fried chicken is a heart attack waiting to happen I came up with this and you can barely tell I've made a change. The use of small amounts of olive oil is to get those good fats in your diet, and the spray is to make sure theres enough to brown the chicken without packing on the calories. Calculated on one breast per person.

tropical basil chicken

From a recipe I found on but modified to my families taste. SO good.

Freedom's homemade spaghetti sauce

As with most of my recipes this makes a HUGE batch. I feed 5 and like to have leftovers to either freeze or eat for lunch the next day. This recipe makes about 18 one cup servings. this recipe is very versitile, you could add or reduce the veggies as you like, even use no sodium tomato sauce(this is calculated with sodium). since the veggies are chopped up so fine, picky kids will barely notice them, so this is kid friendly also.

Freedom's Chicken Jambalaya

this is so not authentic but its yummy. This is about 12 servings, again I have a family of 5 and like to have left overs for lunch the next day. most of my recipes will be like this.

Freedom's Gold and Sweet potato Curry

This makes 10 servings because I make extra so I can have leftovers for lunch the next day. Should be easy to cut it in half.

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