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Recipes I've Shared:

Crockpot Curry Turkey

Spicey Low Sodium Turkey Stew

Strawberry Smoothie

a great tasting and healthy smoothie

Veggie Soup

low sodium, low fat, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan soup

Mac N Cheese

Comfort food for those with allergy to cow's milk. No added salt. Made with sheep and goat cheese.

Black Bean Chili

A healthy alternative with different spices - low sodium; high protein

Rhoda's Chili

A sweet version of the traditional chili. This is not a low sodium recipe.

Hearty Meat Loaves

Good with potatoes and veggies or on sandwiches.

Quinoa Breakfast Pudding

Vegan, sugar-free, low sodium, low carb

Pineapple Frangelico Sorbet

Kidney friendly summer treat published by National Kidney Foundation, submitted by Chef Duane Sunwold

CAM's Turkey Pot Pie

Low Sodium, easy to make, healthy pot pie. Based on a Pillsbury recipe.

Turkey & Veal Vegetable Soup

low salt, low cholesterol

Buckwheat Pancakes

vegan high fiber, low sodium food

CAM's Not Fried Rice

Vegan "Fried" Rice w/o oil

CAM's Slow Cooker Mexican Beef

low sodium and still tasty

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Caitlyn's Recipes
Caitlyn 's cookbook