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Recipes I've Shared:

2 tin soup with Quinoa

2 tins , add Quinoa and there you go ....soup!

Turkey Lasagne made with yogurt cheese

Delicious and nutritious make ahead meal.

Slowcooker yogurt

This is very cost effective and I like that you can flavour it as you please , also you can vary the fat content! Made in a slow cooker! lasts 7 - 10 days in the fridge.
Great as it is for smoothies and for adding to granola, if you want a ticker consistency you can drain through a coffee filter to thicken......( they liquid that drains out is WHEY don't throw it away , it is very nutritious! )
If you leave it draining overnight you are essentially making yogurt CHEESE! YUM!

Slowcooker Cabbage soup

I used Half a bag of Shredded cabbage or Waldorf salad, and used what I had left over in the bag for CABBAGE SOUP, I cooked it in my slow cooker /crockpot.

Pumpkin and Sesame Hummus ( adapted from EAT CLEAN RECIPE)

This is delicious and so easy ....enjoy with BAKED Tortilla chips and home made salsa.

Mel's EAT CLEAN Loaves of BREAD ( per 1/12 of a loaf)

This recipe makes 2 loaves, ( 12 slices each )
Low sodium, High fibre, low gluten.

Traditional Pumpkin muffins

I reduced the sugar in these....and added Butterscotch chocolate chips instead of raisins...just to make the kids happy!
They are delicious served as a muffin on the go , or pour some home made custard over them and have them as a dessert.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Mel's Oatbran apple cinnamon waffles

I make these ahead to pop in the toaster in the morning for the kids before school ..or when I need a quick snack, they freeze really well!

Almond Tofu Chocolate Mousse

This recipe was inspired by the EAT CLEAN cookbook, but with my own twist to it, and the nutritional info is more detailed. It is DELICIOUS!!!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Slow cooker lentil soup

Easy and delicious

Protien packed Shortbread

I wanted to make my holiday cookies more nutrituous , and so I added Whey protien powder and they were delicious !

Strawberry Tea muffins with Oat bran

a nice treat with tea ...but the Oat bran is good for you !

Chocolate chip banana muffins with oatmeal

these are a hit with the kids.... they are by no means LOW FAT!!! but they are good for the occassional treat!
I am always low on my fat intake , so sometimes I just need something to bring up my levels , keep my hair and nails glossy and keep my joints lubricated!
but be warned ....ONLY HAVE ONE!!! freeze the rest!


This is really a treat! I omitted the butter from the original recipe and if you wanted less eggs you could substitute!
we have this as a side to green beans and chicken/ turkey

Lime Meringue Pie

For special occassions only

Cheddar cheese and corn dropped scones

These are the quickest freshest drop scones that are great for lunch, breakfast, brunch....

Choc chip and Banana Bran Muffins

Use a Bran muffin mix, add water, one egg and choc chips and you are don! Fast and easy and yummy!
They are great to eat on the go instead of cereal!

wed night sauce base for meals

This is the base sauce I make for my meals in the slow cooker on a busy day. I will add beef or chicken and make a meal out of it!
or add broth for a soup etc.....

Lazy day tropical carrot cake

This cake combines my favourite flavours in an easy to make bundt cake that even the kids love! As is it is delicious but you can drizzle some cream cheese icing drizzle on it to kick it up a notch for company! Otherwise just dust with Icing sugar as shown

Cheddar corn muffins

I am always looking for ways to smuggle veggies into my kids and this one works, the flavour of the cheese and corn work well together. Made with Fat Free Buttermilk it is a lower fat version.These muffins are light and golden!

Banana Peanut butter muffins

I love banana and I love peanut butter , so I thought I would combine my two favourite flavours in a tasty muffin. Zero cholesterol and 4g Protein in each muffin! 2.8 g fibre!

25 % less fat Peanut butter cookies

These are the same as the recipe posted before, my kids love these and they bake them themselves. But I use Kraft 25 % less fat peanut butter and occassionally I will smuggle in some flax seed or some choc chips, ar a tablespoon of instant multigrain oatmeal for a difference. But I have done the basic recipe here and you can do your own "add ons"

Chicken and ground soy Bolognaise

I love this alternative to the beef version, rich in VItamin A and very tasty

Banana chunk bran muffins

Nice for a breakfast on the run...High fibre!

Get up and Go muffins

These muffins are packed with protein and potassium for those who are on the move , and still want a nutritional snack to keep them going.

Red stew/ soup

High fibre , low fat, Slow cooker Recipe
Not Strictly vegetarian since it has Beef broth, but you could substitute that ingredient for Veggie broth if you want.

Quick, Asian inspired, Veggie and rice noodle dish

quick , easy and yummy!
high in vit A & C , no Cholesterol, source of fibre

South African whole wheat meusili rusks

These are our version of Biscotti, they are great for dipping in tea or coffee when you have to have a snack or breakfast on the run! Great for a snack with a cup of coffee on a cold blustery evening. Contains Fibre.

Lentil Curry

QUick and easy and fragrant

Cranberry citrus scones ( no butter or eggs)

This is an easy recipe for when you have to make a quick tea snack ...takes 12 min to bake, and has not eggs or butter in it.

Mel's TACO's

Fill your tacos with something delicious and healthy!

End of the month HAM soup

Another creation for end of the month blues.
Nutritious and delicious, high in Vitamin A and Fibre

Eggless Buttermilk dinner buns

These are egg free multigrain buns, but check your ingredients if you are using this recipe because you are allergic to eggs. I developed this recipe for a lower Cholesterol value and also because I had run out of eggs.

Carrot and Zucchini with walnuts - loaves

Makes two delicious, nutritious loaves.

INSTANT Carrot and Pumpkin muffins with Walnuts and Raisins

Use Betty crocker cake mix for this quick easy treat,smells like Thanksgiving everyday!

Whole wheat Lasagne with Turkey and vegetable Ricotta filling

THis is great to make when you have a busy week ahead and want to freeze it in portions to take with to work or have ready for a quick meal

One dish - baked Turkey , Mozzarella and Salsa sandwhich

This is a recipe developed with Low cholesterol in mind and readily available ingredients. Perfect for a satisfying easy dinner or brunch.

End of the Month Chicken soup

This soup is thick , chunky and satisfying.This was a recipe created with minimal ingredients that I had on hand at the end if the month , day before grocery day! I usually serve it with whole wheat dinner rolls.This recipe is high in Vit A ( 93 % RDA) and Beta carotine.

Banana and Peanut Muffins

These are great when you have a ton of frozen ripe bananas in your freezer that need using! Great for kids without peanut allergies! High on the protien and potassium, Great snack to have on the run when you don't have time to stop and eat a meal.Or just for a treat!

Quick , Easy gorgeous dinner rolls

These are quick and easy for a special occassion or just for when you are bbq'ing and want a little burger instead of a huge bun! They are whole wheat , with ground flax added. Also great with homemade soup Kids love these! These can be frozen too!

Hot Apple Delight

A satisfying high fibre , Low fat snack , perfect for a cold day. ( 0 Cholesterol) Switch this up to a dessert by using frozen yoghurt instead of the yoghurt , you will have to adjust the calories then!Quick and easy if you get unexpected guests and is minimal on the mess and fuss!

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Date and Walnut Loaf ( No eggs/ No cholesterol)

This Recipe uses no eggs but is sweet when you are craving something sweet without compromising on nutrition. Super easy and quick to make. Great for a snack on the run or brunch . No cholesterol in this loaf.

QUICK Nutella High fibre, Rye and Oat bread

This is my take on the Nutella bread with the addition of Rye flour and it is a quicker method since I use Quick rise Yeast so there is no need to do two "rises"

MEL's Quick Cranberry Lemon Soda Bread

High fibre , great taste , easy and fast

Very Good (18 ratings)
EASY 3 Bean Vegetarian Chilli.( per 1 cup)

This is high in fibre , low fat and nutritious!

Whole Wheat Lemon Poppyseed Muffins EASY!

These are easy and quick, with added fibre.

Curried Cabbage Soup

( one cup per serving /250 ml)

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