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Mama's Chicken and Dumplings

Southern comfort food for expats living far from all things home and American...

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Brazilian Baiao de Dois

This is a typical noon-meal dish found all over Brazil. I make it the way many people do in the Northeast, especially in the state of Ceara. It's a poor man's dish that has been fancied up and served in many restaurants. I like to make it with no meat and serve it on our Meatless Mondays. I'm sharing my simple recipe and adding optional ways at the bottom to spice it up! Sprinkle a little ground cumin for some extra taste and add some chopped fresh cilantro on top before serving!

Secret Citrus Dressing

This is a tangy salad dressing designed to go well with Cranberry Rocket Salad also found here on SparkRecipes.

Cranberry Rocket Salad

Super fast salad with arugula, sometimes known as rocket, fresh spinach, fresh chinese cabbage, and super healthy cranberry raisins is a perfect choice to accompany holiday meals. This is an adaptation of a recipe originally found on the back of a package of Ocean Spray CRaisins.

Simple Brazilian Black Bean Stew

Every Brazilian cook has his or her own way to make Brazilian Feijoada. Every time it's a little different based on what's on hand. Years ago it was made by African slaves with whatever happened to come their way from the master's handouts. This is a very simplified version including only the meats my family likes. That way no one gets a pig's foot on their plate accidentally! It's best served over hot white rice, orange wedges on the side, fine sliced kale sauteed in butter with a little minced garlic, chopped tomatoes and onions with a splash of vinegar and lemon and a dash of salt, and if you can get it toasted mandioca meal (farinha).

Cashew Nut and Sesame Seed Fried Okra

Oh no, another fried okra recipe! Yes, but this one is different. It uses crushed cashew nuts (which if you can't buy locally, can be substituted) and toasted wheat germ and sesame seeds for added fiber. My boys all love it and it's eaten up every time I make it.

Apple Ladders

This is a delicious homemade pastry for holiday breakfasts or an afternoon tea. Don't like apples? Try mangoes, peaches, cherry pie filling. Works well with a variety of fruits. It's an adapted recipe from an old holiday cookbook called Treasury of Christmas Recipes by Crown Publishers. I added wheat germ for a more healthy family treat.

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Vegetable Lentil Soup

Fast, easy, great soup recipe that uses no meat. Great with garlic bread for dipping. Directions included for pressure cooker, crock pot, or regular soup pot!

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