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Very Good (3 ratings)
Broccoli slaw with dressing

Crunchy. Crunchy. Pick a dressing*. Pick a nut. Add some heat.

The almonds and the NEWMAN'S OWN dressing* were leftovers from the McDonald's asian salads.
(I'm hooked on the McD asian salad. It's great just the way it comes with their chicken glaze. )

I'll eat this whole recipe as one serving--salt-wise, it's not so good--this could/should be a side dish for two.

Nutty Cucumber Sandwich

Learning to live without added salt?

While one large sandwich is good, try cutting the bread into smaller pieces. Each bite of these open-faced morsels can be quite tolerable without added salt if all ingredients are at room temperature.

And, if each bite is savoried slowly, the salt flavor in the bread and buttery spread will come through.

Roasted Pepper Sandwich

Avoiding salt. Midnight snack. Great way to taste new peppers with or without heat. Nothing compares to a fresh roasted pepper but bottled peppers might do.

(Salt would be nice: I'm trying to cut down. I'll add more hot pepper. )

Very Good (3 ratings)
Bean sprouts stir-fry

Quick and tasty. 1-2 svg

Very Good (1 rating)
Lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese spread

Serve on whole grain bagel, crackers or wrap with onion slice. Extra special with peppers: roasted, fresh, hot or not. 1-2 serving. Adjust to suit your taste for lox or cheese.

Cucumber / Seafood Four In One Salads

Simple, light. Salmon steamed, tuna, crab, shrimp can be substituted or mixed. Serve with tomatoes and whole wheat grain. 1-2 servings

Hommus and olive tapenade sandwich

Get veg for the day the easy way. 1 svg

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For One or Two (But No More Than Four)
Recipes for one (or two). Egg-free (egg can be eliminated or an egg replacement used).
For One or Two: Stocking Up
These recipe would be prepared to enjoy today and leftovers stored for a few tomorrows. All recipes make five or more servings but some can easily be halved or qrartered. Egg-free or egg can be eliminated or replacement used.