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Walnut Brownie Batter Oatmeal

One of my favorite ways to have oatmeal for breakfast is to turn it into a healthy treat that tastes more like a dessert. That's how I came up with this recipe that's packed with protein and chocolatey goodness.

Dark Chocolate Protein Mousse

I am a sucker for decadent chocolate desserts, but most of them pack a calorie punch straight to the midsection. In my book, Choices Coach: Weight Loss Menu Guide, I share my 150-Calorie Mocha Protein Pudding recipe. This is pretty much the same recipe, but I used Dark Chocolate Almond Milk instead of original to make it a little richer and more indulgent.

Almond Mocha Mocktail

I love a foo foo coffee drink first thing in the morning, and I am always looking for a ways to make them low calorie. This was delicious and only 120 calories.

Bacon Avocado Egg Salad

I like to serve this egg salad on a Sara Lee 80-calorie Wheat Bun with mixed greens and a slice of tomato.

150-Calorie Morning Mocha Smoothie

I was inspired by a recipe on Pinterest to come up with my own variation of a mocha smoothie. The recipe that inspired me called for Starbucks Instant Iced Coffee, but I discovered that it is 50 calories per serving and also about twice the price of a jar of instant espresso. For a mere $3.99 I picked up a jar of Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee. This smoothie is just under 150 calories, and almost 10 g of protein.

350 Calorie Gluten Free Veggie Quesadilla

This is a quick & easy, high fiber lunch.

Crab Cakes

I made these for lunch today. I was flying off the cuff. If you have some Old Bay seasoning handy, then I would add it to the recipe. Either way I thought the crab cake turned out delicious. I served it over a salad that I got from the buffet at the supermarket. I dressed the salad with lemon juice and a little bit of Ken's Steakhouse Lite Northern Italian Dressing.

Alton Brown's Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing (Madeover)

I love this type of salad. I made it over to keep it lower calorie so it could be paired with a well-balanced dinner. I reduced the amount of bacon and significantly reduced the bacon fat from the dressing. I also added some fresh diced tomato that wasn't in the original recipe.

Easy Veggie Quesadilla

This is an easy lunch for one. Add a side of green rice for dinner.

Southwest Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I was inspired to write this recipe after having some lovely Santa Fe Chicken Salad from the deli counter at my local grocery store. I'm guessing they didn't make a low-fat version. I intend to stick to this low-cal version from now on.

Mushroom Gorgonzola Soup

I tried to replicate the delicious mushroom gorgonzola soup from Kansas City Cafe. This was my attempt. I cooked it low and slow to give the flavors more time to develop. The crockpot step is optional, though and will reduce it quite a bit to only 2 servings (double the calories, yikes!) I tasted it mid-cooking, and it tasted great before that step.

Reduced Fat Scalloped Potato Gratin

This is a Tyler Florence recipe that I revised by subbing fat-free half and half for the heavy cream.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

This is a great low cal option compared to eating chicken wings.

Lemon Caper Mayonnaise

This is a sauce to serve along side fish or shrimp instead of tartar sauce.

Easy Polenta and Sausage with Portabella Mushrooms

This is my easier, slightly healthier version of Mario Batali's recipe.

Mexican-Style Gas Grilled Corn

This recipe is from America's Test Kitchen.

Pasta Ponza by Giada

I adapted this recipe to be gluten free by using brown rice pasta and gluten free bread crumbs.

Pea and Pesto Soup

This is a Nigella Lawson recipe. It's delicious.

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