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Recipes I've Shared:

Apple Energy Bars

great make ahead to go snack

Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes

a fudgy delish chocolate treat that is gluten free!

Corn Souffle

excellent side dish!

ham, potato and black bean soup

I just really wanted to use up some leftovers, and what can I say, this turned out great!

My Familes lasagna

I have made this for years and decided to try to refine it a bit to cut calories etc If anyone has some ideas to take it down more, please feel free to share! Thanks

Cream of turkey sauce

great way to use up leftover turkey

whole wheat Chicken Fajitas

very tasty pleasing and filling meal. One of my families favorites.
Serve with Salsa and fat free sour cream but nutritional information on salsa and sour cream is not included with fajitas

Couscous and Quinoa Salad

I used Chicken Broth, but you can use Veggie broth to make this a vegaterian dish. Complements a meal nicely as a side dish in place of potatoes or rice.

Scallops with sweet and spicy salsa

I used frozen midsize scallops. A pound is 454 grams. If using fresh remove muscle tabs

healthy chocolate banana nut bread

can omit nuts and chocolate for calorie reduction but ohhh the flavor!

saucy stirfry with burger

this is quite can cut the sauce in half...I just like it juicy

chocolate coffee cappachino

I use a large coffee mug which is actually 2 cups. If you use a one cup coffee mug you would cut calories in half...Very yummy to help quench chocolate cravings!

quick and easy beef, veggies and noodle soup.

I used wild meat for this but beef would work just as well. I used all leftovers except the veggies. I freeze them and use it for soups later.