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Gumbo with sausage chicken and shrimp

well worth the effort
you could change this up with any meat and cut the salt with low salt broth and sausage

Staci's Bulger Salad

This is a healthy filling yummy salad

Makes 8 servings each serving is 3/4 C

Homeade Kahlua

This is a great treat once in a while love to add little to coffee

pasta salad

my pasta salad

crockpot chicken biscuit soup

Complete meal very filling and healthy.super easy no salt added cut the sodium if you use low sodium soup and broth. pare this with a salad for a complete meal..

Summer Veggie Gratin

Yummy try this one

Arborio stuffed tomatos

Super yummy and filling and healthy large portion

mach stuffed shells...

Im Italian and a pasta aholic..I came up with this recipe to curb my cravings and the kicker is theres no pasta in it.. huge portion supper filling low cal add a salad for a complete meal..YOU MUST TRY THIS

Roasted Eggplant with tomato basil relish

Awsome as a main or side dish low in calories

Stacis Cranberry chicken salad

Love this fresh yummy salad eat as a sandwich, on top of crackers or on top of a garden salad. Great for hot summer nights

Very Good (3 ratings)
1 Pan Hamburger,carrots and Potatoes

Super yummy 1 pan fast meal low calories because this is a complete meal...and the kids will love it I love it this was my memas recipe

Stacis meatloaf

my family loves meatloaf so i always make myself this one its 1 serving and yummy
******no salt is added to this i think its calc high i dont think theres that much salt in this it calcs itself****

Stacis chicken Slaw bun

I love this sandwhich its so filling high protein
I use rotisserie chicken for this
super fast to make great carlories serve with oven frys and a salad......

Chicken on a bun

If your looking for a meal that will leaqve you stuffed for hours and hours then try you wont be able to move after lol and only 335 calories WOW!!!
you can cut the salt by using low salt soy and changing the type of bun if you wish
My family loves these I serve these with oven fries....

Very Good (1 rating)


Very Good (8 ratings)
bbq biscuit cups

Even my picky eaters love these they cant tell that they are good for them I make them everyother week
great portion
low cals for a hearty dinner
serving sz 2 biscuits

sweet spread

super easy
this spread is perfect I use it on toast or on my pumpkin muffins
serving size 3 tablespoons and only 16 calories it lasts 3 weeks in the fridge

Italian roasted veggie platter

yummy 1 serving is 1.25 cups
make a double ot triple batch great as a side dish or on salads or cold out of the fridge they are yummy low cal low fat


add a salad to this for a wonderful supper great calories also for a complete meal

Choc o coffe waffere

great cookie only 36.1 cals each will fix your choc craving

these are so good read entire recipe before you start
makes 48 cookies

oven fried fish bites

Low cal super yummy and lg 6oz portion

Raisin cookies

only 33 cals per cookie (you can sub other dried fruit if you want)
go ahead eat cookies

glazed strawberry tartlets

a whole tart for 130 calories
this recipe makes 10 tartlets

spring noodle stir fry

so good low fat low cal

easy crockpot pork

yummy high protien
crockpot pork
208 cals


You can have a huge portion and its very little calories.
makes a large pot
its better the next day

Very Good (8 ratings)
portobello mushroom burger

Even you meat eating man machine will love these and they really fill you up...

chick pea crunchers

only two ingredients

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