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Recipes I've Shared:

Homemade Pizza Dough

My mom's recipe for pizza dough. Makes a delicious crust with enough dough to fit two large baking pans and enough left over(if you don't like extra crust on the edges) to make a small pizza for a child.

taco meat

we add mushrooms to make the filling go farther

chicken taco filling

a crockpot recipe for chicken taco filling

oven fajitas

oven fajitas that use our own fajita seasoning.

beef pot roast

an easy really delicious pot roast with big servings.

Egg hash

Delicious hash!

meaty grilled cheese with ham and turkey

I use Meunster cheese in all my grilled cheese sandwiches because it is so creamy. one slice melts enough to cover a big slice of bread, and go over the size. I have tried it with cheddar and that works pretty well but the flavors of the melted colby and melted muenster are amazing together!

yummy fritata

Nutrition info is for the whole fritata

Vegetable soup with Venison

Using Venison instead of ground beef added a slightly different flavor that was really tasty.

hashbrown and egg casserole muffin

Delicious little casseroles that wont bust the calorie bank!

cornflake cookies

Yummy cookies that my family used to make all the time. Not very healthy, but really delicious for a cookie exchange or a special treat

soy garlic salmon

sweet yet savory easy salmon dish

bagel thins pizza

I was craving pizza the other day but really didn't want to waste my calories(or money!). I came up with these and Loved making them in my little toaster oven.

doctor'd spaghetti

May not be all that healthy but it was quick, delicious, and filling!

Oreo Truffles

Delicious little truffles

yummy turkey burgers

With the added egg and crackers, these burgers stick around a little longer than others i have had.

Fried Potatoes

Simple fried potatoes that are easy and filling. Add onions and peppers to give it a little more at a big dinner table.

breakfast bake for two

small breakfast casserole with mushrooms and cheese

chicken flaovored rice

This rice has a light chicken flavor.

scrambled breakfast bake

easy breakfast of eggs, veggies, and meat.

sweet garlicy soy chicken for one

a delicious little concoction I made while scrounging for dinner one night. This is what I had on hand.

Granola(small batch)

I made this granola after looking at many other recipes. I like it. It tastes good with milk or lowfat/nonfat plain yogurt.

Apples and french toast

I love french toast. While in Korea I had to make my own variation of syrup that turned out to taste pretty good.

veggie chicken skillet

A delicious lunch or dinner with very little time and effort.

strawberry banana smoothie

Delicious, easy smoothie

pork chop for one

I am living in Korea where pork is the cheapest meat. I came up with this out of things in my kitchen. Delicious and easy.