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Sinful Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

This healthy version of one of my favorie cakes let's you indulge in a delicious treat without the guilt or the calories. There is no fat in this awesome cake and you will find yourself making this one no matter what the season! Be sure to follow the cooking directions exactly or the top of the cake will not turn out with the crunchy topping that makes the cake so wonderful!

Goin Banana's Puddin

A healthier twist on this down home southern favorite. By taking out most of the sugar and fat but keeping the intense banana flavor and creamy pudding, this is a treat that finds its way onto my dinner table many times a month!

Chocoholic Chip Cookies

These are sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings and you won't have to break your food plan to chase off the chocolate demon! Each cookie has right at 50 calories and they are full of chocolate gooey goodness. It seems like there are tons more chips in these cookies because I use the mini chips instead of the regular sized chips.
By getting rid of the refined white flour and cutting down the butter, this old classic gets a healthy makeover that makes it ok to indulge whenever you want.

Banana Spiced Muffins

These muffins are sinful! Not only do they taste great but they are good for you too! I love banana bread, but I don't like that there's no portion control, so I tweeked my favorite banana bread recipe to a healthy version and poured the batter into muffin cups and this is the final product. My husband loves these, and they are gone almost as fast as I can make them! For a twist on this sometimes I add in some mini chocolate chips or some PB2. The base batter recipe is now what I use for anything muffin related, it's a great jumping off point, the possibilities are endless as your imagination!

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Hearty Split Pea Soup

This soup is hearty and you will never realize that it's good for you. It's very filling and I love to make a big pot of it when it's super cold outside. I always make sure to keep some of this in my freezer for days when I don't feel like cooking.

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Sweet Treats!!
All of my favorite sweets and a few favorites I have found from other Spark members!