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Recipes I've Shared:

2-Shish Tawook--lebanese garlic chicken

Tasty and easy to make. Serve with oven fries and garlic puree

Bean and grain soup

healthy vegan soup that fills you up and tastes excellent the next day. Add cumin for an extra zip

Lebanese Salad dressing

This dressing is tasty and natural without high fructose corn syrup or chemicals

Chicken and vegetable soup

Great for cold days and to clean out the fridge!!

Oatmeal-Raisin-Peanut butter cookies

I exchanged peanut butter for the margarine and substituted whole wheat flour in this standard recipe. Not bad!

My mom's clafoutis (fruit dessert)

Like a cobbler, but more like a pudding cake, I lightened it up with egg substitute and nonfat milk. Nutrition info is for apricots. I like that it doesn't use up bowls and can be used for many different kinds of fruit.

11-Chicken Vegetable Soup

A filling soup low enough in calories you can indulge in 2 servings!

7-mujadarra hamra (lentils with onions)

Mediterranean vegetarian dish that is satisfying, easy to make, and delicious. Eat warm or room temp with pita bread and fattoush (Lebanese salad)

4-Stuffed baby zucchini with yogurt--Kusa bi Laban

Lebanese dish that is interesting and delicious and good for you!

6-teriyaki glazed salmon

Easy to fix--oil could be left out for less fat. Delicious way to make salmon and get those good omega-3s

4-Yellow Mujadarra

Vegetarian middle eastern dish easy to make and very nutritious. Usually served with Fattoush (Lebanese Salad)

Lebanese meat pies aka

these lower fat meat "pizzas" are great to take to picnics or on trips or to make for dinner. Keep the family out of the kitchen or you won't have any left for dinner!! The cooking takes a little finesse, but it's worth the effort.

12-Mahloubi--Mediterranean chicken with cauliflower and rice

This dish means "upside down" in Arabic, since the ingredients are layered in the pot and turned upside down onto a plate when done

13-Cucumber-yogurt Salad

Interesting and light salad tastes great mixed with rice dishes

2-Green Bean Stew

a typical Lebanese stew with garlic and Cilantro

3-Glazed Roast Chicken

Delicious and easy to make. Add potatoes to the roasting pan for a full meal

Garlic Chicken and Potatoes

Another Lebanese style chicken dish with loads of garlic and lemon juice

12-Chicken noodle Soup

Lebanese-style noodle soup, good for a light appetizer or with a salad or sandwich for lunch

6-Chicken Kabobs

Easy to make and great for picnics

fish and rice

A simple lebanese style fish dinner. Regular fish or leftover fried fish can be used instead of the fish sticks.

13-Chicken with Chickpeas and Rice

Practically a complete meal in itself. Serve with cucumber-yogurt salad to complete the meal

Very Good (3 ratings)
4-Chicken and Potato Stew

Another Lebanese Stew--Cilantro and garlic give it a distinctive flavor

6-Chicken and vegetable stew

Garlic and cilantro give this a unique Mediterranean flavor

6-Cabbage rolls with lemon and garlic

A different, lighter taste of cabbage rolls with lemon, garlic and mint

11-biryani rice

Very flavorful Saudi Arabian rice dish I use as a main meal. May be eaten with yogurt or cucumber-yogurt salad. Lamb may be used instead of beef.

Baked Macaroni with Meat

Lebanese type spices give this casserole a distintive flavor

1-Kafta--middle eastern meat dish

like meatloaf with middle eastern spices, tomato sauce and potatoes, easy to make and very flavorful

15-Linguine with Herbed Butter

to be served with Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

15-Shrimp in Garlic sauce

low in calories big on taste. Eat with linguine.

15-Okra with Oil (or Green Beans with oil)

easy, healthy and satifsying, this vegan dish can be eaten hot or cold with pita bread.


Low in fat and only 90 cals per cookie

Najla's Curry

Vegetarian Curry dish with eggs

Very Good (5 ratings)
Nabilah's low fat bean dip

My daughter's version of layered bean dip

Chili with extra beans

Decreasing the ground beef and adding another can of beans puts less fat and more fiber into my mom's original easy recipe

Mamie Eisenhower Fudge

I got this recipe from my mom. This fudge is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. One or two pieces only, though!!!!

Chicken Borracho

Literally means "drunk chicken", cooked with Tequila but since our family doesn't use alcohol, I substitute chicken broth instead.

Lebanese dessert

light and easy to make, very different flavor

Anise Seed Cookies

Dry cookie good for dipping in tea. I thought of it as a middle eastern sweet, but a friend of mine said they remind her of a mexican tea cookie. It makes a lot, so share them or freeze them.

14-Jihad's Favorite Lentil Soup

Great appetizer for Ramadan


Lebanese dish with chickpeas and chicken and a form of pasta called "Magrabieh".


Biscuits with thyme mix on top, these are great for breakfast with labne or cream cheese and tomatoes

8-Kibbi on a tray

a Lebanese meat dish, much easier than the traditional Kibbi balls, this dish is like meatloaf, but with a middle eastern flavor

7-Lima Bean Stew--

A typical Lebanese stew to be served with rice

Szechwan Ramen stir fry

I adapted this from a recipe on the noodle package to make it easier and cheaper

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Lebanese Cooking with an American Accent
These are recipes I have collected and adapted to be easy to make with easy to find ingredients. My husband is Lebanese and enjoys eating food from "back home" so I try to make it often. Enjoy!!