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Recipes I've Shared:

Easy Mixer Peasant Batter Bread

This bread looks like pumpernickel but has no rye flour. It gets its flavor from cereal and kitchen bouquet sauce. AND it rises in the refrigerator!! So you can do the prep early, and have it baking as guests arrive. It smells heavenly! I have also put all ingredients in my bread maker, set to make dough, formed the loaves and baked the next morning in the oven. Super recipe!!

Wheat Belly Stir Fry

NO GRAIN whatsoever, with 6.8 g. carbs after fiber is subtracted.

Pizzazy Oats N Eggs Crust, Cracker, or Crouton

Need pizza crust, crackers, croutons, quiche crust or a healthy snack? Here you go!! And no flour!!

Be creative with vegetable additions, but be sure to add the vegetables!! Power it up with nutrition!!!

Pizazzy Oats N Eggs N Friends

Crunchy Oats n Eggs Pizza Crust--You decide whether you're going to slice and use as a cracker beside your salad, turn the whole thing into a traditional pizza, or experiment with different sauces and raw fruits and veggies.

Creamy Asparagus Cauliflower Soup by Bravelute

A vegan, grain-free, dairy free soup.

Pureed New Year Soup

I developed this soup because I had had extensive oral surgery at the end of December and wasn't allowed to chew.

Pumpkin Blueberry Bread Pudding

A special breakfast, brunch entre warm out of the oven on a chilly morning. Can also be used as a delightful side for Thanksgiving. To use as a dessert, consider baking with almonds or walnuts, or sprinkling them on top when serving.

Bravelute's Black Bean Mango Salad

I like to serve on a bed of finely chopped greens with a tropical fruit salad; and bread spread with cashew butter.

Fruited Rice

This can be a side dish or your main dish. Add some chopped almonds or walnuts if you still have some room in the plan. (nuts not figured in the nutrition count)

Mushroom & Veggie Base for sides or addition to nutritious recipes

A veggie stir fry for a side or to add to an egg dish. 9.6 net carbs per serving

Vegetti Spaghetti Sauce

This sauce is delicious. So far, I have enjoyed it with Lundberg mixed grains, and spaghetti squash. I think it would be good as a salad dressing with some vinegar added to it. Or blend a serving with vegetable stock and serve as a smooth vegetable/tomato soup, cold or hot.

Bok Choy Fruit Salad

Add vinegar to each serving as it is used or else it disappears.

Bravelutes' F & V Slaw

A pretty, delicious slaw. You might want to refresh the vinegar or juice and/or ginger the 2nd day. Taste test flavors before serving and adjust, as the cabbage seems to collect the juice/vinegar/ginger combination and hide it somewhere.

Friday's Raw Veg Bowl

1200 g of veg to add to salads, use as dippers, or use in stir fries. 1 serving of 200 g = 66 calories

Harvest Apple Salad

Beautiful main dish salad for any meal.

Enjoy with a flavored vinegar, like raspberry blush.

Chocolate Monster Dip

This makes a nice dressing or dip. Think of spreading on romaine and topping with sliced apples, strawberries or bananas. Or make a tossed fruit salad and top with the dressing. Sprinkle with nuts. The salad fruit and nuts are not computed in the nutrition totals.

ETL Second Soup

A super soup to use as your cooked veggies, with beans and nuts and carrot juice. All you need to do is add a raw salad and some fruit and you have your lunch or dinner.

Kale Kasserole

A delicious casserole. a complete meal in itself. I like it with orange slices or a simple fruit salad. If you have calories to spare, sprinkle some chopped cashews on top .

Beet & Pears in a Micro Salad

Absolutely delicious!! And you get 5 fruit and veggie servings in one serving, along with 12 grams of fiber, which means you will feel full for quite a while.

Breakfast B&B casserole or salad and dressing

This casserole is great for breakfast with the blueberries and butternut squash, a brunch, or a Thanksgiving vegan entree. I like to make it with sliced acorn squash arranged in the casserole and the rest poured over the top.

Blue Brussels Sprouts

This is a makeover of ETL recipe: Pasta with Brussels Sprouts and Blue Cheese. I have substituted beans for the pasta. You could also substitute rice. I usually don't have white miso paste, and the brown tastes very good in its place.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Possibility Cocoa Balls

These balls are gluten free and would meet requirements for Eat to Live-- no sugar. They are 100% whole foods.
You may substitute almond or cashew butter. You can get down and dirty and use your hands to mix if you don't have a food processor. Consider rolling in shredded coconut or flax seeds or cocoa powder or cacao nibs. Savor this treat. It's a keeper!!! And you can eat them raw or baked!!!

Bravelute's Mushroom Onion Sauce

A sauce which goes well on the Fuhrman Spinach quiche. If you plan that, have 1/2 serving quiche. top with a serving of sauce. Serve with Veg salad with avocado SD tomato dressing, and a fruit slush dessert.

ETL First Soup

Everything for a delicious hearty soup
1.0 cup servings: 145 calories per cup
34 mg sodium, 3.7 g fiber, 5.4 g. protein .9 g. total fat 17l9 g carbs. Enjoy

Bravelute's Veggies and Beans for Salad

Prepped, measured, and stored for a salad a la Fuhrman for lunch or dinner. 1/4 the total recipe should give you about 8 ounces of veg to put on top of greens.

Bravelute's Trail Mix

Delicious, healthy sweet/salty/crunchy snack for anywhere. 3.4 g protein and 3.4 g fiber, about 140 calories per each 1 ounce serving. Don't skip the cinnamon. You could also add crystallized ginger

Baked Multigrains

Baked to perfection with subtle flavors of garlic and rosemary complement and support any ingredients I want to add. My favorite combo is corn, peas, tomatoes, sweet red pepper, and pineapple. Very tasty!! 1 serving, about a cup cooked, is 174 calories.

Restaurants and Trader Joes prepared offerings

I find most restaurants servings way too big, way to reliant on processed foods, way too salty, with far too many calories, usually enough for 2 days worth of meals. So when I find something that works, I celebrate. The nutrition count is for Applebee's 550 calorie sirloin with asiago cheese and peppercorns, and red potatoes, just so I could create this list.

Cacao Valentine

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack
This special treat will keep you on TRACK! And it is 100% anti-angiogenic. And, at least for me, it does NOT launch a major attack of the chocolate binge monster!! That sounds pretty amazing, but we tend to stay clear of food that older people tell us is good for us. I still remember spinach cooked beyond recognition. Trust me. It's delicious!!
345 calories, 12 g fiber, 19 g. protein, 47 g. carbs. 11 g fat.

Bravelute's Fruit Bowl

This has developed into my favorite goto breakfast. I include nuts or shredded wheat, not both. With 23 g fiber, it's a filling breakfast to start your day off right!! And it's delicious!!

Bravelute's Savory Muffins

Think Quiche with an attack of healthy!! 8 angiogenic inhibitors helping you fight fat cells and cancer cells and more. 1 muffin is a side dish. 2 create the main dish, only needing a serving of fresh fruit. I'd like to recommend an orange.

Beans and Greens Tomato Stew

Except for the cannellini, 100% AA! and delicious, vegan, for lunch or dinner. Supplement with fruit, add meat or cheese of your choice.

Sue's Vegetarian Italian Sauce

Simmer on stove or cook in crockpot on low while you're at work or running errands. You can cut back on sodium further by substituting TVP for the processed Morning Star soy crumble.

Nutty Veggie Bean Patties

11 anti-angiogenic ingredients You combine fresh veg with leftovers and canned veg./legumes. Then add grain and egg white as binder, and finally chopped nuts. Form into loaf, balls, patties. and bake.

Chocolate Yogurt

100 % anti-angiogenic. Add strawberries and almonds to make this a complete AA breakfast or easy supper after a long day at work.

ETL Stir Fry

I used coconut oil to fry the mushrooms to crispy brown then water the rest of the time to steam fry in the same pan.

Sue's Vegan 3 Bean Chili

High on Anti-Angiogenic ingredients: cooked tomatoes, onion, swiss chard, broccoli, carrots, cocoa, and parsley bring you all the health you need. If you top with cashews, they are also anti-angiogenic.

Slow-Cooker Barley Vegetable Soup

A wonderful hearty vegan soup, from uncooked ingredients in the slow-cooker.

Lentil & Mushroom Tomato Sauce

An easy sauce for branching out to a soup or italian meal. Delicious with a slice of homemade bread, baked with slivers of garlic in the dough.
Lots of Anti-angiogenic benefit from the tomato paste and cooked tomatoes

Lentil/Artichoke/Rice Loaf

5 Anti-Angiogenic ingredients make this loaf or casserole pack a wallop of nutrient density. Throw everything into the food processor, then divide into 3 individual casseroles, or 1 large and divide into 3 servings later. Each serving is 9 grams of fiber and 199 calories including 4 different veggies. Add a salad and fruit to the meal. I like oranges or clementines with mine.

If you have the calories available, top with sliced almonds or chopped walnuts. Or pistachios might be interesting. (Nuts aren't included in the nutrient calculation.)

Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil

An easy way to make roasted garlic AND have garlic flavored olive oil, both anti-angiogenic foods.

Very Good (1 rating)
Sue's Salad in a Jar #2

These jars can be set up with your favorite fruits and veggies in layers with the dressing on the bottom and the salad greens on the top. Just turn over and let the dressing drip down over everything. You can eat out of the jar with the nuts on the side, or pour it out into a large bowl and sprinkle the nuts on top. A half cup of legumes or ounce of cheese could be substituted for the nuts.

Sue's Salad in a Jar #1

These jars can be set up with your favorite fruits and veggies in layers with the dressing on the bottom and the salad greens on the top. Just turn over and let the dressing drip down over everything. You can eat out of the jar with the nuts on the side, or pour it out into a large bowl and sprinkle the nuts on top. A half cup of legumes or ounce of cheese could be substituted for the nuts.

Sue's Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce

Quick Prep: Just whirl all ingredients then cook in your crockpot all day long. Every ingredient is angiogenic.

Pumpkin Chilli

Delicious chili with beans, sprouts, pumpkin and lots of other veggies.

Strawberry/Apple Salad for a Happy Life

You need a BIG BOWL for this salad. If you are following Fuhrman's Eat to Live program, you will understand. Despite the 11 grams of fiber, it looks spectacular and you will be envied if you bring it out at lunch at work. AND it is great pulsed in processor for a micro salad.

Sue's Lentil Veggie Burgers

Make 6 burgers or a loaf to serve 6. Season to taste with your own fresh or dried herbs and spices. 5+ g. of fiber for the burger alone. And the 4 anti-angiogenic ingredients multiply if you do the stir fry veggie topping.

Shredded Wheat Mini Pudding

Choose your favorite pudding flavor but for the rest of the ingredients, we prefer sugar free cheesecake pudding. Don't tell anyone it's such a healthy dessert.

A.A. Roasted Veggie Dip or Spread

Roasted veggies, and quite a few Anti-Angiogenic make this a wonderful dip for veggies, or whole grain crackers; or a great spread for sandwiches or flatbreads (or pizza) 10 generous servings as dip for 78 calories each, with lots of fiber and potassium. Once your veggies are roasted, prep time is under 5 minutes in the food processor.

Spinach Fritata Party Pinwheels

Joseph's Flatbread at 100 calories becomes the crust for 7 pinwheels. Add a quick egg/spinach filling and finger fruit and you have a bright individual breakfast for a brunch serving for up to 6. Nutrition Info is for 6 portions. Multiply accordingly. 6 servings would be breakfast for 1 and give you the total 315 calories.

Cannellini Stew

This is a bean stew that can be enhanced in many ways. Fresh spinach can be added, but I prefer to serve a spinach salad with orange sections and a basalmic vinaigrette.

9+ Layered Salad

I have 10 layers and include 4 servings of sprouted wheat berries. They are not in the data base so I couldn't include them in the recipe nutritional counts. Beautiful when presented in a glass serving bowl.

White Bean Sauce with Spinach

All ingredients in this sauce are anti-angiogenic!

Anti-Angiogenesis Pita Pizza

Every ingredient except the oregano is on the anti-angiogenesis food list. With 14 grams of fiber, 980 mg potassium, and 25 % of your iron requirement, you can't pass this healthy version up!! Add mushrooms off the list if you like.

Nutty Cherry Pita Pizza

A versatile flat bread snack, meal, or grab and go breakfast packed with fiber and potassium. Every ingredient is an anti-angiogenesis food so you are combining them into a synergistic machine that will work for you to fight cancer and obesity!! AND it's delicious! Joseph's Pita Bread is only 60 calories for the whole thing!!

Holiday Whole Grains

Everyone will think they have died and gone to dieter's heaven when you feed them this dish. Add more almonds for a vegetarian meal.

Hot Spinach Salad similar to Macaroni Grill

I love this salad, AND it is providing me with needed iron.

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