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Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (5 ratings)
Lebanese Rice and lentils

Tasty as side dish or veggie main course

Mexican lasagna

370 calories per serving! I do make my own salsa, but it isn't necessary to do that....

Easy Oven Polenta

Fast and easy, tasty, different and good for you. You can vary the cheese used or spices added

Chocolate Muffins-high fiber

Healthy, 5 gr fiber per muffin, easy to make, can halve recipe to make only 12, I freeze some. Why buy fancy muffins when you can bake your own and know exactly what is in them! NO ONE will know these are healthy, they remind me of very dark chocolate cupcakes.

Chicken Rossini

From Gerffete, who based it on a restaurant item, from a nice Italian place.

Vanilla Granita

Bridelice, 1 carton, 1 yogurt, 2 vanilla sugar splenda packages

Tuscan White Beans, Canadian Bacon and Turkey

A quick, healthy stew to serve next to spinach or sautéed zuchini. You could also put it over pasta or rice for a very filling meal. Rinse white beans to reduce salt.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Turkey breast muffin meatloaves

Single serving, cooks fast

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

You need an ice cream machine for this one, like soft serve out of the machine, freeze a few hours to firm up more

Baked Blueberry Oatmeal

Good warm, holds shape, you can eat it on the go plain, put it in a bowl and microwave it with milk, or eat room temp.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Balsamic Tomato Cous cous Salad

Eat hot, warm, or cold as a salad or side dish

Semolina Bread-- ABM

Can also be made with all semolina--use 4 cups. I use the bread machine. Makes a big loaf, use the cycle for a large bread.
You could also easily do it without a bread machine.

Baked Oatmeal

Low fat, tasty, could be for breakfast or replace oatmeal cookies

Low Cal Apple Coffee Cake

Basic, easy recipe for a snack cake

Carrot soup

Pretty and healthy. Add dill, or coriander, or chives, etc to change taste a bit at the end

Very Good (4 ratings)
Lentil Ham Dijon salad

Good lunch salad, lots of fiber

Shrimp garbanzo pasta salad

Tasty, full of fiber and makes a great lunch

English muffin bread

No bread machine needed, great for toasting

Winter Fruit salad

Use what you have to make different combos.

Wacky Cake

Easy, cheap, fast, plain chocolate cake. Makes 1 one layer cake.

Whole Wheat Air Buns

100% whole wheat and light at the same time. Could make hamburger buns. Make bigger or smaller. 4 gr fiber each as written here.
I use bread machine for sough, then form, let rise and bake.

Bean and Bacon Soup

adapted from Real Simple magazine recipe. Add more water for thinner soup or more servings. Rinse beans to lower salt, high fiber recipe.

Very Good (1 rating)
Chicken and Leeks with Couscous

Simple, tasty food, quick to make

Cherry cocoa smoothie

A good breakfast or snack

Lentil and Sweet Italian Sausage Soup

Easy, quick and healthy. Inexpensive too!

Blueberry Half Wheat Pancakes

Made with half whole wheat flour and no sugar. Good, quick and healthy

Refried beans

Made from dry beans, but you could use canned. NOn fat, quick to make, healthy, lots of fiber. Cheap, copious food. Makes 7 cups.

Floating Island

This is a recipe for just the island part. You would eat this with liquidy custard, creme anglaise in French, or pudding made with too much milkl so it didn't set correctly.

Baked Chicken Kiev

Baked, not deep fried

Blueberry-cocoa smoothie

Healthy and full of fiber

Healthy Senate Bean Soup

They serve this every day in the Senate. It is long to make, but cheap, healthy and copious and freezes well.

Low Fat Yogurt Cornbread

Uses whole wheat flour and yogurt, very good, low fat too

Barbecue beans and hot dogs

Easy, cheap, from the cupboards

Cocoa Apple Snack Cake

Simple, good snack cake

Cozy Orzo and White Bean Soup

Healthy, filling and lo cal, high fiber

Banana yogurt bundt cake

Easy, inexpensive cake to make with things you have in the house

Indian Red Lentil Dal

Easy, inexpensive, versatile and full of fiber and vitamins


Moroccan flat bread cooked in a non stick pan. Eat with butter or jam or cheese on the inside. I sometimes split and use as a pizza crust base.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chocolate Cakies

Old WW recipe, gives BIIG cookie--cakie type cookies. Tasty and soft, If you sandwiched them together with vaniila frosting, you'd have a whoopie pie type cookies.

Carrot pancakes

Easy, cheap, makes a lot, tasty. If they weren't a bit orange, you wouldn't know they were full of carrots! You really need a blender for this one...

Potato soup

Tasty, cheap and basic, add toppings like chopped scallions or a bit of cheese or bacon bits if you like. I like it plain.

Lentil veggie soup

Versatile, use as a base and put in whatever needs using in your crisper, lots of fiber and vitamins.

Shrimp lunch salad

Easy to throw together and take for lunch, tasty and lots of fiber

Steak Stroganoff

Good over whole wheat pasta or over steamed broccoli

Tuna Lunch salad mix

high protein and fiber, low calories, add any salad dressing you like, or just oil and vinegar, or even add some pasta for a pasta salad, add green for lunch or dinner salad

stuffed shells unstuffed

Recipe for stuffed shells, but using whole wheat mostaccolli baked in pan, faster and easier than stuffed shells, same taste, you can layer if you want to be more complicated

Red lentil vegetable curry

Use what is in the crisper for this changeable curry-- full of fiber!

Moroccan bulgur with turkey

Lots of fiber and taste for this filling bulgur-turkey dish

bulgur breakfast--no soy

variation on other recipe with no soy and less maple

Raspberry chocolate smoothie

Tastes like a fancy dessert

Chocolate banana shake

less than 200 calories, perfect consistency

Ratatouille--oil free

Oil free version of ratatouille--just the veggies. Serve warm, cold or hot, as a main dish with pasta or rice or bulgur, or as a side dish to anything, especially grilled meat. Good as a side to fish also or inside an omelette. The possibilities are endless--even turn leftovers into veggie soup

Taco junk-lentil part tvp

Orginally I think a WW recipe, made here with lentils for extra fiber. Good as a kind of chili, on baked chips, in a tortilla, on a taco salad....


Use as a base and add pudding on top, or whipped cream, or cool whip and fresh berries or other fruit. Pretty, easy, very low fat Australian dessert.

Summer French Vanilla fruit salad

Pretty, healthy mix, full of fiber, eat it as is, on yogurt, over ice cream or cake...

Zesty Onion Couscous-microwave

Cook it quick in the microwave, easy, tasty, the perfect side dish

Lentil blue cheese salad

Tasty, full of fiber and very French

Summer frittata

Feel free to vary the veggies in it, grill them before they go in, use no meat, or different meat or cheese, etc.

Fresh green pea soup

Cool and pretty, nice change for a high fiber light siummer soup, add more bouillon or water to thin out if necessary, 130 calories per serving.

Very Good (1 rating)
Faux crab pasta salad-kosher

More than 6 grams of fiber and only 208 calories per serving! No mayo, kosher for those who are interested. Spicy and good!

Fig, apricot and prune compote

Warm or cold, alone or with ice cream or angel food cake, yum! or even as a side dish to poultry or pork!

Ham and cheddar omelet

Simple and good, under 300 cal breakfast or dinner

KFC Clone Biscuits

Similar to KFC biscuits, easy to make and inexpensive, 114 calories per biscuit, can cut recipe in half for 12

Whole wWheat rolls

Rise beautifully and work great on the dough cycle of the bread machine

BBQ beans and hot dogs

Stick to your ribs food and lots of fiber!

French Food TV Smoothie

Simple, tasty, 7 grams fiber per serving.

Low fat banana bread or muffins

Very low fat, very low cal, very good, 109 calories per muffin as written

All Bran Fruit and Fiber muffins

Nice for breakfast, freezes well, thaw and reheat quickly in microwave, 118 calories each!

Homemade spaghetti sauce

Very low fat and very tasty

Teriaki Turkey Burgers

Lots of protein

Greek Turkey Burgers

Light, tasty, good on a bun, pita, or dipped in hummous or tzatkiki with salad

Chicken lunch salad

Great healthy lunch idea

High Fiber Healthy Lunch Salad

A healthy mix for lunch--11 gr fiber!! per serving!

Very Good (16 ratings)
Macaroni and Cheese--Laughing Cow Light

This is the healthiest I could get this--good fiber from the WW elbows though. There is no macaroni and Cheese in France, so this is what I make when I have a taste for it.

French smoothie

I saw this recipe on French tv--no dairy, very basic, suprisingly good

Very Good (1 rating)
Fresh pumpkin soup

Full of vitaimn and you can use canned pumpkin too if you can't get fresh, under 100 calories for two bigg servings!

Pizza Crust

makes 2 big cookie sheets of crust, great using bread maker to make dough

Barb's Light Chicken Cacciatore

Good with polenta or ww pasta

Basic Crepes

not sweet--many uses

Carror Cocoa Snack Cake

under 100 calories per serving and natural

Very Good (11 ratings)
Super Healthy Hummous

My best, non fat, super tasty, versatile, good for you recipe. Dip things into it, put it on bread, eat with a spoon....