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Recipes I've Shared:

Galumpkies (Stuffed Cabbage)

My cousin gave me this recipe after we tried them at my uncle's house and loved them. Not as labor intensive as I'd feared, and so yummy!!

PA Dutch Pepper Cabbage

I make this with a little less sugar.

Monterey Chicken Gratin

This is easy enough for kids to make, yummy enough for kids to love, and still reasonably healthy!

(From Young Chef's Academy recipe)

Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream

The original calls for half and half, which has additives I don't use. So, since half and half is half milk and half cream, I adjusted the recipe accordingly. I also used a bit less sugar.

Cheesy Chicken & Rice

A family favorite, I adjusted it to use lower fat/sodium soup and added frozen veggies. You could also use reduced fat cheese.

One-Bowl Breakfast

I eat this for breakfast almost every morning, and it lasts me through my workout and all the way to lunch time!

Crock Pot Turkey & Beef Chili

I like alot of meat in my chili. You can eliminate either the turkey or the beef, or you can use less of each.

I also like my chili very mild. You will likely want to add chili powder, hot sauce, or other spices.

Hearty Veggie Sauce with Meat

This sauce is great over pasta, or even as a stand-alone dish. It's thick like a stew, and loaded with veggies and protein. I cook up a big pot and freeze into smaller portions.

You can make this with much less meat if desired.

Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

There are no tortillas in this very thck and hearty.soup! It's actually meant to be served OVER tortilla strips, or you can use tortilla chips for dipping.

Turkey and Lentil Soup

Modified version of the recipe from The Soup Bible by Debra Mayhew. Makes a great one-pot meal!

Taco Potatoes

A twist on tacos! You can add anything you want on top, but this is how my family loves them!

Scotch Broth

A variation on a traditional Scottish dish. Adapted from "The Soup Bible" by Debra Mayhew

Clam Chowder

I added extra clams to the recipe to boost the protein. I also used 1% milk instead of whole. You could substitute Fat Free Half and Half for the cream to reduce the fat.

Butternut and Apple Soup

This recipe is modified from one given me by Chef Timothy Grayson on The American Queen riverboat. It is good enough to eat for dessert! I've slimmed it down a bit by using less heavy cream and substituting half and half for the rest.

Cock-a-Leekie Soup

This recipe is adapted from "The Soup Bible", by Debra Mayhew. It's a traditional Scottish dish, great on a cold night.

Harvest Rice

I got this idea from Prevention Magazine. The ingredients are theirs, the amounts are mine. You could use vegetable broth instead of the chicken, for a vegetarian version

Rustic Lentil and Pasta Soup

This recipe is an adaptation of the Lentil and Pasta Soup recipe in "The Soup Bible" by Debra Mayhew. Served with some crusty bread and a salad, it makes a great dinner on a chilly night!

Michelle's Beef BBQ

A quick and easy recipe that's family friendly! You can substitute turkey for the beef to decrease the fat.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Wendy's SparkRecipes
The tried and true recipes that my family and/or I love! I tend to go with high protein recipes becuase I need alot of protein. Some of these I've modified to add extra protein, but the originals are here.