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Bacon, Cheese & Scallion Frittata

A high protein, slightly lighter version of a delicious frittata!

Alton Brown's Mushroom Stroganoff with goat cheese

This recipe is a lower gluten version of the original.

Almost Fat Free White Russian Cocktail

Practically fat free version of an old favorite

Polynesian Pepper Pot

A fun, sweet and spicy cocktail.

Ginger Chocolate Cookies

Recipe source:
colate-cookies-10000001661171/print/R>Very yummy!

Tiramisu Spread

Was just experimenting one day when I felt like having the taste of Tiramisu without having all the ingredients. Voila...this interesting concoction.

Paula Deen's Old No. 7 Yams


Gizzard Adobo

Filipino adobo-style stewed gizzards. Recipe based on and slightly modified from

Socca with Caramalised Onions, Zucchini and Thyme

Edited from online recipe at

Black sesame seed soup (Sesame Tong Sui)

This sweet soup is made with black sesame seeds, rumored to help prevent grey hair. Feel free to use Chinese rock sugar (available at Asian markets) instead of granulated sugar if desired. For an added touch, the soup can be garnished with crushed nuts, shredded coconut or softened, chopped Chinese dates.

Tofu and vegetable sinigang

Tofu and vegetables in a tamarind-based broth.

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