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Recipes I've Shared:

CRON Remake of Chef Meg's Salad Rolls

Calorie Restriction for optimal nutrition - is getting the same great flavor, but pumping up the flavor, taking out the cholesterol and cutting calories.

CRON remake Spark Sauteed Cumin Carrots

Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition take on the Spark recipe for sautéed cumin carrots - the flavor profile is slightly different, but reduction in saturated fat and sugars.

CR - Fluffy Frittata (High Protein)

Quick to fix and nutrition packed CR (calorie restriction) meal. Ready in 17 minutes

Apple blueberry fakecake with natural pectin syrup (pancake)

Surprise is a naturally sweet syrup made from the peels. No pan, no oil - so these cakes are flavorful and nutritious by replacing most of the flour with whey powder. No added sugar!

Kale Pickles

kale, broccoli and cauliflower stems when pickled make low cal, economic snacks. Also these are tasty toppers for salads and ingredients to low cal potato salad.

Quick Hot Soup Soup (tomato base)

Tiny kick from the chili powder and napa, make this one step above just tomato soup.

Single Serving Microwave Banana

On the go way to have a hot healthy breakfast. Excellent way to use up over ripe bananas and therefore not have to add sugar to this recipe. This is guten free, milk free...making it adaptable to many diets.

Microwave "Apple Pie"

Three minute filling apple pie, when you want to fill a craving and have nutrition

Vegetarian Pizza Pie

Fill you up, moist "pizza". You will need to eat this with a fork!

Honey Lime Cucumber Confetti (Potassium Rich!)

Bright and light (1.5 cups for 100 calories) This confetti tosses your bloated feelings to the wind! High potassium and Vitamin C mix will bring down the puffy (more than for a banana for 1/2 the calories!)

Chipotle Polenta

Vegan Main dish - Packs a hot punch of flavor

Seafoam Gelatin Snack

Super quick, Light, airy and a great low cal filler for when you can't stop wanting to fill your mouth, but you'd rather not drink any more water.

Very Good (1 rating)
Pumpkin Peanut Butter Spread

Half the calories for a peanut butter sandwich. This spread is light, spreadable and surprisingly you don't taste the pumpkin.

Vegan Mushroom Sweet Sour Soup

Power packed protein soup with a asian twang. This is a generious portion full of great mineral and vitamin nutrition. Could be easily adjusted for more spice, or sweet or twang.

Scrambled Egg (Whole egg) Muffins

These can be baked and frozen back to be later be reheated in the microwave for a quick breakfast on the run. Source from a magazine.

Protein/Fiber "on the go" Bar

With a cup of milk (for Vitamin D and B), in the morning this becomes a quick on the go way of getting that high fiber and protein start to the day.

Lower cal Thanksgiving Stuffing

The cornbread mix binds together the fresh ingredients for a savory stuffing. I cooked this in a 16 lbs bird at 325 degrees for 5 1/2 hours.

Protein Rich Japanese Coffee Gel

Traditional Japanese Dessert, turned into a low fat, high protein alternative

Apple Pancake

Fiber and protein breakfast

Apple Pancake

Fiber and protein breakfast

Egg Salsa Scramble

Quick enough to save yourself from worst choices

Chocolate Clusters

Ready in less than 4 minutes, a quick sweet tooth snack without the guilty - the blueberries give the crunch to these chocolate treats!

Healthy Pea Salad

Yogurt instead of mayo and added veggies make this filling and lower cal

Very Good (3 ratings)
This can't be good for you Ice Cream!

High in Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C and Omega-3, no bad fats and a boost of fiber

Spagetti without the Pasta

The Kale added sweetness and is very filling

Adobo Cod

Dark sauce for white fish

Very Good (8 ratings)
Fruity Spring Salad

Fruit and spinach are a perfect pair in this fresh springtime salad.

3 minute Black Bean Chili

Quick Protein and Fiber Lift

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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