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Low carb turkey chili (no beans or onions)

A great low carb chili recipe with no beans and no onions! Start on the stove top and then let it simmer in the crock pot. I'm not much of a spicy fan, so I prefer my chili a little more on the mild side. This has a bit of a spicy burn to the back of the throat, but you won't be sweating or stealing your friend's water after eating this chili. Feel free to adjust the spices to your preferred level, or add hot sauce to kick it up a notch or three.

For a keto diet with higher fat needs, use pasture raised beef and possibly ground or diced organ meats (not calculated here in nutritional stats).

This is also more IBS friendly than most chili recipes as it includes no beans, onions or garlic- triggers for many with IBS. If you're fructose sensitive, there may be too much from the tomatoes. It doesn't bother me, but I'm not terribly sensitive to fructose.

ACVP (AC Veggies and Chicken)

One of our local Mexican restaurants has a wonderful dish of rice, cheese sauce and either chicken (ACP) or veggies (ACV). I wanted to combine the two and save a bit of money and hopefully calories by making it at home. This is a delicious and fairly quick way to enjoy a delicious Mexican meal at home!

You can use frozen or fresh broccoli or squash, whatever you have on hand. You'll just need to adapt the time to allow for frozen vegetable to thaw while cooking. If using fresh, you may also need to add a little more water or low/no sodium chicken broth to the pan to help to steam the veggies.

Stuffed bell peppers

Try these leaned up, healthier for you stuffed bell peppers! They're stuffed with ground turkey, brown rice, quinoa, tomatoes and low fat cheese.

Spinach cheddar mini scones

These a delightful little mini scones or biscuits with a crunchy outside and a soft, tender inside. The green color from the finely chopped spinach makes them a perfect treat for St. Patrick's Day, or anytime you want a little green in your life. Kids would love these small green treats!

Sausage and peppers pasta bake

A great hearty dinner that's sure to please!

Squash creamy, cheesy bake

A great way to use up all of those leftover yellow squash! Would also be great with zucchini squash.

Chicken and veggie casserole

This is a great homey meal that's easy and fast enough for a weeknight.

Squash casserole

Great to use the summer surplus of yellow squash! I don't even like yellow squash, but I love this dish.

French chicken sandwich

I had versions of this delightful sandwich several times during my recent trip to Lyon, France, and wanted to try to find a way to recreate it. This is a pretty close replica, though not exactly like the French boulangerie sandwiches, of course.

Sloppy Joe pasta bake

Return to your childhood with this Sloppy Joe pasta bake! It combines two of the things I loved as a kid, Sloppy Joe sandwich and macaroni and cheese in one big dish. While not the lowest calorie dish, it's nostalgia on a plate and you can up the nutrition by serving it with a salad or steamed veggies.

Italian sausage and veggies rustica

This is our version of Olive Garden's Sausage and Peppers Rustica. We added more veggies and whole wheat pasta to improve nutritional stats, but kept the amazing taste.

Creamy salsa crockpot chicken

This is a great recipe for busy worknights or for leisurely weekends. You throw everything together and then forget about it until it's almost time to eat!

This recipe is packed with healthy protein and fiber (from the beans), and it's very tasty for minimal effort.

Parmesan omelet

A tasty weekend breakfast or brunch. Goes great with a toasted whole wheat English muffin and fresh fruit.

Low fat and high protein for under 200 calories!

Apple pie oatmeal

Slightly tweaked version of Hungry Girl's growing oatmeal bowl.

Baked easy chicken parmesan

This is a quick work night version of chicken Parmesan that's so tasty and easy!

Easy southern style chicken and dumplings

This is tweaked from the way my southern grandma used to make chicken and dumplings! I used canned biscuits instead of making the dough to save time, but otherwise, it's pretty much a southern staple!

Serve with a glass of sweet tea!

Most of the time, it's pretty hands' off, so don't let the hour long cook time scare you. You'll only be really busy about 5-10 minutes. The rest of the time, you just stir occasionally or let it cook on its own.

Sausage and peppers pasta Arrabbiata

Our healthier version of the Olive Garden original!

Crock Pot Chili

This makes a great, almost sweet chili that cooks low and slow in the slow cooker! High in fiber due to a plethora of beans and high in vitamins, it's good for you and tastes amazing! It's also very filling from 15 g of protein and 10 g of fiber per bowl.

Strawberry shortcake

I've adapted this recipe from one I found online. I've made it somewhat more healthy, but still kept the out of this world taste!

Each serving (8) has around 200 calories, with strawberries and whipped cream.

Cilantro lime roast pork (Cuban)

This makes a wonderful roast pork loin with cilantro lime (Cuban-style) marinade. I'm not Cuban, I just wish I was.

Cuban slow cooker black beans

First, I am not even a tiny bit Cuban. But I should have been given how much I LOVE Cuban food! I adapted this recipe from one I found online from a Cuban blog (to exclude the large quantities of pork fat). Spices not included in calorie count but should add only very negligible calories.

Very yummy and good for you! As it, it is vegetarian.

Chicken and dumplings

I'm a southern girl and we know our chicken and dumplings! This recipe is lighter and healthier but still full of the creamy, yummy taste that would make my grandma proud!

This is really tasty and husband approved, but I don't have to spend all day long in the kitchen making everything from scratch like my grandma did.

Cooking time seems long, but only the last 20 minutes require constant attention. You can definitely be doing other things while the chicken boils, just check every so often to be sure too much liquid isn't evaporating.

Margarita chicken tacos

This is my lightened version of Chili's new margarita chicken tacos. Packed with chicken, veggies and beans, serving them on whole wheat, low carb tortillas gives you excellent nutrition. Each taco is very large and has only about 200 calories but boasts over 10 grams of fiber and 22 grams of protein while only having 5 grams of fat.

To make it even easier, use a 12.5 oz. can of chunked chicken breast and frozen diced peppers and onions (I use Pictsweet).

Vegetable stew

This is a versatile dish that can be used as a base for many different meal ideas. Add meat for a hearty stew, reduce down the liquid (simmer without the lid) and use it to top a salad or baked potato or add other ingredients to change it up a little.

Mini peach cobblers

This is a great summer dessert or breakfast. Individual servings make it easy to control portions. I created this one bored Saturday when I really wanted something sweet for breakfast, but I knew if I made an entire cobbler that I'd also eat the entire cobbler! The mini portions are quick and easy, and are also an elegant way to display this simple dessert for a dinner party, etc. Very easy to double, triple, etc. and bake in a larger baking dish.

Would also work well with other fruits, such as berries, apples, etc. (Nutrition stats would change).

Jerk cilantro lime white bean chicken in slow cooker

Low glycemic index diet/ South Beach approved!

For a more soupy meal, also add low sodium or homemade chicken stock, approximately 1 - 2 cups, to taste.

Add some (not instant) brown rice if you have the carbs to spare.

Breakfast frittata

This is a quick and easy frittata. You can use your choice of diced meats and veggies to fit your own tastes. I used turkey bacon, onions, bell peppers, salsa and spinach to make it low on the glycemic index.

Delicious and filling for under 175 calories!

Strawberry rhubarb pie

The taste of summer and my childhood in one delectable pie! The sweetness of the strawberries is complimented by the tartness of the rhubarb, and the juicy pie filling goes great with the crisp and crunchy pie crusts. My husband took one bite, his first time ever eating rhubarb, and start to moan. It's that good!

Baked banana French toast

This is a great breakfast dish but we also love it for breakfast for dinner! My husband loves this dish, and it's also easy enough for him to make!

This makes a pretty puffy and egg-y French toast. If you prefer yours differently, reduce the ratio of egg to milk to fit your tastes. You can use other fruits, too, such as apples, berries or whatever you like. To add a bit of crunch (but also more calories, so beware!), add 1/4 cup of pecans and 1/4 cup of toasted coconut with the sliced bananas.

Leftover beef stew into shepherd's pie

I make this using leftover beef stew. Simply add a can of peas and carrots and a can of cut green beans to the beef stew, top with instant mashed potatoes and bake until warm and bubbly! For someone who hates leftovers, this is a great way to make tonight's dinner different from last nights!

Note: the nutritional information is based on 1/2 of the beef stew being left to make into shepherd's pie for day 2.

Mexicorn muffins

This is a yummy and moist take on traditional cornbread. Fabulous with Spanish or Mexican food, or for a twist with Southern (US) food.

Super veggified meat sauce base

This is a very versatile meat sauce base! Tons of veggies provide extra nutrition, and lean ground beef adds flavor and protein. You can double or triple it and then use it as a base to make a number of different meals.

Add marinara sauce to serve over pasta.

To turn into a semi-chili, add a can of beans, another can of diced tomatoes.

To add a Tex-Mex flavor, add a can of beans and a can of Mexicorn. Serve over Spanish-style brown rice, in taco shells, over tortilla chips or as a quesadilla (add shredded cheese and flour tortillas).

Anything goes rice casserole

The basic directions for this casserole are for rice, veggies, protein (meat, beans or alternative protein) and cream of something soup. The nutrition here is for chicken, frozen broccoli stir fry, canned tomatoes and cream of broccoli cheese soup, but it can be endlessly adapted to your taste or what's in the cabinets/ fridge/ freezer. Works great with leftovers, too! Just add leftover meat and veggies to the rice and soup to "reinvent" your leftovers into a whole new dish.

Stuffing pot pie

Very easy to make and tastes yummy! High in protein, potassium and vitamins A and C for about 500 calories per large serving!

Serve with a baked sweet potato for an almost-Thanksgiving meal!

Tex-mex slow cooker chicken and rice

Very easy yet amazingly tasty! High in protein and fiber.

To make it even more nutritious, add diced onions and bell peppers. The two cans (each) of cream of chicken soup and tomatoes will make this more stew-like. One can of each will make it very thick like a rice casserole. Depending on your tastes, you may need to adjust the ingredients to your desired consistency.

Slow cooker chicken and dumplings

Throw it into the slow cooker in the morning, and you have a wonderful dinner ready when you get home! This is a fast version of the southern classic.

Sauted eggplant penne

This is a fabulous, hearty dish. Great for cool fall or winter nights. Low in calories and cholesterol, high in good fats, Vitamins A and C and full of healthy veggies.

You can easily adjust this recipe by changing or excluding the meat (add beans or tofu for protein), change the starch to diced potatoes, pasta, couscous,rice, etc. Very adaptable and yummy!

Grandma's quick chicken and dumplings

My grandmother made the world's best chicken and dumplings, but it took all day to stew the chicken, make the dumplings from scratch and then assemble the chicken and dumplings.

This version is much faster and is almost as good as the original! It only takes about 40 minutes from getting out the pot to eating your first bite! Comfort food at it's finest and quickest.

Cheesy zucchini

This is a great summer treat when everyone's garden has an abundance of zucchini. A tasty, savory way to add veggies to any diet.

Chicken pot pie for weeknights

This is a quick and easy way to have homemade chicken pot pie! Uses only 4 cans, plus any spices you prefer.

Adapted from Kraft's cooking light recipe.

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Caprese chicken salad

A great summertime (or anytime) chicken salad- quick, easy and nutritious. It's especially great if you can get very fresh basil and spinach. You can also use rotisserie chicken, leftover chicken, or whatever works for you.

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Gyro rice side

Pairs beautifully with my "Easy Chicken Gyros". Uses the same basic flavors and you can use the rest of your tomatoes, onions and peppers from the gyro recipe.

Easy chicken gyro

This is a quick and easy chicken gyro recipe. It's delicious but also easy and fast enough for a weeknight evening. It's also full of veggies, flavor and healthy nutrition.

Bleu meatloaf burgers

A nice combo of hamburgers and meatloaf, with a bit of blue cheese for the extra special oomph.

Extra hamburger patties freeze well and make a great weeknight meal- just remember to set it down to the fridge the night before to defrost.

Super tomato pasta and meatballs

This is an easy weeknight supper that takes only about 15 minutes from walking in the kitchen to sitting down to eat. The extra tomatoes and spinach add more heart-healthy nutrition. Whole wheat pasta adds fiber.

For even more punch, add other veggies, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.

Savory cabbage

Savory cabbage dish that is very easy and tasty!

Great for New Year's Day

Pork chops with an apple and rosemary sauce

This makes an elegant and delicious meal that is low in calories and carbs, but high in protein and vitamins.

The directions look long and complicated, but it's really not! You'll make the sauce while the chops finish cooking in the oven, and you can also be preparing side dishes. The rosemary and apple taste great with the pork chops. Browning the chops in a bit of oil adds a lot of flavor, or just sear the chops in a hot pan if yours are a bit more fatty.

Goes great with seasoned cabbage or steamed veggies!

Southwestern rice & veggie salad

This is a very quick yet filling and nutritious salad. As a girl who doesn't like salads very much, I really love this one!

This also makes a very colorful and festive dish, with the colors of the veggies in the rice mix against the green of the salad. Only takes around 30 minutes from start to finish, and it's incredibly yummy and good for you.

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Pumpkin waffles

This is great for fall (or any time of the year), and very easy to make!

Apple oatmeal crisp

This is a quick and easy dessert or breakfast.

Cilantro lime rice

This tart and spicy cilantro lime rice is easy to make and adds a new flavor to your table! Pairs well with Mexican or southwest food, or just as a new flavor twist for recipes calling for rice.

For the best taste, make this a few hours ahead of time to allow all of the flavors to meld together.

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Peaches and cream tart for one

This is a great summer recipe, for when fresh, sweet peaches are in season and available at your local farmer's market or grocery store! It's like a peach cheesecake tart, for less than 200 calories!

This can also be easily doubled, tripled, etc. to make multiples.

Add a scoop of vanilla flavored protein powder instead of the vanilla extract (and maybe a small splash of skim milk if it's too thick) to make a great breakfast tart instead!

Pineapple cream dessert cups

Use the sponge cake dessert cups from the grocery store to make this dessert quick and easy.

Make this immediately before serving, and don't top with the pineapple cream until just before serving.

Easy chicken parmigiana pasta bake

This is a quick and easy, weeknight version of the Italian classic chicken parmigiana.

You could substitute other veggies if desired, such as sliced or diced zucchini, broccoli, etc.

Baked French Toast with Roasted Bananas

A quick and easy breakfast or brunch.

The King has left the building

Based on the King, Elis Pressley's, predilection for banana and peanut butter sandwiches, this smoothie uses bananas, peanut butter, yogurt and skim milk to bring about a bit of Graceland nostalgia.

Perfect peachy sunny smoothie

I make this in my Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender and take with me to work. I'm not a breakfast person, but it's very important to get a healthy breakfast! This smoothie has two kinds of fruit, non-fat yogurt for some good protein and is very filling.

If you want, you could add a scoop of fiber powder or protein powder if you'd like.

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Crustless coconut custard pie

My grandmother used to make this smooth and creamy sweet dessert. However, her version was high in fat and calories. Here's my leaned down version. It brought memories flooding back and tears to my dad's eyes!

It forms it's own thin crust thanks to the flour, so it's a very easy yet elegant pie. Less than 120 calories and only 4.2 g of fat per serving!

Slower Cooker Chicken & Rice

For the minimal prep time that this requires, it's amazingly good! This is great over rice, pasta or on it's own. Very filling and tasty, yet less than 400 calories for 6 g of fiber and 37 g of protein.

I've shared with with several other people who have all raved. My blind father was able to easily make this dish and loved it!

Grilled rosemary veggies

This light, tasty dish is a great summer side. You can adapt this for other veggies, but these were in my garden.

Eggplant parmesan, reduced fat

I've adapted this from a Weight Watchers recipe. Baking instead of frying the eggplant makes it crispy without the extra fat from the oil.

Yogurt and fruit salad

Fresh fruit, walnuts, and nonfat light vanilla yogurt create a tasty breakfast or a sweet dessert.

Empty the cubbord pasta bake

Add lots of veggies to whole wheat pasta and 2% cheese for a yummy pasta dish that uses whatever is in your cubbords.

Strawberry smoothie

I pour this into a car mug that has a hole to drink out of, which is where I stick my straw! This is my breakfast most morning. You can also add protein power or fiber power once it's about 1/2 blended to add extra nutrition. Use whatever fruit is in season or on sale at the grocery store!

Super smoothies

These smoothies are great for a quick breakfast on the go, a summer treat or dessert. I make one after workouts. You can add protein power or fiber power if you like to increase the nutrition content.

Angie's good for you French toast

This French toast recipe is fast and easy, but also good for you! Each serving, 2 slices plus bananas and sugar-free syrup, is less than 250 calories! Add some scrambled eggs with veggies or turkey sausage for a healthy yet very filling breakfast or brunch.

You could use berries, peaches or apples instead of the bananas; just use whatever you have on hand in your kitchen. You could also use 1 tsp. of fat-free cream cheese per serving in lieu of the sugar free syrup. Layer one slice of toast, cream cheese, fruit and the other slice of French toast for a semi-stuffed French toast.

Quick and easy chocolate chip banana muffins

These fast, easy muffins take less than 15 minutes and they're fully of gooey warm banana and chocolate- along with fiber and potassium. A healthy dessert or a quick breakfast on the go.

Crockpot ham and sweet potato

Throw this in a slow cooker and come home to a tasty meal. Great for Easter or Sunday dinners.

Roasted sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes just aren't for Thanksgiving anymore! A sweet side dish that doesn't blow your diet.

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