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Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

Ezekiel 4:9 - 12
9 “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side.
10 Weigh out twenty shekels[a] of food to eat each day and eat it at set times.
11 Also measure out a sixth of a hin[b] of water and drink it at set times.
12 Eat the food as you would a loaf of barley bread; bake it in the sight of the people,

Guinness French onion soup

Are you craving some comfort food with an Irish twist? Look no further than this French onion soup
recipe that uses none other than Guinness to wake up its classic flavor
If you have the time and the opportunity, try to get hold of as many different types of onion as you can
for this soup - you’ll need about two pounds in total. Sweat them gently and you’ll be amazed at all the
avors going on.
For Carnivores you can sway out half or all the stock for turkey or beef.
This recipe calls for Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Because that was what was in the database. HOWEVER, I prefer KerryGold (Mid=Mild sharpness) or Dubliner (3 Xtra Sharp).
Same situation with the SALT. Recipe calls for SEA SALT to taste.

Hope 7 - JSY Sultry Salad

This was concived during a Just Say Yes to Fruits and Veggies Nutrition class(1/14/11).

Very Good (1 rating)
Delicata Squash Rings

These take just 10 to 12 minutes to cook and when finished are glazed with a rich caramel coating from the natural sugars in the squash. Serve as a side dish or add them as an attractive garnish to winter vegetable stews.

Afro Carribean Stew

With the colder weather coming on Stew's are THE BEST WAY to warm the body and sole.

This recipe is not orginal. While working on a video traveloge a native lady, working as our production assistant, served up this stew to the crew. It burned coming in and it burned going out.

I've tempered the heat while keeping the taste and texture.

Peach and Cucumber Mint Relish

It's harvest time. A time when the best of the local best is ready for epicure.

This recipe is perfect for prep now. And eating come next years grill season.

This very light summer recipe is vegan and gluten free.

Cranberry Chutney

This is my GrandMa's version of a Cranberry Chutney she had on Cape Cod.

Fragrant and chunky, perfect for spooning over turkey, mashed potatoes or stuffing. It's also great to serve over the Ala' Mode part of Pumkin Pie Ala' Mode.

Yields 2 - 2.5 cups.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust

The Friend's Lake Inn, in the Adirondack's of NYS introduced me to Apple Pie and extremely sharp cheeder cheese.

Something new. Think again.

A crumbly slab of Cheddar is a centuries-old accompaniment to a slice of apple pie. It was romered that Apple Pie with "Rat Cheese" delayed the British In NYC, during the Revolutionary War, enough too allow the Colonist to finish the Hudson River chain to be installed at Garrison/Highlands (a.k.a. West Point), NY. The colonists won that skirmish due to something a rat wouldn't eat.

The cheese imparts character & taste in a way that a scoop of ice cream can’t hope to match.

Adding grated cheese to the crust tweaks the tradition, thus bringing an iconic dessert full circle.

For REAL CHEESE HEADS keep a few extra chunks aside for serving on the plate. AND PLEASE chunks not phue-phue dices.

Apple Budino

Budino in Italian is pudding, This Budino a refined take on bread pudding. Cubes of buttery croissants suspended in a rich custard hide a layer of caramelized apples scented with cinnamon.

Walter Manzke, first served it to me when he was the chef at Bouchée in Carmel, California.

This is NOT a calories friend. Especially when you add ala 'mode.

If ANYONE out there can come up with some trick or alterations to bring down the Kcals and maintain the taste HELP ME. S-O-S. Save Our Sensation.

Aceite de Achiote (Achiote Oil)

I SP-tagged Aceite de Achiote as a side dish when in fact it should be a condiment.

Annatto seeds, known as achiote in Spanish, are small irregularly shaped, deep reddish colored seeds about the size of a lentil. They grow in pods but are sold loose in jars in the spice aisle.

Steeping annatto (achiote) seeds in hot cooking oil for a few minutes will do more than give the oil a brilliant orange-gold color; it will infuse it with a nutty aroma. It also adds a quick kick to whatever you use it in.

This incredibly simple technique will add a splash of color, a touch of Tropic heat and an aftertaste of annatto.

Tuscan Beans in Summery Tomato Ragù

Tuscans are commonly known as mangiafagioli, or bean eaters, and when you simmer cannellini beans on top of the stove and then finish them in the oven with a fresh tomato ragù, you’ll understand why. The dish is saucy and comforting—have plenty of good bread on hand—with welcome bursts of acidity from the extra tomatoes scattered on top of the casserole. Grape tomatoes tend to have a sweeter, more concentrated flavor than cherry tomatoes.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Tacu Tacu (Peruvian Rice and Lentils)

Versions of this casual dish are found throughout Peru, often crowned with a steak and a fried egg. Cooks flip the mixture of beans and rice frequently while it fries so that the exterior develops a crisp, browned crust. We’ve simplified the technique, but have no fear—you will still end up with lots of delectable crunchy bits. Although it is served here as a side dish, tacu tacu also makes a satisfying vegetarian supper alongside a green salad.


Recao is culantro in Puerto Rican, so this condiment is nicknamed recaito, or "little culantro."

I use recaito for dishes when I don't want the tomato color or extra liquid that comes with sofrito.

Culantro is the defining flavor. Recaito, like sofrito, can get you out of any kitchen emergency.

Sofrito (Onion & Tomato Base)

There is no other recipe I could have chosen to open with. This is the one indispensable, universal, un-live-withoutable recipe.
What sofrito does is add freshness, herbal notes and zing to dishes -- you can do that with the onion, garlic, bell pepper, cilantro and tomato alone.

In my house, sofrito makes its way into everything from yellow rice, black bean soup, sauce for spaghetti and meatballs to braised chicken and sautéed shrimp. Not only that, it freezes beautifully, so in about In 10 minutes you can make enough sofrito to flavor a dozen dishes. I'm telling you, this stuff does everything but make the beds. Try out your first batch of sofrtio in the recipes you'll find throughout this site, or add sofrito to some of your own favorite dishes that could use a little boost. You will change the way you cook. I guarantee it.

Makes about 4 cups.

Adobo Seco (Dry Adobo)

When it's time for grilling or even better smoking the fatted calf it's time for Adobo Seco. This condiment should be used as a dry rub liberally.

Prassopita (Potato & Leek Pie)

Phyllo (a.k.a. filo or fillo) is used in many different Greek, Turkish, & Bulgarian cuisines.

Most Americans know filo from Spanokopita (spinach pie) or Baklava. The tissue thin dough is a mix of local flour, water, the merest touch of Olive Oil, & an acid. Most often lemon juice or vinegar.

In the US Phyllo comes frozen. Depending on your fav. brand each sheet unwrapped is between 9"x14" up to 13"x18".

You want to keep Phyllo frozen until the day before use. Let it thaw in the fridge for over 6 hours or overnight. About 1/2 hour before you are ready to use it remove the Phyllo from the fridge, & unroll (or unfold as the case maybe) the dough. Allow the dough to lie flat, but don't force it. Cover with a sheet of plastic wrap, slightly larger than the dough, & cover with clean cloth towel.

In this dish it is best if the dough does not tear, but don't go postal if it does. Just find another torn piece and make a patch.

On its own filo is low in fat, but when you start to lather on butter or oil the fat content soars.

Though this recipe is based on a trad. recipe I have cut back on the fats where I could.

Now for my rant.

LEEKS... Most of the contempory TV ?Chef's? have little or no clue when they are using leeks, or when they are talking about leeks. As I grow leeks in both my Victory Garden and off season greenhouse it is now time for...

LEEKS 101: 1) Leeks are a member of the onion family. As such the bulb of the plant grows below ground.

2) To enhance the blanching of the bulb farmers will mound up mulch (usually top soil) around the collar of the leaf growth & covering the bulb. This action keeps the sun off the ground level portions of the plant. No sun, no photosynthesis, fewer green leaves, more white or light green roots to use in your cooking.

With the recent introduction of mulching (or growing) fabric more @ home growers are starting to use this method of water retention and light reduction to blanch their crops. I found using a black plastic mulching fabric around my leek collars to provide me the color I want without the annoying wash & rinse of each little piece of grit & sand.

3) If you buy your leeks @ the market you will have to take some time for cleaning. Here are some tips I have learned form restaurateurs around the world.

First, look at the leek to determine how you plan to cut it during prep. For some dishes you may want long leafy slices, others rings, still others julienne, or lastly slice it-chop it-throw it in the pot.

So here are some ways to deal:

For simple crossed cut disc. Make your slices, toss the rings into a glass bowl of ice cold water, slosh the leeks around for a couple minutes, drain & spin the leeks in a salad spinner. A nouvle-cusine favorite.

For long leafy cuts separate the individual leaves (down to the core) into a glass bowl of ice cold water, slosh the leeks around for a couple minutes, drain, & place on a clean cloth towel to dry. The classic French style. Julia would be so-o-o proud of you.

For jullian, slice the bulb end into brush or broom like cuts. Be careful not to cut through the entire plant. With a large bowl of ice cold water whisk the cut end through the water for 2 or 3 minutes till the grit sinks to the bottom of the bowl. Slice of the cleaned portion off the plant & set in the salad spinner. Repeat the process until the entire leek has been sliced, rinsed, & in the spinner. Give your leeks a good spin to extract the water and place on paper towel to dry out even more. Very Tuscan of you.

Lastly, chop & slop. Take a leek...(you knew I had to do it somewhere)...chop up your leeks to your desired size & toss in a colander. Run the leeks under cold water in the sink. Give a quick shake and into the pot. Basically that is what we are doing here.

Ros (Cinnamon Rice)

So this is the story of how someone can open mouth and insert foot.

One of my SP friends SP-mailed me to ask if I had any Moroccan recipes. Without a second though I ZAPped back, "SURE!!! I must have hundreds."

I got 2......

Ros is Egyptian for rice. In this recipe I am using Basmati rice as it is the closest in taste and texture to the native style rice found in the Nile River valley.

In the recipe you really should rinse the rice before cooking. I find it to be a critical step. By rinsing you not only prevent a big sticky gelatinous glop, but you prevent the rice from burning on the sides and bottom of the pot.

It's a pain to try and clean off burnt rice.

Shurbit Ahdz (Red Lentil Soup)

So this is the story of how someone can open mouth and insert foot.

One of my SP friends SP-mailed me to ask if I had any Moroccan recipes. Without a second though I ZAPped back, "SURE!!! I must have hundreds." I got 2......

Shurbit Ahdz & Roz.

This recipe calls for red lentils. For the past 5 - 6 years my area supermarkets have failed to carry such a nitch market item. As a result numerous other lentils to match the taste of the red. No such luck.

In Oct.'08 I was asked to teach a class of food stamp\food pantry recipients on how to effectively use their benefits and yet have healthy, tasty meals on the table. I mentioned the subbing out of the red lentils for other varieties, and their outcome.

In the rear of the class sat this mature woman who spoke up and said, "Well have you tried the ghetto chopper?"

Ghetto chopper is a colloquialism for a supermarket chain which offers racial specific food items @ escalated prices.

There is a chopper store near my home. I occasionally shop there. They don't carry red lentils, but ghetto chopper does.

Now I go to ghetto chopper and pick up my red lentils.

When red lentils come out of the can they are a deep crimson. When they are in the broth they turn from orange, to pink, to yellow. The taste is delicate & creamy.

Red lentils cook up in a fraction of the time of the brown. And if you do use the dried bagged lentils be sure to pre-rinse, & sort out the stones and shriveled beans.

Jug Jug (Black-Eyed Peas & Fish)

This Barbados Christmas meal is a clogged arteries delight. HOWEVER, I have lower the fat and tried to make it somewhat healther.
In the nutritional info I calculated Yellow-fin Tuna, but you can use Orange Roughy, or Ocean Perch.

CAUTION-Wear rubber gloves when handling jalapeno peppers or wash hands thoroughly after handling. Your skin, especially around your eyes, can be sensitive to the oil, seeds, ribs, or the spounge of the hot peppers.

Psari Kapama (Satueed Fish Fillet with Tomato & Cinnamon)

I acquired this recipe from a fisherman's wife in the port town of Sami, on the isle of Kefallonia.

She was using a native fish; however, she did say that any firm fillet would work just as well.

Should you wish to holiday on Kefallonia remember the island is an official National Park of Greece. Book years in advance to be certain you are even allowed on the island.

And more importantly "What you bring in with you --- Take out with you."

Manitaria Me Aginares ( Marinated Mushrooms and Artichokes)

This is a dish we found all over Greece.

It was served to us as an appetizer, a side dish, even in a public market (what we would call a Farmer's Market) as a sample treat.

For the nutritional calculations I used Kirkland's Artichoke Hearts in oil as it was the only thing on the Db that seemed to apply. Any brands, even homemade, will do, however, it will change the nutritional info.

Also, the most frequent recipe we were able to find used cremini (a.k.a. Baby Bella). Though I MAY have the best Farmer's MarketS in all of NY, Western MA, VT & NH, cremini's in my area are poor in quality, & overpriced. When I make this dish I use a variety of Musher's that give me the biggest bang for my buck.

Pilaf Dolmatia (Rice & Grape Leaf Casserole)

I love SP_Steph's Dolmas. Why she has it tagged as a fish dish gots me stumped.

This is another of those American Greek version dishes from St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church Festival. And what makes it so simple to make is no wrapping of the grape leaves. YES!!!

Briami (Sauteed Squash)

The matriarch of an area Greek Orthodox Church is an émigré from Drama in Northern Greece. For every church event she makes this dish. She gave the recipe to my Mother, & now I pass it along to you.

One cautionary, use a seasoned cast iron skillet. The pan needs to get screaming hot before you add the oil. A chemically tempered non-stick pan will peel off its surface when using high heat, before adding oil. That chemical surfacing has been considered to be a cancer carcinogen.

Patates Skortou (Garlic Potatoes)

This is a mysterious recipe to me.

Farming in Greece is limiting. The staples for Greek farmers are barley, wheat, olives, & grapes. This is due to the rocky terrain & shallow top soil. These conditions are perfect for shallow or lateral rooting plants, but not tubers.

I am about to assume that the Greek merchants ship in their potatoes from neighboring countries. If I'm wrong...I am certain you will write me.

This recipe comes from a country inn in Mikrolivado.

Tomatosalta (Marinated Tomato Salad)

This recipe I found on the Greek Isle of Ithaca, or Ithaka, in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy.

This tiny island of, about 45 sq. miles, & is where Odysseus lived during the epic poem "The Odyssey". It is understandably why. Ithaka has what must be the world's largest natural harbors.

Even if Homer thought the island was only "good for goats" the island, and its people, have survived wars, plunders, earthquakes, & dangerous jagged rocky trails.

The island has a natural, basic, rustic style due to its lack of tourism.

Having tried Tomatosalta in a private home, on the island, I am not sure if the locals eat with their eyes, or just savor with their palates. Here's why.

The tomatoes had marinated in a stoneware-like cask for days before my group and I even got on the island. The result is a remarkablely superb taste, but it look like crap.

For our American epicure (whatever that is) I eliminated this step.

Also in the nutritional info I calculated Balsamic Vinegar, but, you can use a good Greek red wine vinegar. I prefer TOII or Mari. TOII is higher in acidity (@ 7%). It's also expensive (@ $6.45 US for 1/2 Liter).

TOII is available online @
Mari is also online @

Soupa Avgolemono (Lemon Soup)

While in Athens, for the Olympic Games, I had this light yet rich flavored soup at Iliosporo on Ermou Street. They deserve a Gold medal for their straight forward traditional Greek fare. When you make Soupa Avgolemono try a Cretan Salad called Dakos. Made with deliciously marinated artichokes and served in a barley rusk. I use a twice “baked” bread bowl.

Dakos (Tomato, Artichokes, & Feta Cheese Bread Bowl Salad

While in Athens, for the Olympic Games, I had this sweet and savory salad with a rich flavored soup at Iliosporo on Ermou Street. They deserve a Gold medal for their straight forward traditional Greek fare.
Meze means light meal. Dakos (also called "koukouvayia") is called "Greek bruschetta," by tourist. It is easy to make with few ingredients, with little cooking.
Dakos is made with deliciously marinated artichokes and served in a barley rusk.
Rusk is a crusty barley based bread similar to a Tuscan Peasant Bread. I use a twice “baked” bread bowl.

Piselli con Pignoli (Peas with Pine Nuts)

So I was sitting at a street side cafe' in Livorno waiting for someone to take my lunch order. I was looking out on the sea and the waiter sets down this dish and walks away???

Five to ten minutes past, I've eaten the dish, and the same damn thing happens again?????

Finally I walk inside talk with the Mama of the house. And she tells me that is what they serve until 1400hrs. (2:00pm).

So I eat the Piselli con Pignoli, drank Tuscan wine, and mellowed out. Total bill $11.00US for the wine, Piselli priceless.

DUCKANNO (Sweet Stuffed Cornmeal)

This Jamaican dessert is traditionally wrapped in plantain or banana leaves & steamed. That's great if you can find them in your (farmer's) market, but I have gone non-trad with corn husks in the fall or parchment paper in summer.

Ropa Vieja ("Old Clothes")

This is a Cuban staple. It's hardy. It's ?healthy?. It's inexpensive.
Ropa Vieja translates to Old Clothes because when the meat is shredded the stew tends to look like a wash basin of old clothes. Yes. You heard right it contains meat. The cheapest cut of steak in your butcher's display case. Chuck? Round? Sirloin, where do you shop???
To all my vegetarian like souls out there, if you know of a replacement for an old gnarly beef cut that I could sub-out for steak PLEASE SP-Mail me a.s.a.p. @ JVANAM.
This stew is best served with your fav. black bean recipe, peppered rice, and a side of ripped tortillas.
For a recent food co-op fund raiser I prepped the stew in my slow cooker & when it was ready I dumped in 2 cans (14.5 oz each) of feijoada completa black beans I picked up from the shopping floor. It made the dish easy to complete and serve.

Honey-Rum Mango Sauce

This is a unique sauce. It works well with roast meat, or grilled Vegetables. You can serve it over angel food cake with some nonfat whipped yogurt or in place of JELLO in an adult version of JELLO cake.

There is even a Barbados bar that mixes the sauce warm in booze.

By the way if you are in a Barbados bar and can say "Barbados Bar" 5 times’re not drunk yet.

Coconut Quick Bread

In Barbados this is served with breakfasts, desserts, and at Tea Time.

The original is loaded with enough fat to make your LDL skyrocket.

So I trimmed down the recipe and made it easier and quicker to make. Your welcome Rachel Ray.

For added coconut taste I'm using coconut and vanilla extracts along with pineapple juice. As a binder Mashed a banana.

As a releasing agent in the loaf pan I am spraying the cooking oil with an air pumped oil mister from a pricey kitchen tool retailer (the initials are W-S). This way I control the oil and protect my part of the environment.

Also, I like to use a spring form loaf baking pan I found in of all places PCH. They told me I'm going to win over a million dollars.

Yuca Root with Tomatillo Salsa

This is a regular part of dinner in Cuba.

The yuca root is a mellow but dense item that should ALWAYS be cooked before eating. To some gringos raw yuca can be toxic.

In many U.S. markets Yuca Root is labeled as Cassava.

Cherimoya Dressing

Variations of Cherimoya dressing are available all around the Caribbean Islands. This one is from the Mahogany Hotel & Residence resort.

According to Marco, the bartender, "if you can't find Cherimoya stateside blend together strawberries, pineapples, and nonfat (or low-fat) unflavored yogurt 'til it tis a creamy custard..(How much?).. A little bit uh 'dis. A little bit uh 'dat."

This dressing is superb over a fresh fruit cup, sorbet, & ice cream (not chocolate).

Callaloo (Spinach, Crab, & Wahoo soup)

In Barbados they have these large edible leaves known as Callaloo. They come from the taro root plant. Try and find them in North America. NOT.
So with the help of a Jamaican Chef we have subbed out the taro for Spinach.
One other thing, when it comes to cooking greens I am like a big kid. UCH-KEY. So even though the Cooking Instructions call for the Spinach to be added in early along, In my house the greens are left out of the pot & placed fresh in the bowl just before serving. This way the greens stay fresh and have a bite to them.

Calypso Rice

In Trinidad, to ridicule the slave masters, the natives and captives would make up witty lyrics to known melodies. Then, with their native style, they would back beat the parodies with their own rhythms. Calypso.

This side dish has many of the same Caribbean festival as the music that originated it.

Red Ti-Malice Sauce

Haitian finger food. There is only one true way to serve up this dish. In a big bowl with old newspapers covering the table. You will need a lot of paper towels. This is no place for your terry, wet wipes, or even a SHAM-WOW. You may need the garden hose afterwards. Just to clean-up...your guest. SUMMER FUN EATS!!!

Very Good (1 rating)
Elote y Calabacitas y Tomates (Corn, Zucchini, & Tomatoes)

In many parts of Mexico this dish is served as a soup or a vegetable side dish with rice or crushed taco shells.

What I found incredable was the use of both cilantro and coriander. Both the herb and the seasoning come from the same plant.

The green cilantro leaves has a flavor that is the cross between parsley and basil. While the crushed of ground coriander seeds have a mild lemon taste. In this dish, AS CHEAP AS I AM, you DO NOT want to sub out celery leaves for cilantro. ?Was that just a moth that flew out of my wallet?

Tortas de Verduras (Vegetable Pancakes)

So it's the last night in Tula and some people in the group wented out for a cerveza chaser.

The next morn getting to breakfast was...well...a challenge.

El casa madre had prepared a feast so glorious no one could eat it. For many varied reason. Have you ever tried to eat when your mouth felt as if it were filled with cactus needles. So she pack up some hampers and off we went to Brazil.

This dish was amoung the many delights to accompany our meals on wheels. Tortas de Verdueas is served familia femenino (family style) with many dinner dishes like the Red Snapper or the Turkey Breast with Mole her in my Recipe Box.

With a wide variety of seasonal vegetables that can go into these crisp edged pancakes. Even the fussiest of carnivores will make them disappear.

Carbonada Criolla (Creole Stew in a Pumpkin Shell)

This is a classic stew from Argentina that combines hearty beef, vegetables, and , for an interesting twist, fruit.
Now this does contain beef so if you are also a vegetatian, of any class, PLEASE write me with and alternative. I've tried and failed.
This recipe is rather elaborate and should be served for parties.
My granddaughter calls it Cinderella Stew, because it is served in a pumpkin. "And there we keep her very well."

CAUTION-Wear rubber gloves when handling serrano peppers or wash hands thoroughly after handling. Your skin, especially around your eyes, can be sensitive to the oil, seeds, ribs, or the spounge of the hot peppers.

Very Good (1 rating)
Turkey Breast with Mole Sauce

First off I'm a vegetarian so, if you wish, you can swap out the turkey for faux-turkey. I do at home. But traditionally this is made with skin on, fatty, free range, chickens. UGH! I slimmed it down for my friends. Additionally I found kitchens in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina had some sort of Terra Cotta cooker. Since I couldn't seem to find one in the U.S. I'm useing a large oven safe skillet.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Salsa Huachinango (Red Snapper in spicy Tomato Sauce)

Western Hidalgo, Mexico known for its excellent cuisine. I stayed at a superbly elegant hacienda adjacent to El Chico Natural Park, from where I obsconded with this dish, before going on to visit the Tula archaeological site, one of ancient Mexico’s most important ceremonial centers. At the ruins you’ll see figures, called atlantes,15-foot sculptures which are considered important symbols of the state of Hidalgo.

Ensalada de Jicama (Jicama Slaw)

Western Hidalgo, Mexico known for its excellent cuisine. I stayed at a superbly elegant hacienda adjacent to El Chico Natural Park, from where I obsconded with this dish, before going on to visit the Tula archaeological site, one of ancient Mexico’s most important ceremonial centers. At the ruins you’ll see figures, called atlantes,15-foot sculptures which are considered important symbols of the state of Hidalgo.

Guacamole Salad with Cactus Pads

Found at a street stand in Guanajuato, in Central Mexico.
IF you have never tried eating a cactus this is the dish to start with.
You may note that the seasoning in the recipe are not included in the Nutritional calculations. The calculater doesn't recognize some of the spices in small quantities.

Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

I first enjoyed Dulce de Leche, an almost caramelized sweet milk treat, in Portugal but had trouble finding a healthy version. Thanks to SPLENDA here it is for you.

Log Cabin Casserole

The ingredients list above will vary if you use your on homemade sauces and chili recipe. I perfer RMSWEET Vegetarian Chili in the SP database

I only included the above ingredients as they were part of the SP recipe database.

I do make my own bases, serve them with a meal, and keep the leftovers for the LCC.

Very Good (5 ratings)

I found this recipe @ "The Corner House" in Schull, Ireland. For the tourists when the staff serves the Colcannon they sing:
"Did you every eat Colcannon...
That's made from ticken cream...
Wit greens and scallions blended eyn...
'Tis a pitture in your dreams?"

Barm Brack

A traditional Irish holiday dessert, but particularly on All Hollow's Eve. For Halloween a gold ring is baked in the bread. Whoever get the slice with the ring will be married within a year. I can atest to that.

Brioche Bread Pudding

If you’d like, you can substitute hearty country bread for the brioche. For a sweet touch, add 2 Tbs. golden raisins to the egg mixture just before pouring it into the pie dishes.

Baked Indian Pudding

Found in the bottom of an estate trunk, this was once the domain of the closed YOKEN'S Restaurant in Portsmith, NH. Updated, by me, for my diabetic diet.

Pesce Arragosto con Capperi

Caper bushes are everywhere in Sicily, growing wild in small crevices on stone walls.

The flower is beautiful and delicate.

When I was in Trieste I remember becoming excited to find some caper bushes growing in the crevices of the wall of a very old church called San Giusto. They grow mostly on the Northern Mediterranean.

At home I have an old Italian family store that sells capperi preserved in rock salt rather than in brine – they taste like unadulterated capers rather than capers in vinegar. Salted capers need to be thoroughly rinsed, then soaked for about 30 minutes and rinsed again, depending on the brand of capers - the easiest way to tell if they are still too salty is to taste them and then soak them again. This can become a sit down job. You take a taste, you rinse, you drink a little Chianti, you play some dominos, and you repeat the process.

Capers in the vinegar brine impart a particular flavor and are more acceptable in recipes where wine or vinegar is one of the ingredients.

They are extensively used in Sicilian cooking and Sicilians prefer the smaller capers. Good quality ones come from Salina (one of the Aeolian islands) or Pantelleria (an island, southwest of Sicily and closer to North Africa).

Apparently in some parts of Sicily, it is common to boil the leaves and the young shoots in salty water, then they need to be drained well, dressed with good quality olive oil and lemon juice and eaten as a vegetable.

The caper flower/buds need to be soaked in water for at least 2-3 days (apparently they have some bitter taste, like olives) and then are preserved under salt or under vinegar.

I learned this dish not from some Hottie Tottie Chef, but from a fisherman whose boat my friends & I rent for a day at sea. From his FRESH catch he docked the boat in shallow water. We had to walk to a sandy beach in hip high water to start a fire pit and grill the tuna near where it was caught.

Crack open a new bottle of Chianti while the fish cooks.

With sunset falling, eating and drinking something so fresh is an experience I never have been able to repeat.

For home cooking I have made a few adjustments.

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