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Recipes I've Shared:

Wheat Belly Hot Coconut Flaxseed cereal

Low carb, gluten free hot breakfast or supper 'porridge'.
This can also be altered with the addition of dried fruit, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, fruit jam, sweetener or other sugary substances. Just make sure you add the additions to your daily allowances as most will affect your carb count.

Thanks to Dr.Davis and his Wheat Belly book.

Gluten free low carb chocolate cake

This is a dense, filling low carb chocolate cake made with nut flours instead of high carb foods such as rice flours etc. Omitting the chocolate topping will reduce the carbs even further. This can also be adapted to other ingredients such as adding different chopped nuts, or increasing the carbs with chocolate chips or the addition of berries.
Sweetener to the equivalent of up to a 1/4 cup of sugar can be added. I find that if you don't have a sweet tooth lower amounts can be used.

Chocolate wheat free muffins (sugar version)

A wheat free chocolate muffin. This version made with sugar.

Donner Kebab (english chip shop regular size with pitta)

This is an average fairly standard sized english chip shop kebab with a 9 inch pitta and salad. Please make personal adjustments for sauces/mayo etc.
I do wish I had worked out the calories and fat BEFORE I had eaten it.

Jamie Oliver Spicy Parsnip soup

Very filling winter warmer or for using up a glut of Parsnips.
If you can't get hold of Garam Masala use a mild curry powder instead

Teabread FAT FREE

A NON fat, English traditional afternoon tea accompaniment. This dense moist bread/cake is served cold (next day is best), thinly sliced , with a thin smear of butter.

Smoked haddock chowder

A Chunky substantial Chowder, to warm you up on a chilly day.
This can be spruced up for guests with a handful of prawns or crab meat or lobster and a swirl of cream.
Makes 8 lunch dishes or 12+ starters.

Traditional Beef Bourginion

A traditional Beef dish which will have the accompaniments at the side.
Serve with rice, potaoes, thick crusty bread. Other traditional vegetables to serve on the side would be snap beans and/or carrots.
Serves 4 - 6 people

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