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Recipes I've Shared:

Nate's Chicken in Milk and Honey

This is a slightly modified version of a recipe my son found in a book on medieval festival food. It looks a little strange, but we love it.

Low Sodium Slow Cooker Beef Roast with Vegetables

Great for Sunday dinner because you start it the night (or afternoon) before. The only last minute cooking is preparing gravy.

Texas BBQ Brisket

recipe from Mom
They winter in Texas and she got it from a friend there.

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls-1/2 whole wheat flour

This is modified from a recipe originally found on
2 hours of the prep time is in the bread machine.
45 minutes of the prep time is the second rise.
Neither of these requries any monitoring.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low-Fat Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Splenda could be substituted for the sugar.
Adjust spices to taste.
May be garnished with a dollop of lite whipped topping (nutritional value not included)

Ham & Swiss Cheese Quiche

somewhat healthified version
There are some changes that would make it even healthier. If you make your own crust with whole wheat flour, for example, that would really increase the fiber content.

Whole Wheat Molasses Bread

May be done in bread machine as well.

Lowfat Buckwheat Pancakes

1 c. buttermilk can be used instead of the milk and juice.

My Favorite Skillet Supper for One (or Two)

I have been known to add in other vegies that were in the fridge, but this is the basic combination. I sometimes use vegie crumbles or rehydrated TVP instead of the ground beef, and that is good too.

I usually eat all of this at a sitting, but it can make two servings if you're not as hungry or serve it with side dishes.

Vegetarian Eggplant Casserole

I like to bake this in a small ring mold, but any small oven-proof container will work.

This can be put together ahead, stored in the fridge, and popped into the oven for a quick meal. Allow a little longer to bake if you do that.

Mom's Homemade Granola

Mom sometimes substitutes applesauce for the oil, and that works too.

Peggi's Banana Breakfast Cookies

These are a delicious treat or on-the-go breakfast.. If done in the dehydrator, they are like homemade granola bars.
The original recipe called for quick oats, but we like the chewyness of the regular ones and use those instead.
Any chopped nuts work well, but walnuts are easiest to find in Michigan.
The original recipe calls for 1/2 tsp. salt, but my husband and mother are salt sensitive, so we leave it out.
The original recipe does not call for cinnamon, but it's our favorite spice flavor, so we added it. My sister adds 1 tsp.; I add 2.

Spam Boiled Dinner

Hearty one-dish meal. To make it lighter, try Turkey or Lite Spam instead of the regular.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Easy Fat-Free Whole Wheat Bread (bread machine)

I got this recipe from my sister, and it is wonderful. It can be made the traditional way, but it also works well in a bread machine. It makes one standard size (roughly 8"X4" or slightly larger) loaf.

If you don't have vital wheat gluten, substitute more flour. The texture will not be quite as good, but it will work and tastes fine.

My husband is salt sensitive, so I do not add salt. The original recipe called for 2 heaping teaspoons salt, which I think is excessive anyway, but add some if you like.

I use bulk yeast. If you use the packets, two of them equal about 4.5 teaspoons yeast.

Most of the prep time is the rise time. You need to be around to check on it, but you can do other things.

Healthier Version of Amish Friendship Bread

This is made with a starter, like sour dough bread, but is not sour.
Calculations were made using all applesauce, plain soy milk, and sugar free pudding mix and without the optional ingredients.

Poached Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) with Lemon Pepper

I like to use the liquid drained from canned vegetables (carrots, green beans) instead of plain water for poaching, which adds nutrients while adding hardly any calories. The nutritional information given is based on plain water.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Salt-free Sugar-free Taco Seasoning Mix

My husband is very salt sensitive and diabetic. Many of the taco seasoning packets found in the store contain sugar and lots of salt. Many also contain a thickening agent (usually corn starch) that just adds calories and is not really necessary. Mix this homemade version up ahead to use instead for healthier Mexican-style food.

About 2 Tbsp. equals 1 regular packet for seasoning power. Use 1 Tbsp. for a milder flavor.

Be sure to read the label on your chili powder. It is a combination of spices. Most do not contain salt or sugar, but some might.

If you like the little chunks of onion or garlic in your seasoning, use dried, minced onion or garlic instead of the granulated or powdered version. You will need about twice as much as the amounts listed and it will change the nutritional information slightly.

Mother Moomey's Sausage with Sauerkraut & Green Beans

This is one of my mother-in-law's dishes, modified to be a little healthier. It is quick and easy, and my husband loves it.

Healthy Chicken Cacciatore and Vegetables for Two

An easy way to fix chicken and get your vegies at the same time.

Good For You Whole Wheat Waffles

This is great for a weekend brunch or a "breakfast for supper" day. They can be frozen and warmed in a toaster or microwave too, but are really best fresh.

They can be served with syrup (real, sugar free, etc.) but I like them with a little applesauce or strawberries on top. Peanut butter is good on them too.

Starter for Amish Friendship Bread

This bread is usually made with starter you get from a friend (hence the name), but the starter can be made.

Skillet Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato

Almost any vegetable is a delicious addition to this while adding few calories and lots of nutrition!

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