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Recipes I've Shared:

Exotic, sticky rice with mushrooms and hearts of palm

This is my exotic tasting sticky, herb rice. I make it without butter or oil.

Savory-sweet, cheddar-wheat, buttermilk mini muffins

Savory-sweet, cheddar-wheat, buttermilk mini muffins
Dragon-Cap Mushrooms
These fantasy-inspired treats give regular-old whole wheat buttermilk muffins a fun and spicy kick.

Absolutely Zippy Spinach and Mushroom Bites

Just a quick bite-food recipe I came up with

Adilphran Breakfast (dill, olive, egg, breakfast canape)

This is a fun little fantasy-style breakfast from my blog.

Crispy Fresh Cellery Salad

Just a salad I whipped up one hot summer day with the ingredients I had lying around.

Nick's Savory Oatmeal

I made this the first time on a lark, when I was down on calories, fat and carbs. I wanted something quick and packed with energy that wouldn't add sodium or cholesterol to my intake for the day. This is what I came up with.

Lancemythian Leatherleaf-Flower salad (jumbo-shell lobster and cranberry pasta salad)

this is another fantasy recipe of mine. It's slow to make, but is a TON of fun to eat, and, I think, pretty good for you.

Nemhatetti Omlete (scallion and sunflower-seed scrambled eggs)

Contrary to what the name of this dish might suggest, a Nemhatetti Omlette contains no cheese. You see, they don't really have cheese in the desert kingdom of Nemhatet. It just never made it into their cuisine for some reason. So, this dish is more like an egg-foo-young than an omlette. Confusing, huh?

At any rate, there are a LOT of recipe corrections that I had to make with this one. The lime juice, for instance. I won't get into the specifics of the eggs that we ate there in Nemhatet, but I will say that they can best be described as tasting like a chicken's egg with some lime juice added. The sunflower seeds are pretty much right on target, but the Nemhatetti variety is massive, so each seed has to be diced up.

Oh, I'm rambling. This is a very Summery dish with a light, fresh flavor.

Adabbian Tubefish (Fried Imitation Crablegs)

The Adabbian gulf is not well known for its edible sea-life. Apart from a handful of finger-sized species and a few truly nightmarish arthropods, there just isn't much to eat under the sea. One exception to this generalization is the Adabbian Tubefish. When they are alive, these fish look like a cross between catfish and eels. They grow to be able 18 in length, and range in color from muddy-brown to mottled moss-green (Not pretty. Not pretty at all). When they cook up, however, they take on a very attractive pink hue and a sweet, buttery flavor.

Well, Nothing like the Adabbian Tubefish exists on planet Earth. So, I had to improvise. The egg in this recipe imitates the Tubefish's natural juices, and leg-style imitation crab is pretty much a perfect match for the tube-fish meat. With just a few tweaks, I was able to duplicate this curious recipe here on our very own, planet Earth.

Red-Wine Slow-cook Pot Roast (Without added Salt )

I wanted some pot roast, but I'm trying to cut back on my salt intake, so I used wine for special flavor, and it made a nice difference!

Nick's Veggie No-Salt-Added Squash-inna-tilla

This is sort of a variation on vegetarian fajitas, except I added no salty ingredients. I kept it simple for the sake of quick cooking, and it turned out nicely. The flavor is lite and clean; you can really taste the squash and red pepper.

Nick's half-salt hummus

This is a tangy, lemony hummus that I like to eat on celery when I'm feeling peckish.

Flippant's Tilapia

I love tilapia, and here's a way I like to whip it up.

Flippant's Joyful Rice

This is just a nice, little recipe for rice that I put together. It's a little bit sweet, and has a very mild flavor

Flippant's Chili Turkey

Here's a very mild flavored turkey chili recipe I came up with

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Fantasy Foods
I love to cook foods that could come out of my fantasy universe. so, here's a list of the recipes that I've come up with that represent the different foods in my story world.