Recipes I've Shared:

Orange-Almond Chicken from Eat Better America

This is really great with rice,(your choice), and a serving of vegetables. The whole family will love it.

Yummy Salad

This is great to make as the whole meal! It tastes great and give you loads of veggies!

Healthy Alternative to Fried Fish

Graving Fried Fish - Here is a better way to enjoy fish!

Pugleowner's Turkey Wrap

This is quick and easy to make. Great to take with you.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Taste of Home's Honey-Oat Pan Rolls

These are so very yummy and easy to make! Your whole family will love them!

Cucumber Hummus Flat Bread Sandwich

A delicious and filling sandwich

Tri-Color Bow Tie Pasta

This is a great way to have a light dinner or lunch.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Biggest Loser's Baked Bananas Supreme

Need to get a sweet fix, this is the place.

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Pugleowner's Cookbook