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Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (1 rating)
Veggie Skillet Lasagna

This is a vegetarian version (ovo-lacto) of VeggieKitty's Skillet Lasagna. You can whip it up in a lot less time than the original Italian classic without sacrificing the taste!

Tofu Panang

Adjust the spice level of this savory curry by playing with the amount of chili sauce you use. Freeze leftovers for yummy lunches!

Veggie Fried Taters with Seitan

Whip up this tasty breakfast hash with leftover baked potatoes, or ones you cooked in the microwave. Pre-baked potatoes means it takes less time to cook, and the potatoes come out browned but not still crunchy in the middle!

Easy Guacamole

Whip up some natural homemade guacamole to go with chips, fajitas, or vegetables.

Tangy & crunchy whole wheat pasta salad

Try this nutrient-packed pasta salad with a tangy zip at your next potluck, or barbeque. It's also great for dinner on those warm spring and summer days.

Veggie & Bean Pasta Sauce

Toss a serving of this veggie and protein rich sauce with your favorite pasta for a tasty, filling, nutritious, vegetarian meal!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Crock Pot Hot & Sour Soup (vegan)

Whip up this soup overnight for a great, low-cal lunch the next day! You can adjust the spice level to suit your tastes. Don't have any vegetable broth on hand? You can substitute vegetable boullion cubes and the same amount of water for which the recipe calls.

Cheesy Multi-grain bread

I made this to go along with my Potato-Leek soup. It was a very tasty counter-point.

Crock Pot Potato Leek Soup

Serve this tasty winter soup with some whole grain bread for a great lunch or dinner in itself!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Healthy Harvest Rotini with zucchini, olives and beans in Marinara sauce

Hot and nutritious veggie comfort food. Add a bit of mozzerella, parmesan, or both for some cheesy goodness.

Knorr Spinach Dip chez Sanourra

Whip this up as a tasty dip! Serve with celery, carrots or chips. For extra flair, hollow out centers of cherry tomato halves and fill with dip.
This recipe was altered from the one located on the back of my Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix package.

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