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Recipes I've Shared:

Pantry vegetable stew

I fancied a hot veggie supper on a cold night... used most of what was in my pantry. People who like spicy food might want to add hot paprika or grated chilli. It's probably 4 ample servings, although I ate about a third in one sitting.

Main meal salad (Vegan)

A satisfying salad. Can add seeds, nuts etc. (not included in nutritional count). Non-vegetarians may wish to add a hard boiled egg, chopped chicken/fish etc., but watch the total calories.
This is designed as a meal for one, but can be split into two or three as a side salad too.

Peppers stuffed with tofu and rice

I based this on a ground meat and rice recipe I found and added my own twists when I substituted the tofu. It came out great.
It's a bit fussy - but the result is worth it.
The prep time is estimated.

Cheese quiche

An easy recipe, you can vary the cheeses or alter the quantities as desired.
Hubby loves it with pickles - the dill makes it a perfect match.