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Zuppa Toscana

Substituting Italian-seasoned ground turkey for the traditional sausage, and whole milk for the cream lightens this soup up a bit.

I'm noticing that the Jennie-O ground turkey is stupidly high in sodium. I believe buying plain ground turkey and then adding a salt-free Italian Seasoning blend to it would achieve similar results with less sodium

Would go great with a simple mixed green salad topped with a balsamic vinaigrette, or with a caprese salad.

Blueberry Bran Muffins

I make these when I'm craving a large blueberry muffin but would rather not pay 700+ calories for it. I usually make a batch on Sunday night and split them with my husband. My prefered breakfast with these is to slice one in half, heat it for 15 seconds in a microwave, then add 1 tsp or so of butter, and have with half a banana and a cup of milk.

This recipe assumes the eventual batter will be poured into six large muffin cups (as opposed to the 12-cup muffin pan typically used for cupcakes and homemade muffins). If you prefer to use the smaller muffin cups, bake for 18 to 20 minutes instead of 35.

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Stew

It seems like whenever one makes stew, it's assumed that "stew" means "buy the fattiest, most disgusting piece of meat imagineable, because it's just stew".

I couldn't disagree more. For a stew, I prefer to buy the leanest meat I can, because, health reasons aside, a) I don't need to see chunks of fat floating in my stew, and b) you're guaranteed to get tender pieces of meat when you stew the lean stuff, because it sits in liquid for 8 to 10 hours.

As with all my recipes, I'm constantly evaluating the proportions of the ingredients, so the amounts of things may change over time. (Though the ingredients list never will).

This soup reheats well. I'm honestly not sure exactly how big a serving is -- when I batch cook, I generally make a pot of something, and then divide it up into the number of servings I want irrespective of serving size. An educated guess, however, is that this stew makes about 1.5 cups per serving. For a lower-calorie meal, divide the stew into 6 servings (at about 1 cup per serving).

Rustic Potato-Vegetable Chowder

I'm still working on getting the precise taste of this soup right, so feel free to drop suggestions and hints in comments. I use 2% milk to lend a creamier taste and to enhance the flavor of the mustard and spices. However, that does push the fat calories to about 32% of the soup's caloric value, so 1% or skim milk can be substituted to lower the fat content of the soup.

The verdict is still out on whether or not this soup reheats well -- I'm reheating my first serving today for dinner before class. So I'll try to come back and let you know.

A serving size equals about a 1.5 cups.

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