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Recipes I've Shared:

French Country Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Flour = 1 T.
Chicken broth = 1/2 cup

Peach Cobbler

This is already in SP recipes by user BAYPATH012. These are the correct nutritional values. Does not contain the calories for the vanilla ice cream

Bourbon Poached Peaches

from Martha Steward. com

Chicken Stuffed with Golden Onions and Fontina

I reduced oil to 2 teaspoons total.

Re -Done Creamy Cheddar Spinach

This is re-done from another member

Apple Cake

You can add 1 cup regular sugar if you like, but adjust the calorie count if you do.

Chicken Thighs with Orange Ginger Glaze

Cooking Light: CL's calorie count is 327.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Flat Belly Salad

Dr. Oz

Very Good (7 ratings)
Hamburger Stroganoff

Serve over noodles or rice.

Grilled Rosemary Chicken with Chunky Tomato-Avocada Salsa

This is from Cooking Light fresh fast food. It's calorie count per serving is listed as 393 for chicken and 132 for salsa

Cherry Oat Dessert Squares

from: Comstock & Wilderness

Sauteed Fall Salad

food and health .com

Low Fat Chewy Fruit and Oatmeal Bars

From Eating


Ranch Pasta

From Dr. Oz Show

Sunday Dinner Rolls

These are wonderful and don't have to take overnight. Place dissolved yeast, beaten egg, etc in bread machine on the dough setting. . Add additional flour until a soft dough is formed. Rest and divide into 32 even portions. Let rise again. Bake

Hot Fudge Sauce Makes 16 servings, 1 TB (29.5 cal or
Makes 8 2 Tb, At 59 calories)

Eggs Florentine

This is excellent for brunch. The poached eggs must be cold (do day before), or they will be hard when baked.

Low Fat Banana Muffins

I had no trouble getting 20 muffins from this recipe. My bananas had been in the freezer, and I just thawed them. Didn't matter that the skins were black, and the banana was already "mashed.Recipe from

Straw and Hay Alfredo with Roasted Asparagus

This is from Cooking Light. They list their calories as: 296,Fat = 11.4/ Carbs 34. {rotein=14.5; Fiber=3.7

Eggs Benedict Florentine with Creamy Butter Sauce

From My and Cooking My Recipes Calorie Count is 264, Fat 8.8 g Chol 174

Apple Delight with Sauce

This is excellent , even without the sauce, which tends to be too sweet. If not included, subtract 124.25 calories or 8 servings sauce. (15 calories) per serving

Apple Pie

water = 3 T. lemon juice 1 T. Flour 1 1/2 T.

Read thoroughly before making.

Angel Delights

This is from Eating, which lists calories at 52 per serving. 2 Gm fat, 3 mg. cholesterol, 0 protein 0 fiber

Salmon with Mustard Crust and Sauteed Spinach

From Calories according to Dr. Oz:

8.3 g fat, 242 calories, 27 g protein, 10 g carbs,65 mgm cholesterol, 3g fiber 849 sodium

Scrambled eggs done right

From All

These are really perfect!

Chicken Salad Wrap

You could lower the calories with a smaller tortilla.

Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Please read: Vinegar should be white or tarragon

From eating

Roasted Vegetable Orzo Salad

from the Milwaukee Journal

Cornflake and Cranberry Macaroons

from Real Simple (I reduced the coconut to 1 1/2 cups

Macaroni and Four Cheeses

Ellie Krieger's Recipe: I used reduced fat cheeses.If you use regular, you'll have to re-do the calorie count.

Very Good (1 rating)
Peppered Pork Chops

from 3 Fat Chicks

Cinnamon Rolls- for bread machine

Read the ingredients carefully. 1. Add 2 T. buttermilk

One Pan Whiskey Flavored Pork Chops

This is from All Recipes. it is excellent. Their calorie count is 310 cal per serving, Fat 9.6g

Cinnamon Rolls

From I reduced the raisins by 1/4th

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

from Cooking Light. Yummy and Filling

New Orleans Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

Original from Cooking Light. I changed some ingredients to lower the fat and calories

Very Good (6 ratings)
Tilapia with Honey Dijon Panko Coating

from: Southern

Vanilla Chiffon Pie

This is a very old recipe. You can substitute lowfat honey grahams if you prefer.

Orzo with Spinach and Asiago Cheese

Weight Watcher's Cookbook

3 points per serving

New Orleans Bread Pudding

Fond Memories of Commander's Palace Restaurant, but lighter.

Creamy Corn and Vegetable Soup

From Ellie Krieger of Food Network

6 1 1/2 c. servings

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

from Cooking Light

Cooking Light Calories are: 194, Fat 7.8 g Protein: 25.9

Chicken Alfredo

modified from

Colonial Corn Pudding

From Cooking Light Magazine

WW Apple Cake

From Weightwatchers

Blackened Grilled Flank Steak

From Cooking Light: Their calorie count is 160 per serving, 5.7 fat

Morning Glory Muffins

These are soooooo Good. I substituted dried apricots for the pineapple, and had no flaxseed on hand, so I eliminated them also. Modified the original recipe from Cooking Light. Actually almost any dried fruit would work also.

Cream Puffs

Have all ingredients measured and ready to go.

Crusty French Rolls

From "Mary's Bread Basket and Soup Kettle" by Mary Gubser

Pepper Pork Chops

From recipes.

Their calories say 176

Chocolate Caramel Cheese Cake

It was difficult to convert measurements, so use the amounts in the Ingredient List

*from 3 Fat Chicks

Paprika Chicken

From the Green Bay Press Gazette

Basil Chicken


Hurst's HamBeen 15 Bean Soup

(no ham, just flavor packet

Incredible! (1 rating)
Ricotta Cheese Cake with Fresh Raspberries

Green Bay Press Gazette

Asian Chicken Salad #2

Calories based on 4 Servings

Spicy Blueberry Cake

This is great for dessert or breakfast

Cinnamon Bun Bread

Adapted from Cooking Light- Good enough to bring raves from your guests!

Very Good (10 ratings)
No Knead Bread (Chicago Tribune)

Must have 12-18 hr. rise

Very Good (99 ratings)
Chicken with Bacon, Tomato and Thyme

A twist on the classic BLT--substitute lettuce with thyme!

Individual Chocolate Souffle Cakes

From Cooking Light Magazine: I made these and they taste like they have 500 calories instead of 79!

Hot Brown Sandwiches

From: Cooking Light Magazine. I changed to fat free milk, but you can use 1% if you so desire.