Recipes I've Shared:

Julia Child white sandwich bread

Light soft yeast bread that is great for sandwiches

Waldorf chicken Salad

light and sweet. This recipe is to serve for a large family or party. May want to cut in half for normal amount

Brown Spanish Rice

Brown rice version of spanish rice that is quick

Ground Turkey Fajitas

Great blend of spices with lean meat and sweet peppers.

Squash Soup

Blend of vegetables to form a tasty soup as a main dish or side dish

Juicing - Vegetable Soup

Blend of vegetables all emulsified together to make a smooth soup

Turkey Meatball Pancake

Meat Pancake very savory

Light Parmesan Dressing

Light version of creamy parmesan dressing. Uses much less fat since egg yolks and half the oil are eliminated so it's a little runny but still very tasty.

Creamy Parmesan dressing

Rich and creamy dressing

Very Good (2 ratings)
Carol's Rum Balls

Crush vanilla wafers in plastic bag.
Mix in Rum, Powdered Sugar and corn syrup until the vanilla wafers are moist
Stir in Chocolate chips and chopped pecans (to taste)

Put in refrigerator several hours or overnight to harden. Then roll into balls about the size of a melon ball and lay out on waxed paper. Sift Powdered sugar over top and roll balls around in excess sugar to fully coat.

Carol's chicken alfredo

Quick and easy and can be made lighter if wanted by eliminating most of the oil

Chicken with vegetables

Chicken with vegetables with a light sauce and noodles.

Orange Glaze Sauce

Sauce to use over chicken or other meat. Can be used as a glaze while cooking or as a sauce after cooking.

Turkey Taco Meat

Flavorful taco meat made with ground turkey and potato

White Refried Beans

Small White Beans refried low fat

Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's pie made with ground turkey

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft and gewy so delicious

Chicken Chili Fry

Curry dish with lots of fresh sweet peppers

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Mama Carol's Collection
Just a collection of some of my favorites. Recipe's I created or turned into casseroles from more complicated recipes because I have little time for cooking. These are also meals that went over pretty well with my kids.