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In a Pinch Chicken Chili

Needed a high protein, portable lunch and threw some ingredients together. Came out tasty enough to share.

Healthy Snack Cookie

I have taken a generic no-bake cookie recipe and tried to make it cleaner, healthier. Its still a "treat" and should be used as such ... but if you are having serious chocolate cravings, this will help with a little less guilt. 1 cookie fills you up!

My Favorite Chicken Vegetable Soup

I tend to use pre-cut up vegetables, just to save time, so I used the nutritional info right off the packets. Substitutions can easily be made by processing your own.

Very Good (66 ratings)
Rosemary-Garlic Baked Chicken Breast

Personally, I prefer a little less vinegar and a tad more mustard, but you can play around with the recipe to your taste preference.

Herb Baked Halibut

I found this recipe on a fishing website. I lightened several of the ingredients up and it was quite tasty.

Tater Tot Casserole with Veggies

I am always trying to sneak veggies into family faves. This one was a hit. Due to the extra veggies, the can of soup needed a little moisture boost, so I threw in a 1/2 cup of leftover alfredo sauce. If you have sour cream or another cream soup on hand, I'm sure those would work just as well. It's also great using veggie crumbles or ground turkey in place of the ground chicken.

PB2 Oatmeal

Adding a little PB to oatmeal makes it even more delicious. Making that *PB* PB2 makes it healthier!

My Favorite Oatmeal

Full of nutrients, this is my favorite way to start the morning.

French Onion Soup

Good basic recipe.  I use a whole grain baguette and maybe a scant tablespoon of swiss cheese on my own bowl, but the recipe is as written.  Adapted from 125 Best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes by Judith Finlayson.

Brown Rice & Beans with Cheese & Chilies

Great slow cooker recipe that is filling as well as low in calories.  The only downfall is the sodium count, which I have not yet figured out how to diminish.  From "125 Best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes" by Judith Finlayson.

Bison Chili

Sometimes I make it with vegetarian protein crumbles or venison, if I can find it. Basic recipe makes a great chili, whatever your favorite protein source is.

Recovery Shake

This recipe actually makes 2.  I usually drink half in the morning, after my morning workout and the other half as my last meal at night.  (Coffee is optional, shake tastes just as good without and obviously works better as the night meal either without or using caffeine free.)

Healthier Fried Potatoes

The broth helps make them softer, without extra oil. :)

Boiled Egg Beater Omelette

Boiled Omelettes take the fat out of cooking and basically steam the eggs. I have even made this using just 1 egg (or egg beater equiv.) and it fluffs right up for a great, filling meal.

Squash Saute

I love this ... it is my favorite way to use up all the summer squash in my garden.

Curried Chick Peas

I love chickpeas, and I love Indian style foods, so I put together this simple recipe with things I had in my cupboards. Makes a great vegetarian lunch or dinner.

Tosca Reno's Clean Egg Salad

Borrowed from the Queen of Clean Eating herself.

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Starting Anew
In my efforts to shrink my hips, I have embarked on a clean eating regimine. Lots of veggies, fruits, unprocessed foods and protein from sources with the least amount of legs (veggies, tofu, fish & Poultry lead the way). These are the recipes I am using and creating along the way.