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Corn Custard Pie

I created this dish to use up the fresh corn in a tasty, I hope, way.

Pork, Lentil, Wild Rice Soup

Created this myself!

This could be done semi-vegetarian if you leave the pork out, or all the way vegie if you use just water or vegetable broth.

Very Good (3 ratings)

This is an old Eastern European recipe, originally made in my family with Stock fish, Stock fish basically being Cod that has been dried to the consistency of a plank of wood.

Since beginning to make this with fresh or frozen cod, the dish has become much more popular than it was in my childhood when Dad would soak that fish for days and you could still get splinters from it.

The oil and garlic amounts can vary with personal preferences.

Very Good (1 rating)
Sushi Rice

The basis for any Sushi dish.

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