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Recipes I've Shared:

Banana Chocolate Chip cookies

vegan and not to Banana-y - from the New York Times

Flan - Low Fat Houston Junior League

Yummy, easy low-fat (but not low sugar) flan!

Spinach, PB & Banana Smoothie

Tastes really sweet and good! The Peanut butter flavor is a nice addition.

Yeast Raised Waffles (Marion Cunningham's recipe)

Sooooo good, crispy and light. It's also the easiest waffle recipe I've run across, though it does need to be made the night before. I've already cut the butter by a couple of tablespoons, and you could probably get away with even a little less.

Breakfast cookies - chocolate almond

These are a great nutritious substitute for packaged cereal bar. Plus they pack a lot more punch. I make a big batch and freeze them, so they can easily be pulled out for quick breakfast. We like to eat them with a yogurt/fruit smoothie.

Loaded Potato Soup

So rich and creamy on a cold day!

GORP Version 2 (1/4c serving)

I really like this combination. Plenty of fiber thanks to the Kashi cereal, and filling with the peanuts. Plus it takes care of my chocolate tooth.

Amaretto Peach Preserves

A tasty and great way to put away the season's peaches for later. This is really good on oatmeal, pancakes, cottage cheese, etc.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Slightly modified from the cook book "Remember when...we cooked?" A very yummy and rich tasting soup. You can top it with sliced tortillas, cheese and chopped tomato, but I didn't include those in the recipe or calorie count. Also I used regular Velveeta in the calorie count, but you could easily substitute the light Velveeta.

Banana Muffins w/sour cream

This is a moist muffin w/a little less sugar and fat than some recipes. I prefer muffins for the poriton control, but it bakes up in a loaf pan just as well. Just cook a bit longer.

Rosemary Chicken Salad (modified from Cooking Light)

Very yummy and flavorful. Of course you can make this into a sandwich or serve with sliced tomatoes.

Mocha Frappacino (at home version)

Not quite the real thing, but certainly cheaper and easy! I just throw leftover coffee I don't finish in the morning in the fridge for a pick-me-up later in the afternoon.

Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet

So easy to throw together. Works equally well with limes.


somewhat healthy trail mix my kids will eat

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

From Cooking Light but calculated w/out the butter and syrup

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Yeast Raised Waffles (Marion Cunningham)