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Recipes I've Shared:

Hmong Coconut Curry Soup Base

This is a simple soup we make and serve over rice noodles. Feel free to add any meat (pork, chicken, or I tried it with Tofu) and we garnish with chopped cilantro, green onion, thinly sliced cabbage, and a squeeze of lime. None of this is included in the nutrition facts, this is simply the soup base. Also add garlic chili oil or other seasonings to taste. *Please Note - yes the sodium may be high, this is an asian dish and not something we eat every day. Every once in awhile you can splurge!

Baked Breakfast Cake - Apple Pie Style

Adapted from recipe for Apple Pie Baked Breakfast Cake. Very yummy!!

Very Good (1 rating)
Taco Pizza - Light!

A variation of Taco Dip and Taco Pizza.... light and tasty!

Veggie Pizza - Light!

A lightened version of a party favorite!

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Yummy comfort food made easy!

Baked Breakfast Cake - Pumpkin Pie Style

Adapted from Angela's recipe on Top with bananas, dark chocolate, or fruit of your choice before baking. Can also add protein powder and chia seeds to up nutritional value (I didn't have either of these!)

My First Green Monster

Thanks to Angela over at Oh She Glows ( I attempted at my very first green monster... and the results weren't half bad!!!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Garlic Ranch roasted red potatoes

Recipe adapted from the Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning mix recipe.

Creamy Lime Torte

A rich lime flavor with smooth pudding and a cream-cheese flavor gives this dessert a lot of punch! Great for a summer or spring afternoon.

Very Good (1 rating)
Ground Turkey Chili (up north style!)

"Up North", at least in wisconsin, we put noodles in our chili! I tried to make a healthier version of my favorite chili with ground turkey instead of beef, and added a little more spice. Try it, you will love it!

Yummy Yummy Tuna!

This is a fabulous way to spice up your tuna and give it a little more flavor - not so boring!! We ate it as is with a side of wild rice and a side of stir fried veggies, but it's also great stuffed inside sushi with some cream cheese!

Yakisoba Chicken

Modified slightly from a recipe found on, this is a asian dish similar to what you get in Japanese or Korean restaurants. I know it's kind of high in sodium from the soy sauce, but it's not something you eat every day, just for special occasions. Enjoy!

Cheesy Bean and Rice Enchiladas

I put "vegetarian" because there is no meat, but I'm not vegetarian and this has cheese in it so it probably isn't really vegetarian. It would be easy to modify to make it vegetarian though! This recipe is modified from a recipe found on (Refried Bean Enchiladas). I used the La Preferida brand of mexican products because it had the lowest sodium of the brands at the store. Enjoy!

Mom's Tuna Casserole

Pretty standard tuna casserole, with a few healthy substitutions! Lower sodium, some nice fiber, and lots of protein!

Creamy Chicken and Biscuits

Adapted from a recipe from Grandma's Kitchen, added some things, took out some things, made some things reduced fat. :) A little high on the sodium but pretty good otherwise I think!

Mom's Chili

This is "up north" chili with noodles... just like mom made (with a few substitutions, hehe). Very delish and wonderful on a cold winter night!!

Beef and Pork Chop Suey

Delicious asian inspired meal, just like my mom made!

Chris's Lemon Butter Snowbars

These are not healthy, just a yummy treat that I wanted to know the nutrition facts for so I could add them once in awhile as a treat! :)

Hmong Spring Rolls

serve with sweet chili sauce, either as is or bake in the oven or fry (frying will up the calorie content)

Loaded Beef Stew

A delicious, hearty beef stew with lots of veggies and delicious flavors, but healthy! This is a large amount for a large family, smaller families may want to reduce the recipe or plan on having left overs to freeze.

Mexican Lasagne

A mexican twist on lasagne, layered tortillas, beans, and meat with cheese and sauce. Not very low on calories or sodium (let me know if the sodium is a mistake, seems kind of high?) but a very yummy treat once in awhile!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Campfire Quiche

Quick breakfast made over the campfire or in the oven, very filling! Modified from Cowboy Quiche recipe from camping club website.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Cheesy Chicken and Rice casserole

A zesty chicken and rice casserole with an enchilada flavor. Quick and easy, and very filling! Serve with tortillas on the side for a meal.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Easy Lasagne Casserole

Easy, low-sodium lasagne casserole. Great lasagne taste but half the work!

Cheesy Chicken and Tomato Casserole

Low fat, light, tasty chicken caserole with diced tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. Top with salsa for a little extra kick!

Angelfood cake and berries

A delicious light treat for a hot summer day. Very quick and easy to make, and a hit at parties! Modified from a recipe my friend told me she got from weight watchers. For even lower calories use sugar free cakes.

Carne Asada Tacos

Courtesy Tyler Florence, Food 911, food very tasty!