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Maple Glazed Green Beans

A simple way to dress up a side dish.

Creamy Spaghetti Squash Casserole

I was looking for a tasty way to use spaghetti squash that was a little fancier than my normal 'plate with marinara' method. I had some leftover cream cheese and some fresh basil so I decided to make an alfredo sauce. But I also wanted lots of veggies, so I mixed an uncooked tomato sauce to put on top. Layering the tomato sauce over the alfredo covered squash makes for a pretty casserole that is quite tasty!

If the squash is pre-cooked this recipe comes together really quickly.

Wild Rice & Beans

This was an improvisational dinner, and other than the high sodium content it turned out really well. I'd like to adjust this recipe to avoid the packaged rice mix, but this was what I had handy at the time.

Apple Brunch Cake

Sweet, but healthy enough for breakfast. This dish puts more focus on the apples, the muffin batter is there to help hold them together! Perfect for brunch, serve warm with a little butter melted onto the top crust.

Enchilada Polenta

A fast and easy way to get the taste of enchiladas for dinner - instant polenta cooks up in the time it takes to warm Mexican flavored beans. Plenty of nutrients. Go easier on the cheese and sour cream to cut the calories even further.

Tortilla Stack

One of my simple weekday dinners, just layers of beans, veggies and cheese baked until warm. Serve with a big green salad and sides of salsa, corn relish and sour cream.

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Veggie Dinner Ideas
What to eat when there's no meat! This is just my way of tracking interesting recipes to try in the future.