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Recipes I've Shared:

Chocolate vitamix muffins

All but the flax, chocolate chips and flour go straight into the blender. You can hide more vegetables in these easily; this recipe is for my veggie-hating nephews.

Purple Power Muffins

These don't taste healthy, but they are full of super-foods. Substitutions work well but stick with whole grains and deeply colored fruits.

creamy orange smoothie - vitamix

Easy, quick, nutrition and delicious! I think it may work in a regular blender but use less ice and blend longer if you try that.

creamy orange smoothie - vitamix

Easy, quick, nutrition and delicious! I think it may work in a regular blender but use less ice and blend longer if you try that.

Irish Soup

Leftover or deli corned beef with fresh veggies, quick and easy.

Garlic Veggie Mash

Easy mashed cauliflower and instant potato combination seasoned with garlic and chicken bouillon. Other vegetables could be substituted.

Very Good (1 rating)
Quinoa, turkey and veg stuffed peppers

Bell peppers filled with healthy quinoa grain and a veggie- turkey mixture. The herbs and garlic are the key!

superfoods smoothie

Frozen mixed berries can be blended or switched with any frozen fruit. You don't taste the asparagus but it adds a LOT of nutrition.

Turkey, Lentil, Veggie meatballs

These are a pain to make so I only do it for parties or to freeze a big bag for easy dinners all month. They are super healthy and versatile, as good in marinara or barbecue as they are in soup or white sauce.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Chicken "fried" rice

This is nice with baked egg rolls or a big salad for an economical healthy dinner. Low fat even!

(shrink those) Muffin Tops

Replacing ingredients with healthier options and eating 'just the tops' makes these chocolate muffin-y treats possible while you shrink the muffin tops at the waist of tight jeans.

High protein apple bran muffins

These moist yummy muffins are a great way to use up protein powder in flavors I am not fond of. Healthy quick snack, too! Each has 8.6 grams protein, 3.3 of fiber and less than a gram of fat!

Banana Bran oven cakes

Like big, healthy, banana pancakes...but baked in the oven.

Chili tortilla pie

Great use of leftovers...I always make extra vegetarian chili so this can be a nice lunch a few days later. I use what is in the fridge, but canned chili and veggies would work as well.

spicy light mac n cheese with turkey

This comfort dish is lightened up with cottage cheese, whole grain pasta and low fat cheeses. The bolder flavors make up for it.

Very Good (2 ratings)
fast Moroccan chicken veggie stew

This simple, healthy and FAST spicy stew blends ready-cook ingredients with North African seasonings....yum!

Mediterranian chicken pie

Easy to make large pot pie with real homemade ingredients, lots of flavor and good nutrition. Good for potlucks, freezes well and can be reheated in the microwave.

Vegetarian bake

Not sure what to call this. It is adapted from the old 70's cottage cheese-and-cornflakes loaf recipe from Kellogg. More fiber and added veggies with less fat but still vegetarian, simple, filling and high protein. NOT vegan, feeds 10 or more, kids like it.

healthier inverted pizza

I made some changes to healthy-up a recipe that sounded too good to miss! The nutrition info is for 8 huge pieces.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
steak enchilada cassarole

Easy and tasty, layered like a mexican lasagna

anti-virus rustic chicken stew

Red onions, carrots, sweet potato, chicken and herbs slow cook together for a delicious and viral-infection deterring stew.

Italian Turkey and Veggie loaf

This modified meatloaf is the leanest I could get it with good flavor. Lots of veggies! If your grocery store freezer doesn't have the mirepoix mix, just dice up a pound of carrots, celery and onions very tiny. Makes a huge batch for having lots of leftovers.

Creamy mushroom chicken over sweet potato

This is easier than it looks yet tastes very complex. Intended for a healthy 'date night' dinner, so serves 2 but can be easily increased.

italian bean soup

Bean soup mix with turkey and veggies

cottage cheese squash soup

Sean and Jodi's phase 1

Very Good (1 rating)
hot veggie scramble

Sean and Jodi's phase 1

Incredible! (1 rating)
Turkey and Veggie mini Frittatas

These are made ahead in muffin tins and frozen for quick heat and run breakfasts. Super easy, cheap and fairly healthy.

Very Good (3 ratings)
tomato garbanzo soup w/ basil

easy crockpot veggie soup, very healthy

Very Good (11 ratings)
Soyrizo vegetable soup

The Soyrizo (vegetarian sausage, chorizo flavored) simmers down to very flavorful crumbles that make the vegetables taste yummy!

Very Good (8 ratings)
Simple homemade Salsa

This is quick and easy to make at home. Sorry the measurements are a bit inexact but I eyeball it with different amounts each time based on how fresh and potent my produce is.

Savory sweet potatoes, twice baked

I try to get smallish, oval shaped sweet potatoes for this savory side dish. It makes a nice healthy lunch, too.

Very Good (1 rating)
Easy rice-cooker Barley with tomatoes and peppers

This healthy recipe calls for hulled (NOT pearl) barley from the health food store. It is cheap and effortless but very nutritious.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

baking healthy
make-ahead and freeze
P90X high protein
This is a group of modified P90X and other recipes that are high in protein and veggies but not too much calories.