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Recipes I've Shared:

Protein Packed Shells

As a vegetarian, I take every chance I can to pump up the protein while trying to keep the carbs and calories low.

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Pie

Based on Betty Crocker Cheerios pie, but used Greek Yogurt and Fiber One.

Very Good (1 rating)
Pure Awesome Pierogi Casserole

This is an update on a pierogi casserole recipe I found. I replaced the potatoes with sweet potatoes and used a lighter cheese to up the health benefits. Then I added sauce and cheese for a little more flavor. I also lowered the carbs by cutting down the number of noodles by more than half.

Super Protein Brownies

Every time I buy chocolate protein powder I regret it. I like the vanilla and fruit ones better because I can use them in smoothies, yogurt, etc. So I needed a creative way to use up some chocolate.

Lizzielicious Veggie Enchiladas

Cheese, cream cheese, yummy veggies and green sauce.

Easy Veggie Stuffed Peppers

My recreation of a recipe I had in a Colorado restaurant . . .

Veggie Pot Protein Pie

Phyllo Dough, 10 sheet dough (remove)
Cream of Celery Soup, 1 can (10.75 oz), prepared (remove)
Sour Cream, reduced fat, .5 cup (remove)
Vegetable Broth, 1 cup (remove)
Mixed Vegetables, frozen, 1 package (10 oz) (remove)
Beans, black, 1 cup (remove)
Lima Beans, 1 cup (remove)

Light and Delightful Pie

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Semi Sinless Cheese Enchilada

Making my favorite food a little lighter.

Ranch Mustard Bean Burger with Pesto Mayo

Trying to use up some extra things at home, came up with this homemade veggie burger. Yum!!!

Cabinet Casserole

Some things I needed to use up . . .

Veggie Bean Supreme Soup

White bean and buttenut squash veggie soup.

Bisquick Beer Cookies

Improvised based on what I had . . . used Ultra Pomegranite Raspberry, which added to the flavor.

Pasta Bake Unstuffed

I adapted this from a stuffed shells recipe, based on what ingredients I had in the house.

Veggie Enchilada Pizza

bunch of leftovers thrown on a pizza

Pudding Whip

So simple, but soooooooo yummy!

Pesto Spinach Potato Soup

Cleaning out my freezer and playing with the crockpot, I came up with this creamy, lowfat soup!

Yummy in My Flat Tummy Soup

This recipe was inspired by an Olive Garden commercial for gnocchi soup and I thought what a great idea!

Sweet and Spicy Enchilada Sauce

Something I made up base on what was in my kitchen . . .

Leftover Soup

Threw together what I had in my kitchen!

Skinny Pockets

Like Greek cheese pies, but much better for you.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Red Pepper Risotto


Mac N Cheese Soup

Awesome! But must enjoy in moderation . . .

Sinful Cherry Whip

Tastes sinful, but it's not!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Super Duper Easy Chili Mac

Yummy topped with fat free sour cream!

Rockin' Mexitali Pizza

A taco pizza you won't feel guilty about ;)

"All Inclusive" Pancakes

These pancakes have it all - fruit, protein, whole grain!

Cherry Pie Throwtogether

Quick and easy light cherry pie.

Creamy Crunchy Pasta Bake

Tons of veggies and a creamy sauce -- all the good stuff in one meal!

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