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Recipes I've Shared:

Every plate crispy ceaser chicken

I use the delivery service recipe for two but cut each serving I half and add extra vegetables.

1 Pot Spicy Mexican Beef Macaroni and Cheese

I love Pasta and Mexican(ish) food. I was looking through Pinterest to get some new meal ideas. I saw something similar, by yellowblisroad , and added/changed some ingredients, and some of the steps

Becky's Chicken and Cheese Enchilada with Sour Cream and Jalapeno sauce

I modified a recipe I saw online. (changed (added, omitted) ingredients, quantity etc)

Becky's Extra Spicy 2 bean Veggie Crock Pot Soup

kind of made this up as I went along. omit some of the spices and jalapenos if too hot for you. The red beans were added in by mistake (grabbed wrong can out of cabinet :) )

Roast Veggie&Chicken Pockets

Make over from a recipe I saw on FB. I cut out the bacon and butter, replaced it with more veggies and extra virgin olive oil. For just three servings they were 362 calories EACH and well over 1854 g of sodium with this version you are getting many more veggies, and it cuts the calories to 17 and only 74 g of sodium per serving.

Becky's Roasted Sweet Potato's

I am not a huge fan of ginger so I used less of it. It called for a "pinch" but I just used about 1/16th of a tsp

Canadian Bacon Muffin Tin Omelette

Just added canadian bacon and egg mixture to the base.

Cheesey 7 Vegetable casserole

Had all these fresh veggies, and saw similar recipes so made my own flair :) use less red pepper if it's too much "kick"

Chicken Italian Sausage with Veggies and Pasta

have been playing around with these ingredients and this was the final recipe

Becky's Red Hot Lime Marinade

I was looking for a lime based marinade recipe, but didn't like any of the ones I saw so made my own up. Best thing ZERO calories!! May need to reduce the amount of red pepper for my taste

Becky's Protein Shake Base Mixture

This is the base mixture for all my protein smoothies. I alternate the things I add such as yogurt, frozen or fresh fruit. and sometimes Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Mix. With this mixture I always know where I am starting from calorie wise Sometimes I use a different almond milk too changing the nutrition value. This base stays the same however.

Peach and cream Protein smoothie

I ran out of my almond milk so did 1/2 of that and 1/2 whole milk with vitamin d, also usually use 1 c. of fruit but this was the last of the bag.

Becky's Pumpkin Pie Inspired Smoothie

An easy alternative great for breakfast or dessert



Choco Banana Granola Oat smoothie

wanted to try something to make it more "filling"

Orange Peach Banana Protein smoothie

I added water to cut some of the sugar of the oj.

Peaches and "Cream" Protein Smoothie

just four ingredients , just 107 calories per serving

Orange Berry Banana flavored Cream Protein Shake

Just trying to use up some ingredients in my fridge/freezer. This is high in sugar, but all the sugar comes from the Orange Juice and Fruit

Special Dark Cocoa Black Cherry Protein Bliss

Experimenting with different combinations and think I found my favorite :)

Creamy Orange Banana Protein smoothie

I am always low on potassium though added these together to get some more

Extra Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Perfect for that dark Chocolate fix!

Creamy Strawberry Orange Smoothie

I have had some issues liking smoothies. I got inspiration from Spark Member LDRichel. I added her "secret" ingredient ....a tbs of Sugar free Fat Free Cheesecake pudding mix. .YUMMIE!!!

Becky's "Southwest" Salad topping

I like McDonalds Southwest chicken salad, but I prefer to make things at home, this is my alternative

bowtie pasta salad

my take on macaroni salad . NOT as a "healthier" recipe but so I can track my intakes

Extra Veggie Chicken Fajita Filling (taco bell seasoning)

I used extra water to cut sodium and extra veggies for more filling

Over the Stove Kale

a couple of additions, for this great source of calcium and iron

Becky's Over The Stove Cabbage and Potato Soup

quick and easy, the bacon is really used just for flavoring, wasn't sure how to calculate
I LOVE cabbage as it is soo low in calories but so filling and seems to last forever

Extra Thick Tropical Fruit

I threw tropical in it b/c I add frozen banana and pineapple. Very easy to make, Quick way to get in those servings of fruit It comes out so thick (almost like ice cream) you need a spoon, And the fruit pieces don't all "chop up" the way I do it you can always blend more or less for your personal likes

Becky's Spicey Chicken Vegetable Soup

Chock Full of Veggies I add some crushed red pepper , black pepper and cumin to give it a little "Kick" you can add or delete spices to your taste

Becky's Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Light Refreshing it's almost spring

Winn Dixie Turkey & Swiss 6" Sub

This is just an estimate for a sub bought at the deli counter @ Winn Dixie

Becky's Black Beans and Corn

great way to get in some fiber and iron

Bacon Egg & Cheese Pressed Sandwiches

easy portable breakfast sandwich

Vanilla Almond Banana Shake

a "Sweet" (with out added sugar) way to get in some fruits so thick you need a spoon

Maple , Brown Sugar/Apple Cinnamon fruit topped Oatmeal

my "redo" of the new McDonald's breakfast Its a very filling stick with you kind of breakfast

Crescent Cordon Blue rolls

My uncle got this off the banquet package Very good

Pork Chops with Apples & Kraut

I LOVE sour Kraut......and when we saw this recipe on the back of the bag I HAD to try it and it was YUMMIE

Taco Bell Extreme Taco Kit made with Boiled Chicken

so I know what I am getting in when I substitute chicken for beef

Very Cherry Almond "MilkShake"

refreshing frozen treat its not very thick. but tastes great

Versatile Fruit , Yougurt and Pudding Mix

This can be used as a smoothie base (just add milk) Fruit dip (serving sizes will be smaller) or by itself.

It makes approx 3 1 c. servings.

Almond Berry Smoothie

245 Calorie VERY YUMMIE Protien Shake I used the new (to me) Flavor Almond Vanilla

Toasted Onion Turkey & Cheese Bagel

Lunch for today, not a big fan of bread, but like the occasional bagel

Chicken Bacon Soft Tacos

something that sounded good

Craisin Raisin Breakfast Topper

I tried McDonalds Fruit Topped oatmeal I decided to try my own version. Makes 6 servings 1 Tbs. each (I also add apples, blueberry's etc. that I calculate separately)

Hidden Valley Ranch, Garden Green Onion and Spinach Dip

I couldn't find the Knorr Vegetable Dip for the Spinach dip so tried to make my own version. The Spinach makes the dip very watery I added another packet to see if it would help thicken it. As I am going to use it as a vegetable dip, I have to be able to record it Its VERY high in Sodium makes 16, 2 tablespoon servings

Spicy "Mexicanish" style Baked Pork Chops

I saw someone else's recipe on here, and I had to tweak it to what I had on hand. (also I like things REALLY spicy :) )

Chocolatey Toasted Almond Shake

a bit indulgent but very yummie , on the days when you are way below on calories and want something tasty for dessert.

Beckys Red Mashed Potato's

My uncle seems to be addicted to instant mashed potato s I am trying to find a better tasting alternative

Soy Peppermint Hot Chocolate

a healthier version of the prepackaged stuff

Becky's Salsa, Corn Black Bean Soup

My first attempt. I made it while being very congested so I went for more spice and onions (vitamin C) makes about 12 1 cup servings

Beckys AMAZING Salsa

This is a recipe I got from a friend and tweaked for my own. Former co-workers went CRAZY over it and even licked the bowl clean! for variation I add Black Beans and/or corn makes about 10-14 1/4 c servings depending on size of chopping

Veggie Sandwich Meat Cheese Wrap

Very FILLING "over stuffed" wrap. Enough for a meal with all the components (veggies, meat, cheese)

Knorr Spinach Dip (reduced fat mayo version)

Dip for veggies. You could go lower fat with the fat free/reduced fat sour cream, however those usually add more sugars.

becky's mashed cauliflower

a bit healthier than mashed potato's, not the same taste but if you like cauliflower its good

Quaker Instant Cream of Wheat made with Unsweetned Vanilla Almond Milk and Fresh Blueberry's

I used to have to add sugar, milk and butter to be able to eat any hot cereal. This is a much healthier and tastier version

Super Green BlackBerry Cranberry yogurt smoothie

Quick Easy and Great Tasting. NOT a meal replacement but good to get those extra nutrients you may be missing

Alcohol Free Toasted Almond (made w/almond milk)

I LOVE Toasted almonds and being a former bartender I miss making them. I thought I could try to make it alcohol free and NAILED it the first try. SOO YUMMIE

amazing grass pineapple/apple smoothie

Trying to get my ph levels even. Great Energy boost, NOT a meal supplement .It is higher in Sugar than I usually go for, but it's good for once in a while. I was a bit worried about the amazing grass taste....I heard that wheat grass can be unappetizing. This is the Berry Flavored and tastes GREAT I try to drink one of these (or variation) a day

Hidden Valley Ranch made with Cabot Greek Plain Yogurt (2 TBS /serv)

a healthier version. the Greek yogurt makes it just as creamy as with the sour cream. it does have a HINT of sour to it but its pretty darn good

Becky's cheesy comfort food macaroni and cheese

not the healthiest (although a healthIER version than I grew up with)

Uncle Waynes Stove Top Easy Chicken Bake

My uncles version, almost like a pot pie very yummie.

becky's fiesta cheesy baon quesadilla

Yummie quick and easy cheesy snack /lunch dish

Becky's Fruit & Veggie Salad Topper

I like to experiment in the kitchen with fresh foods, no other additives This was my idea to replace salad dressing. I put it over my tossed salad mix. would be great stir fried and used as a wrap. makes 4 1 cup servings

bacon, swiss veggie sandwich

something a little different I tried for dinner

Beckys summer roasted veggies

my version (and first attempt) of the other yummie looking recipe's I have seen on here

Becky's Basil Parmesan

my version of some very yummie recipies I have seen on here

Becky's Basil Parmesan

my version of some very yummie recipies I have seen on here

Becky's summer veggie stir fry mix (peppers, onion, squash)

I LOVE Stir Fry, and use this as a base for many of my "made up" dishes (it is GREAT when you add scrambled eggs to it for breakfast,) it is easy to prepare ahead of time. can be used as is or marinated in your favorite marinade overnight . Storage Bags are my favorite way of storing

fresh broccoli onion and bacon salad

a "healthier" version than moms recipie

chicken almost pot pie mix

I used to make this with only the rice chicken and broccoli but got the idea to add the other ingredients I find I tend to crave this when working out. its also a good "comfort" food for when not feeling well or to warm up on a cold day :)

Grandma & Uncle Waynes Homemade Beef Stew Slow Cooker

This was my grandmother's recipie and my Uncle has taken over now that she has passed

Amaretto Pie Shot

I LOVE this something just for special occasion though

Creamy Banana Berry Soy Smoothie

just fixed this up this morning

turkey bacon egg swiss high fiber muffen

I wanted something simular to an egg muffin but more fiber

Vanilla Fresh Fruit Smoothie

something I just mixed up, instead of buying all the fruit seperatly I got it at the

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Becky's Cabbage and Potato Crock Pot Soup

Very easy to make, a Little goes a LOONG way

Cottage cheese on the go crunch 2.0

I saw another members recipie, but I used what i had on hand instead.

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