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Recipes I've Shared:

Velveeta Cauliflower

Creamy cauliflower

Banana Squash Smoothie

Cool treat to go with turkey burgers(hidden vegetable) Kids loved it.

Sausage Alfredo Soup or sauce

I made this sauce for my family that eats wheat pasta. I ate it for myself as a soup.

Zach's afterschool smoothie

My youngest wanted an after school snack, and came up with this recipe.

Mandarin Banana Smoothie

More of a Frothie than a smoothie.. Depends on the amount of ice you use. More ice... more like a smoothie

Chicken Salad

Easy chicken salad In a lettuce wrap or cucumber sandwiches

Moist Chocolate Coconut Cup Cake

Very tasty. I heard coconut oil is a "healthy fat". so I tried it with this recipe and really liked it. Not a very sweet cupcake, just enough

My version of Marine Corp Mash

These ingredients are supposed to give you high energy and great for day time work out food.s

Low fat chicken enchilada

My version of my fit foods chicken enchilada

Easy mac and cheese

No baking required.

Black beans and canadian bacon

tried a new twist on black beans to hopefully want to eat them and everyone ate them without complaints

super bowl cheese log

Made this for superbowl. Serve with crackers, mini sized, or saltines

Turkey casserole

Easy casserole. Day affter thanksgiving.

Basic coleslaw with a twist

Artichokes are full of fiber, so I snuck them in this dish. Great for a barbecue or potluck.

Angel Eggs

Angel Eggs are delightful for Thanksgiving,Easter and Christmas morning.

Low Fat Vegetable Dip

Surprisingly good. Different, Flavorful and doesnt' resemble the contents.

Fresh Coconut smoothie and raspberries for fiber.

Our first experience with a fresh coconut after we were inspired to "try a new fruit". It was fun trying to open it. We finally got on you tube to get directions.

Cheeze it mac and cheese

no cheese its in this recipe, but my son, who loved this said it tasted like cheeze its.

Homemade amaranth biscuits

Easy healthy homemade biscuits with amaranth flour and almond breeze milk

Fake sausage and rice casserole

Fooled them again. A couple nights a week, I try to disguise some soy protein with the morning farm products and so far, I have tricked them. But I do tell them after wards so they know they do like the fake stuff.

stuffed poblanos

Use premade chili that you freeze.
Poblanos, cheese and wahlah... appetizers for party, or dinner.

Kids smoothie peach/strawberry/lime

Experimented with this mixture tonight when we had a kid guest. He loved it. We had meatball subs and this smoothie.

Saucy Dove over brown rice

I had to find a recipe for dove as my husband hunts for them.

Brussel Sprouts with turkey bacon

not too bad for brussel sprouts.

Potato Soup

Easy quick soup. Nice on a cool night, Comfort food.

Little high in sodium...


Not too spicy, Plenty of veggies, and tasty

Easy Mexican casserole

This is very easy to put together. You can make substitutions to make it more use ground turkey instead of beef, use low fat american instead of regular although it doesn't melt as well.

Potato Salad

Easy potato salad.

Banana Peach Smoothie

Zachary wanted to go to Sonic for a smoothie. I said lets go home and make our own. So we did and this is what we made.

Darling Husband Beans

He kept picking up cans of beans. I don't like beans, so since sparks showed up, and theres high fiber in beans, I tried to come up with something I could tolerate. This isn't too bad.

seafood wrap

Quick lunch to make and filling. I eat one with a container of apple sauce.
The imitation crab makes up for a carb serving. I was surprised by that.

blackberry smoothie

Easy way to get the spinach into the kids.